The secret of bunny bumming and the best of british humour


30 jan. 2007, 19h34m

I've been busy watching all the Mighty Boosh DVDs these days — I love it.

Even if some jokes are too complicated or too spoken too fast for my french brain, that's totally genius, and the characters are funny enough to have a laugh.

Vince NoirI've invented a new game. It's called "Pelt the Rabbit in His Big White Face". Yeah, I know, the title alone is pretty cool but what you do right is there's this big rabbit and he's huge, he's like 6 foot, right, and he's got this massive face and, I mean, it doesn't matter where you are, right, you could be wherever, could be by a windmill, it doesn't matter, and what happens is, this rabbit starts to chase you right and you gotta run or if you can't you could throw sesame seeds at him or coins or whatever or you could just take off your Chelsea boot and just take him out, 'cos if he catches you, he just throws you on the floor... and rapes you.

Howard MoonThat isn't really a game, is it. It's more like a series of events. A series of horrific events... culminating in a rape.

Aww and I found this on youTube. It's even better on video, really.


  • julians


    30 jan. 2007, 21h34m
  • bradley_python

    That's genius.

    30 jan. 2007, 21h56m
  • Sakkle

    OMFG! Terrific bunny bumming. This was grat!

    2 mars 2007, 3h55m
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