18 juin 2007, 2h59m

This brain is a buzzing beehive, swarming through infestation. My muscles pulse and burn alive. Tonight they crave sensation. Another Traffic Haze. Sinking, and i know you know this feeling. You are Brand New. Holding onto yourself the best you can. You are the smell before rain, the blood in my veins. If you're up to your ears, in blood, sweat, and wasted years, i'm hoping you're going to open your throat and just scream. A Wilhelm Scream. Hear me out, i'm gonna get first fucking place for the worst fucking attitude. Brand New Me, Same Shitty You. I'm not joking when i tell you i'd miss you all the time, i already miss you all the time. While You're Waiting, Kill the President. And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene, sub suburban waste. Bomb the Music Industry!, and when the records stores start falling then it's up to us to break the rules. When I Give the Signal, Run! If this is victory, I'd rather listen to defeat tonight. Am i right? Another endless Marathon, healthy body sick mind. And they say this is a lonely town and i'm getting out of here. You're my Fifth Hour Hero and they are The Weakerthans. I'm so glad that you exist and i'm Never Going Back To New Jersey. Baby, Come On take me far away before i melt into the ground. We are The Loved Ones, breathe in and taste this sweet disaster. The world is Against Me!, but i've been Waiting For You. Kind of Like Smitten, So Far Away but i still think about you everyday. No Cash and Another Boring Story. Fuck what we say and all that we do, i'm saving myself for something beautifully true.


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