Falling Asleep


19 mars 2008, 16h14m

Like most people, I prefer sleeping for 8 or more hours every night. But, like most people, I only enjoy this luxury about five times a month: my sleep schedule gets pushed forward on the weekends, and then I have trouble readjusting during the week.

So I'm going to try conditioning myself to fall asleep when I listen to the following playlist. I'll just put it on every night as I go to bed, and then maybe I will be able to sleep with it even when I'm not tired.

Lemme know if you guys have done something similar or have any recommendations.

Boards of Canada - Zoetrope
Brian Eno - Always Returning 1
Deepspace - The Barometric Sea
Aphex Twin - i
Air - Alone In Kyoto
Envois approuvés
Colorado, 1989 - born, Soulseek, Linux


  • sls

    Wow, I posted a journal almost exactly like this a week or so ago. I used to be able to fall asleep to Talkie Walkie, but now I've found that anything that's poppy or has a prominent beat... basically anything not super-smooth, is counter-productive. That said, the not-so-creepy tracks from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works II (lichen, rhubarb, z-twig, etc) are great, as is pretty much anything by Brian Eno (I must pimp Discreet Music in particular). Some of the David Bowie-Brian Eno collabs have produced sleepable tunes, notably Moss Garden and the second half of Low.

    20 mars 2008, 20h46m
  • efilgnikcufecin

    I'm a metal head; technical, death, brutal, black etc I find ambient music helps me the best to fall asleep with my schedule. Like sls says, ambient. A Brief History of Ambient…. Also I find Current 93 to do the job If all else fails…..drink ‘till you pass out LOL Small fans work great too....

    4 mai 2009, 5h07m
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