Beardfish - Destined Solitaire


5 août 2009, 7h55m

Listening to Destined Solitaire, I can't help to think that Beardfish has become somewhat of a formula... but damn! What a formula it is! For all I care, they should just keep it up.

While the album begins with a strong start, it doesn't get really really good until after Destined Solitaire, with Until you comply (Including Entropy).

Where The Rain Comes In is an amazing yet typical prog piece, but the "don't fuckin' miss this" award winning song is hands down Coup de grâce

I certainly wouldn't say it's Beardfish's best album, but I'm currently dangerously addicted to it, so be sure to check it out.


  • ChronicProg

    couldn't agree more! Love this album, the melodies are totally stuck in my head

    3 sept. 2009, 18h12m
  • bonzoWhale

    "In an infinite universe, nothing has a beginning, nothing has an end". I can't seem to get that line out of my head whenever I listen to it. Thanks for reading =)

    3 sept. 2009, 18h22m
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