• Katy Price looked magnificent at the MTV Awards

    7 juin 2010, 12h25m

    Katie Price looked really magnificent at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards

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  • Katie Price downsizing

    17 jan. 2008, 13h13m

    From Busty Singers -blog ( ) :

    Now this is kind of sad, Katie Price aka Jordan, one of the most gorgeous busty singers ever have gone trough a breasts reduction. Damn, she was the one with the greatest BIG unnatral rack and never tried to to hide them. Sniff.

    It seems that gone are those famous 32FF boobs, which went under the knife in Los Angeles. She covered her new boobs up with a long grey shawl when she landed in Britain, but it's thought she's had them reduced to a 32D.

    According to press she said: "My breasts have gone saggy after three children, so I wanted to perk them up and make them smaller."

    It was her fourth boob job - but her first breast reduction.

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  • Why I like her so much Top3

    15 oct. 2007, 12h06m

    Ewa Sonet is an artistist, that I have been, not just listening, but also thinking about a lot. And even more than that.
    Her career as a singer will not be the easiest, even her looks and background as a nude model made the start faster and brought needed attention. But being a gorgeous voluptuous vixen will not help much when trying to prove her talents to narrow minded people. Becouse talented she is, good singer and great entertaining performer.

    While her beauty is not a virtue itself, it is what she has done with that beauty that is the true virtue. It takes great courage and self confidence to go in front of a camera. Ewa is proud and happy with her body and, instead of insulting her, more women should show the same happiness with their bodies as Ewa does with hers. Also, unlike a lot of people, Ewa does not hide from her profession and she is not embarrassed by what she does; and rightly so, as she has nothing to be embarrassed about.

    Ewa has shown a decency with her photos that can, and should, be easily respected. Ewa has remained devoted towards her values and she has not abandoned those values despite the fact that many people ask her to do so and despite the fact that she could easily make more money from those people whom continuously ask her to do so. It can also be seen that, despite the many stereotypes that people have thrown at her and her career as a photo model, she has continued to do what makes her happy.

    And she is all natural, not like her fellow coutry "man" Doda, or some big stars like Jessica Simpson.

    Hopefully she will have long career like busty legend Samantha Fox.

    In a way Gergana is physically pretty different from Ewa, being unnatural beuty in many ways. There might not be many parts of her, that would not have been made better, but she looks just so awesome that I don't care. She's totally gorgeous and a great singer, entertainer and performer too. I think there is big chance that she will be a big international star someday. It's strange how many really attractive talents are coming from Bulgary nowadays, not just Gergana but for example ones like Desi Slava, Preslava and Mariq.

    Hannah Graaf is one artist, that I did not care much before, when she performed with her sister what-ever-her-name-was. Or maybe I some reason disliked her sister so much that I did not pay enough attention to Hannah and her talents. But alone she sounds just great. My favourite swede now, Victoria Silvstedt is pretty close,
    but far from ones like ugly and untalented Lene Alexandra.