The best 10 artists


23 nov. 2008, 12h27m

Write down your top 10 artists, then add:
- the first song you ever heard
- the song that made you fall in love with them and
- the song you currently like best.

I'll just do five because this is taking so long and I want to finish watching Kanon

1. Das Ich
- Atemlos
- Zuckerbrot Und Peitsche
- Sehnsucht

2. Melt-Banana
- Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
- Sick ZiP Everywhere
- Shield for Your Eyes, a Beast in the Well on Your Hand

3. Masonna
- Spark
- Part I
- All of Spectrum Ripper

4. Stars of the Lid
- The Artificial Pine Arch Song
- Music For Twin Peaks Episode 30, part I
- December Hunting for Vegetarian Fuckface

5. Whitehouse
- Dans
- Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel
- Cut Hands Has the Solution


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