Best of 2008


24 jan. 2009, 14h48m

Another year past, and I'm doing my annual round up of the best songs and Albums of 2008.
I have a total of 429 songs from 2008 on my iPod, mostly Hip-Hop, which I've been listening to more and more in the last couple of years. Not that much rock. Some Electronic and Pop.

Top 10 Songs of 2008
Rules are, one song by each artist, and only songs I got in 2008, so some songs, which were officially released in 2008, but I'd downloaded in 2007 don't count, like L.E.S Artists and Sexual Eruption.

10. People
Great pop song from Chester French, someone worth watching in 2009.
9. No Sex For Ben
Catchy Dance Rock track, from the GTA4 Soundtrack.
8. Breathe
Superb production, laid back and pissed off at the same time. Nas' delivery perfectly matching it.
7. Inhale
Doesn't sound like Common at all, thanks to The Neptunes, who provide some of their best production in years, for this one.
6. You Know What
Correction, this is the Neptunes best production all year. Funky, but also heartfelt.
5. Manipulating Woman
Excellent Synth pop from New Zealand's finest artist who's not a flight of the conchord.
4. Paranoid
The one optimistic song, in an otherwise bleak album. This is a magnificent slice of Funky Electro Pop.
3. Walking on a Dream
Like MGMT, if MGMT had spent their days hanging out on beaches in Australia. Best song of the summer. (Australian summer, that is).
2. American Boy
Funky song, with the hilarious bonus of Kanye West trying to see how many Britishisms he can fit into one verse.
1. We People who are Darker than Blue by Sinead O Connor and Republic of Loose
Superb cover. Very soulful and heartfelt singing from Sinead O Connor, punctuated by the least appropriate rap from the Loose's Mick Pyro, which sounds so out of place, it's hilarious, but it makes the song.


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