• Testament in Atak

    17 mai 2010, 12h51m

    Sun 16 May – Testament, Pestilence

    Testament kicked ass as always! Alex Skolnick is one of my favorite guitarists and he never disappoints and Eric Peterson was solid as usual. I didn't get into Pestilence much as both guitarists are very average, but the bassist and drummer would both very good.
  • Judas Priest, Megadeth, Testament

    23 mars 2009, 23h10m

    Mon 23 Mar – Priest Feast

    Judas Priest was awesome but they didn't do The Ripper, although I read that Halford can't hit that note any more. Megadeth looked a bit tired, Testament was good. The two best musicians on the stage were Alex Skolnick and Scott Travis- Americans FTW!
  • moving, pt. 2

    13 avr. 2008, 20h09m

    After further thought, we are going to be moving back to Amsterdam. I finished what I needed to do here and Amsterdam is where our future is, so we don't need a one or two year detour to Vegas.
  • moving....

    29 fév. 2008, 3h10m

    seems to be the story of my life! My Dutch girlfriend and I are moving to Las Vegas. After 1 year in NC, we are ready to move on and try Vegas for a bit. The ultimate destination will be Amsterdam, where we lived for over 2 years but Vegas is cool for now.