• My SuGAHH! :D

    24 déc. 2010, 3h48m

    Sat 18 Dec – Great Indian Rock 2010

    I honestly think anyone who writes a review about a gig must have some knowledge of music, and should have wandered around, inspecting all areas of the concert grounds. I did neither of these, so you really need not read this review, its purely IMO stuff, written just to keep in touch with writing :D

    I wanted to be in the first damned row. Hence i reached palace grounds around 3.30 in my favourite pink kurta. The 'gates' were supposed to open at 4, but since there was no 'gate' till 4.50, i was waiting outside with the usual black tee,too much attention to the hair, and piercings crowd. The workers finally bashed the numerous metal sheets into place, and finished with the gate, meanwhile i went a little crazy as i heard meshuggah do their sound check, i knew the first two tracks were going to be my favourites, the tone was so tasty, and jens went "hay hay hey hey!" , i thought id explode outside itself.
    Everyone scampered in, though it was not many. I ran here and there for a bit and finally secured the perfectest place right in the front. By the time the first band The Bicycle Days started playing, two of my friends had arrived. One i had met the day before, the other, it was the first time meeting him in person. Yet we took two seconds before we began to comment on the various post rock bands that The bicycle days seemed familiar to. Reminded us of many bands, If these trees could talk, meniscus, porcupine tree, even a buckethead track...soothsayer, if i remember. Yet we enjoyed this band, since it was refreshing to hear this genre of music, insanely original or not. The nice post rock was complimented by the clear blue sky above . Felt the vocalist could do much better. The bassie caught our attention from the very beginning, with really neat lines (even to complete illiterates like me)throughout, and the drummer in the final few songs, going completely nuts and bashing those nice proggy odd timed stuffs. I would try their EP, im sure it would be much better than other local albums i wasted my money on!

    Next was slain. Holy lord, a christian band, they made me cry to jesus for help, to help them stop. Dont get me wrong, unlike the silly church bands, these guys can actually play quite well, pull off some really hard stuff for a local band. That was not the problem. The problem was that every song sounded like a big medley of all their favourite bands and riffs. And the chorus singing, lord. Too bad the medley had greater similarity to dragonforce than sympnony x. (ah, did i mention the precarious mike-stand-twirling by the vocalist? Thats not what i consider stage presence, though it would have been funny if he ended up injuring someone with his theatrics. )

    Next up was the good old Kryptos. They are one of my favourite indian metal bands, me owning their album and everything. The regulars to Kryptos gigs may have found the set list a tad repetitive and boring, but since this was the first time for me, watching kryptos live, i enjoyed it immensely; i knew all the songs, yay! (Descension,Altered destinies, Heretic supreme,The revenant, Tower of illusions, etc . A funny thing that happened (and always happens, im assuming), is the way everyone screamed "Nolannnnnnn!" when the band came on stage, like Nolan Lewis is their close cousin or something. Everybadee lavs Nolan. And the not-so-funny part was the sound and the volume, that went completely downhill from this point on. We ended up screaming for volume rather than songs.

    Last band before Meshu was Bhayanak Mauth. There is an easy way to describe this band : LOTS of breakdowns, LOTS of attitude. Just when you think they are playing a nice riff right there, drummer doing some interesting stuff, BREAKDOWN. Just when you think one breakdown is done, BREAKDOWN 2. It was a big basket of breakdowns, the kind i do not like. I didnt understand why they got another vocalist, apart from the fact that we couldn't hear much of either of them, the inclusion seemed pointless, both of them sounding the same. The fact that the vocalist kept complaining about the crowd response, yet did not stop playing, didnt help. Bhenchod madarchod chanting ensued. Me and my friend began covering nursery rhymes .Sounded pretty cool with the music. Just when we started with Ba ba black sheep, BM finally decided to call it a day.

    Anticipation, tension, etc etc while meshu prepared to get on stage. The banners were up, the Swedish sound guys did their thing, and They came in, one by one. Everyone went mad. No introductions, nothing, just Rational Gaze. i knew it! but then! the sound!. It was like a highway collision, one truck called absolute joy, the other called absolute PISSEDOFFNESS! Where was the sound!? I could hardly hear Jens. We screamed for sound, but then, this is probably a once in a life time opportunity, so we went mad anyways. I did my best to scream out the lyrics with my completely infected and swollen throat. The sound remained shitty through out, but was thankfully juiced up a little after the first track. I guess the neatness of this band comes out from the fact that they gave us such an amazing time in spite of this major screw up. The fact that the bass and cymbals were clearly audible, the great tone, and the energy of the band, especially Jens, made us forget (definitely not forgive) the sound. Fredrick gave his own special alien like vibes, standing robotically still through out. Every time there was a solo or a part i was not familiar with...i took breaks from the whiplashing and windmilling to take one good look at the band, some pictures and videos, tried to tell myself this was really happening, and almost cried :D
    I have to mention that I never paid Stengah much attention, but not after hearing it live, unbearably tasty!. God damn, its STENGAH now, if you know what i mean. Except for catch 33 tracks and New millennium, they played most of my favourite tracks, Prepetual black second, bleed, future breed machine, Conbustion,Lethargica, etc and other's favourites like straws pulled at random. Sorry if i added something they didnt play, it was a bloody dream, and you can guess what happened to my neck..(apparently someone commented that i looked like i was going to rip my neck off....not much of an over statement...i couldnt walk straight, and had a difficult time when i tried to wash my face, since i couldnt hold my face at 90degrees).
    I could hardly hear the solos, except on the latter tracks, apparently the crowd standing at the side was lucky. Damned Bangalore. They concluded the set with Future Breed Machine, and came back only to say another thank you, when everyone screamed for and expected an encore :D

    The crowd was pretty thin, though the band made us feel otherwise, and dispersed quite quickly, i lay down for a while on the grass looking at the moon, while some jumped the barricades to get autographs and got chased away by security. I tried too, by the way, but i stumbled badly due to lack of balance and gave up. Running was a bad idea when you are finding it difficult to walk straight. Cliche, but man, that was FUCKING GOOD! =) Im still watching the videos on repeat and wishing it could happen again!

    Even the night went well at my friends's house, as we stayed up late, tripping on the exhaustion and wonderful dreaminess, talking and playing drone and pop.

    Fuck you Bangalore, for the expensiveness of everything, for the crap sound,leechy auto waalas, and the damned police commissioner and his newly married daughter for causing the sound screw up. I sincerely hope her marriage ends in abuse, AIDS and tragedy in general.
    But this trip was definitely worth it, loved traveling alone and staying in new homes as usual, for this gig, and Thank you Meshuggah, for coming! =)