• Expire at Ghost House

    4 juin 2010, 6h13m

    Thu 3 Jun – End of a Year, Expire, Like Wolves, Lockjaw?

    We (Lockjaw) opened, although we were late....and only played for like 14 mins. Idk, i think people were kind of into us but w/e. Like wolves was next and they were sick. I'd never seen them before, but i dig their demo, and they went nuts and kicked ass. End of a Year was next and was awesome as well, and I was very pleasently suprised with them. They reminded me of a more laid back version of At The Drive-In...sort of. Expire closed and fucking killed it (like they did when they came through Omaha a couple months ago). Cool show. Cool dudes. Peace.

    Like Wolves
    End of a Year