• The Devil's Takin' Names

    30 mai 2008, 0h01m

    This is my Career Suicide. It kills me to act so surprised, so why don't you just say no? If you're mad at the world, no matter, as my fake heart concedes to your fake love. Life Is Pain, as quantity grows, life quality goes. Our lives are sick and in decay, nothing but broken bottles and Leftover Crack. Rise Against, as we fire at the whites of their eyes, then dance on ashes of the world. Sit back and enjoy the view, watch The Unraveling right in front of you. Raise your fist and devour the Mischief Brew. When the feast is over, they'll Roll Me Through the Gates of Hell, then soon come for you. Smoke or Fire, that's your cue. We're free at last, and I've learned that The Hard Way. Goodbye anger, goodbye. Goodbye old friends, goodbye. We have No Choice, If Logic's First (We're Coming Second). Is no one watching? Is no one listening? What does it take to stimulate us? Visionless lines that dictate where boundaries lie, we shadow fools without observing. Zombie bodies possessed with Strung Out hearts, and when I see you on the other side, I will not be the same as I was when I was yours. No longer a Choking Victim, just a victim stuck in this Fucked Reality. There are no winners in this fucked reality. Just a couple (million) dead bodies and a Small Arms Dealer, where sometimes just standing still feels like some kinda hell. The truth is this, we're running for our lives. Fighting fang and fist, we simply cannot refuse to exist. Feeding them one liners, branding ourselves as The Flatliners. Here's a Public Service Announcement, you're only a hero in your own mind. The End Is Here with one potential song, a verse, take it or leave it. Submission is nowhere in our plan, we'll strive to walk a clearer path by disappearing deep into the black. There are None More Black then those Majestic few, whose priorities may never be straight and that's always a topic for debate. There goes that Kid Dynamite, braver than who I'm trying to be, yeah. And I don't even know who I think I'm trying to be. The Routes We Wander searching for a dim and distant shore. Amidst the sluts, the drifters and the thieves, he doesn't dream of landing anymore. Instead, travel with me down The Nautical Mile, into the streams along The Broadways. While standing on the last corner, of the last town, of the last city in the burning world, you'll still have someone on your side. Remember: Life is bigger, so much bigger than all of this.
  • Top 20

    22 nov. 2007, 2h48m

    Exploding Boy. You talked until your tongue fell out, and then you talked some more. A Wilhelm Scream heard way off shore. What a life: no advice and no guidance, let's just Die While We're Young. Just keep on moving. A manic walk, it's just the panic talking. So keep on breathing, don't stop creating. It's Your Self Portrait. Life is a Work In Progress, so Set Your Goals. Take a look back, is that what you wanted? Chances are that it's not what was intended to be, because it's gonna get better than everything. It'll Be Ok and maybe we could lie together staring straight ahead. Lines of vision parallel, they'll never intersect. I'm counting down the Hours and you have to go soon, you have to get out of bed. It's cold when you move and this is torture, it's fucking horrible. You don't want to leave. Wishing this could last a Lifetime, we Try And Stay Awake. Can i turn off your modern rock, just hit the button make it stop. You're getting into something good, like i knew you would. Chuck Ragan is good For Broken Ears, Dead to Me will grab you By The Throat and make it sound so sincere. The summer's gone, The Forecast is changing. A new season of Late Night Conversations, where i'll call you for the hundredth time just asking for a reply. Stay by my side and never turn Against Me! Waking dreams of concrete, deafening panic, cracked skull, there is yelling all around. Get up, please start breathing and the moment will come when you finally realize the results of decisions and choices in your life. You Look Like I Need a Drink, something Brand New and nothing out of Magazines. So i'll leave the door open all night, if you decide you want to stop on by. Because you got to know who's been signing that song on the radio. Are You Just Scared? I liked you much better when you just didn't care about how you were acting or what you had to wear. One of The Unlovables that ended up Bein' In Love. And some days, you wanna hold on tight. And other days, you wanna just break loose. Smoke or Fire, it's up to you to choose. And some day I'll Be Gone, and it doesn't mean shit to me because i didn't see it with you. It doesn't mean shit to me alone. I See London and i'm strumming what's inside of me. I guess this nights been turned into something useful. I saw his skin under the streetlights, Badly Drawn. I ended up testing every form of the main streets to realize they all answer the same. Once my Fifth Hour Hero comes, We're Done For! Because there's still so much i don't know. I do the best i can and there's still so many things i don't know. Stepping through the darkness, into the light. We're betting everything, We're betting everything on ourselves tonight. The Bouncing Souls, who cares if it's So Jersey of us. And the dreamers walk slowly through the crowds, nothing can stop us now. I am a satellite, never getting signals right. You are a constellation, I can barely make you out tonight. These are Your Gravest Words
  • SKAnk.

    30 août 2007, 5h56m

    When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk, with a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest singing "my, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die by the end of the night." Stuck in a Catch 22. So Lets Go Nowhere, everything is always falling apart. Grab some Leftover Crack and Rock The 40 oz. Take Everything Girl, now you've changed up everything girl. Never going to be one of The Specials, because i know you know you're just a little bitch. She Knows Her Way, since her chest is a window, you can always see her heart. Less Than Jake, but Just Like Frank. She's just like anyone, she's just like anybody. Sell Out! I don't think it'll be so bad, i know it won't be so bad. Fuck creating The Suicide Machines, just be yourself, the one and only. Late at night you would tell me it would all be fine, realized that our doubts weren't just mine. Don't Go, let's take it back to how it all began: with a proposition. It's too late now though, Everything Went Numb. I'm just a Choking Victim, his maneuver often restores my breath. At least, that's The Impression I Get. I'm not a coward, I've just never been tested. I'd like to think that if I was I would pass. Stuck in a Bad Town, they call it a scene and i call it disaster. Welcome to the world of the Civil Disobedients, we're about to attack so you better plan your defense. You'd better start to move your feet, to the rockin'est, rock-steady beat. Let the Madness begin. We are The Slackers of tomorrow, didn’t lose the battle, didn’t give up the fight. So, What Went Wrong?
  • dreamlessly

    18 juin 2007, 2h59m

    This brain is a buzzing beehive, swarming through infestation. My muscles pulse and burn alive. Tonight they crave sensation. Another Traffic Haze. Sinking, and i know you know this feeling. You are Brand New. Holding onto yourself the best you can. You are the smell before rain, the blood in my veins. If you're up to your ears, in blood, sweat, and wasted years, i'm hoping you're going to open your throat and just scream. A Wilhelm Scream. Hear me out, i'm gonna get first fucking place for the worst fucking attitude. Brand New Me, Same Shitty You. I'm not joking when i tell you i'd miss you all the time, i already miss you all the time. While You're Waiting, Kill the President. And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene, sub suburban waste. Bomb the Music Industry!, and when the records stores start falling then it's up to us to break the rules. When I Give the Signal, Run! If this is victory, I'd rather listen to defeat tonight. Am i right? Another endless Marathon, healthy body sick mind. And they say this is a lonely town and i'm getting out of here. You're my Fifth Hour Hero and they are The Weakerthans. I'm so glad that you exist and i'm Never Going Back To New Jersey. Baby, Come On take me far away before i melt into the ground. We are The Loved Ones, breathe in and taste this sweet disaster. The world is Against Me!, but i've been Waiting For You. Kind of Like Smitten, So Far Away but i still think about you everyday. No Cash and Another Boring Story. Fuck what we say and all that we do, i'm saving myself for something beautifully true.