Favourite Hawksley Workman Lyrics (simple title, extraordinary talents within)


8 avr. 2008, 20h28m

Continuing the theme of me writing a journal entry whenever I have studying to do, I have a calculus final exam worth 50% of my grade tomorrow. But, instead, I'm going to compile my favourite Hawksley Workman lyrics. This may bleed over into other artists, but just know that it started out as only words written by this artist:

- What loving can't fix tonight, the whiskey certainly might. I must have whispered your name 65 times ~ Even An Ugly Man

- I wish the telephone had not been invented 'cause I keep picking it up to say stupid things to you ~ Wonderful and Sad

- Wish that happiness could just be pretended. The closest thing to that is a bottle of whiskey, dear ~ Wonderful And Sad

- You slept through the last small town. I'll wake you up when the next one comes around. Your eyes are closed, like you truly believe you're safe and sound with me ~ Safe and Sound

- Who'll give you time to cry and time to find yourself ~ Smoke Baby

- Oh, prostrate to this unending grind. Sure you'll make a lot of money, but you'll never make time ~ The City Is A Drag

- ...and you wanna feel bad for 'em or cook a meal for 'em ~ Girls On Crutches


  • JohnnyCanuck

    And even an ugly man, could kiss your lips as if they were his to demand of or his to destroy like a lover, of the lover of a demon.

    13 avr. 2008, 0h27m
  • Wild_Eyed_Girl

    - You dont just want to break me you want to tear me appart - You may think it you may wanna try you wanna try try try to fence me in but I don't recommend I'll blow the roof right off this place - Now I feel so happy that we're here together <3 <3 <3

    21 fév. 2013, 21h49m
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