11 fév. 2008, 14h25m

Someone with talent took over the Grammys!! In case you live in a cave, Winehouse took home 5 last night and performed sober for the first time in a very long time...

Acceptance speech



  • megatoad

    Amy who? Just kidding. Who would have guessed Herbie Hancock would take home the gold?

    11 fév. 2008, 23h41m
  • LizardKingLives

    I think the highest and lowest points for a musician are the most important. Everything in between is well... in between.

    21 fév. 2008, 3h29m
  • boopermagic

    I totally agree...Although I think that night was both her lowest and highest point. She accepted those awards all while in rehab. Some people were so disappointed that she won solely based on the fact that she's an addict! I find that utterly ridiculous...who cares if she has a drug problem. It has nothing to do with her music and the fact that she is brilliant!

    21 fév. 2008, 13h41m
  • Michaela_SS4L

    I couldn't agree more :) although it's not those that truly love music that care - it's the media that is cannibalistic ... in it's never ending drive for ratings and sales, it totally devours people, it is only interested in pure sensation, whether true or not, and no matter what harm or damage to peoples lives - it makes me want to puke, as do the people that thrive on the garbage :))

    5 nov. 2008, 1h34m
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