The ten best bands of all time: The Desert island list


27 mai 2011, 21h06m

Yes, it's come to this. This is what it's all about.
And without further ado, without clever and witty introductions, let's proceed. The ten best bands of all time. The best bands that is. So no Elvis, no Mozzer, no Thåström etc... Mind!

1. The Smiths

- For the perfection (not a single bad song or album in the entire catalogue), the melodies, the lyrics, the ability to accompany every single mood and situation with a fantastic song.
Best song: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out

2. Joy Division

- Another perfect band, although not as versatile as The Smiths. But they did make two perfect albums and loads of marvellous songs. Ian Curtis is one of the most astonishing lyricists/front men of all time and the soundscapes they created (along with producer Martin Hannett) is other-worldly.
Best song: Draw between Love Will Tear Us Apart and Twenty-Four Hours

3. The Cure

- For the versatility (although their absolute strength is in the dark and brooding area, they've made a bit too many iffy pop songs), their high lows, their number of amazing albums (Disintegration might just be the best album ever made) and Robert Smith's incredible sense of melody and lyrics. He is a true genius.
Best song: Plainsong

4. Oasis

- For their ability to lift me up from the deepest and blackest depression (well, almost at least). For staying with me since I was a 15-year old. For having Liam Gallagher as lead singer and Noel Gallagher as main songwriter. For being almost everything I wanna be; tough, strong, true to myself, free and profound. I love them.
Best song: Whatever

5. Ebba Grön

- Another band with a perfect record, although a bit too political to fit every mood. Their singer and frontman, Thåström, is one of the very few that really revolutionized my way of looking at the world and listening to music. He is, along with Morrissey, the biggest musical influence in my life. And Ebba is the best band he's ever been with (Sällskapet could very well snatch that "title" from them if they make a few more albums, 'cause their first one was absolute perfection).
Best song: Uppgång & fall

6. Bright Eyes

- The greatest american band, fronted by one of the best american lyricists of all time, Conor Oberst. Their 1998-2003-catalogue is flawless almost, and the stuff they made after that is filled with wonders (although not as consistent as before). And the fact that Bright Eyes is forever chained to certain personal associations for me doesn't hurt either.
Best song: Gold Mine Gutted

7. Cursive/The Good Life

- Yes, a draw of some sorts. Both bands are fronted and founded by the great Tim Kasher and they both feel like each others other half. And they're both as good, so I could not separate them. Along with Conor Oberst, Bruce Springsteen and a few others Tim Kasher is in the absolute top when it comes to american lyricists. Whether it's gut-wrenching lyrics on love gone wrong you want (Cursive and The Good Life) or some philosophical take on the human condition (late Cursive) Tim is your man.
Best song: Am I Not Yours? and After O'Rourke's 2:10 am

8. The Jam

- Paul Weller's The Jam were the perfect bridge between sixties mod-rock and the alternative/punk-rock that ruled the credible music scene of the late seventies and early eighties. They had the lyrics, the melodies and the looks. And also the impressive voice of Paul Weller (only 19 when their first album was released and 24 when they broke up). A young, skinny bloke from Woking, sounding at least twice as old and twice as experienced in life's tough endeavours.
Best song: Private Hell

9. And Also The Trees

- Discovered by The Cure in 1981 and debuting with their s/t album in 1984, And Also The Trees has since then been putting out poetical and atmospheric music heavily influenced by the english countryside, Inkberrow, a small village in Worcestershire, where they grew up. They sing of love, requited as well as dead, people, free as well as tangled and life in general. But always with a poetic touch that brings to mind authors such as Arthur Machen, Mary Shelley and Edgar Allan Poe. And always backed by a beautiful atmospheric soundscape.
Best song: Maps in Her Wrists and Arms

10. The Doors

- The best band of that era (Sorry Beatles, you came close). For Jim's looks, his voice, his manners, his lyrics and the overall sound of the band. They were just fookin mega. A multifaceted band you can always return to.
Best song: End of the Night

That's that then... Lots of fine bands didn't make it, such as Kent, a-ha, Imperiet, Swans, Blur, The Beatles, The Stone Roses, The Clash, Velvet Underground.... But who cares?


  • borntohang

    Greatness is not synonymous with being well-known (the mere thought of it is absurd!). And what is "well-known" is very subjective, all depending on ones musical knowledge and ones reference points. Bands like And also the trees, Cursive and The Good Life (to mention a few) will always be obscure to people listening to The Killers and Coldplay (music for bored housewives). Which of course is as it should be.

    28 mai 2011, 7h06m
  • borntohang

    Above comment was originally published as a reply to a comment made by some random user. Said comment has since been removed by it's "author".

    29 mai 2011, 22h33m
  • arcticfoxes

    Mäktig lista, dock förvånad att du håller Ebba varmare än Imperiet, något som jag inte gör och inte förväntade mig att du gjorde heller, haha. Men älskar dina beskrivningar och blev väldigt sugen på att fördjupa mig i The Doors nu, dels efter läst det du skrivit ovan och dels efter att ha sett Apocalypse Now...Strålande, N!

    3 juin 2011, 9h52m
  • angel924_2004

    Your top 3 are spot on. Though I would through Bright Eyes further up. Conor Oberst is a genius. Not sure about Oasis though

    16 juin 2011, 18h24m
  • FerociousPanda

    Seeing your top 3 best bands ever immediately makes clear you haven't taken the time or effort to look beyond the related artists of any of those industrial / 80's / punkish bands. Don't get me wrong, I love joy division (Smiths and the Cure not so much but I respect them), but this list is just stupid.

    6 oct. 2011, 2h49m
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