This is the last night in my body, yeah.


26 avr. 2006, 19h20m

Slightly disappointing week considering all the albums I bought. This past week I bought:

Men, Women, & Children - Men, Women, & Children
Moneen - The Red Tree
The Receiving End of Sirens - Between the Heart and the Synapse
Taking Back Sunday - Louder Now

and the following I came across in various freebie bins at work (I work at an indie record store. Plan 9 Music if you're local to Virginia) or we're given to me (French Toast):

French Toast - S/T EP
French Toast - In A Cave
Clear Static - Make-Up Sex Single
Fight Paris - Paradise, Found
Between Home & Serenity - Power Weapons in the Complex

I worked several shows last week at the Charlottesville Pavilion. I run artist hospitality and at nights I sell merch for the bands playing. So this past week and a half I had the pleasure of working with:

Drive-By Truckers
Little Feat
Robert Randolph and the Family Band
French Toast

As it turns out, French Toast features James Canty, who was the last drummer and younger brother of the original drummer for Fugazi. Boy was I psyched to find that out. I met them afterwards and thanked them for an awesome set and the chance to sell their merch for them. They said they enjoyed my dancing (because I took a break from selling to eat dinner and dance, just off stage, during their set) and they gave me their cds. I was thrilled. FUGAZI!!

Coming up this week I have The Morning Of on Saturday in Williamsburg, After the Fire with FIAD on Tuesday on JPA. I'm working a Merle Haggard show at the pavilion on Wednesday. Thursday I'm seeing Underoath in Richmond and Friday I'm heading to New Jersey to see BAMBOOZLE!! What a busy week!


  • aggiedo

    Well I met Mr. Ian MacKaye himself, after seeing The Evens live, and he kicked me!

    26 avr. 2006, 21h46m
  • Justyware

    woah, you get to see the morning of, thats just unfair! :/!

    27 avr. 2006, 0h14m
  • drummerforsale

    Yeah, I'm jealous about your run-in with the psuedo-Fugazi guy...and whoa, someone else who listens to Lifetime regularly. Crazy, crazy.

    27 avr. 2006, 4h07m
  • mr_ethanboy

    Hmmm, were you selling French Toast's records at the Wilco concert in Charlottesville last Sunday? Because I may or may not have bought a CD from you. Which would be really freaking strange.

    28 avr. 2006, 4h58m
  • shesheretic

    the new tbs is not good besides 3 songs? but i love men, women, and children :)

    7 juin 2006, 1h08m
  • mjlilgui

    What's French Toast sound like? I'm a huge Fugazi (and pretty much all bands stemming from/leading to them) fan. Also, what's your take on Between Home & Serenity? I bought that CD too and was pretty disappointed, though I'm starting to get more into the music after a few listens through.

    20 juin 2006, 19h51m
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