• Best albums of 2014

    5 déc. 2014, 21h22m

    Agalloch-The Serpent & the Sphere
    Aphex Twin-Syro
    At the Gates-At War With Reality
    The Atlas Moth-The Old Believer
    Cormorant-Earth Diver
    Earth-Primitive and Deadly
    Godflesh-A World Lit Only By Fire
    Have a Nice Life-The Unnatural World
    How to Dress Well-"What is this Heart?"
    Lantlos-Melting Sun
    Mastodon-Once More 'Round the Sun
    Mono-The Last Dawn/Rays of Darkness
    Ne Obliviscaris-Citadel
    Nothing-Guilty of Everything
    Opeth-Pale Communion
    Pallbearer-Foundations of Burden
    Pianos Become the Teeth-Keep You
    Primordial-Where Greater Men Have Fallen
    Swans-To Be Kind
    Tombs-Savage Gold
    Yob-Clearing the Path to Ascend
  • Best albums of 2013

    31 déc. 2013, 19h28m

    Really lazy putting this together...not only was it difficult to rank albums this year, I wasn't in the mood to write paragraph long summaries of each, so I'm just making simple lists.

    Best albums of 2013

    25. Vattnet Viskar-Sky Swallower

    24. The Black Dahlia Murder-Everblack

    23. Jesu-Everyday I Get Closer To the Light from Which I Came

    22. Mouth of the Architect-Dawning

    21. Russian Circles-Memorial

    20. Pelican-Forever Becoming

    19. Cloudkicker-Subsume

    18. Inter Arma-Sky Burial

    17. Nine Inch Nails-Hesitation Marks

    16. Palms-Palms

    15. Sannhet-Known Flood

    14. Rosetta-The Anaesthete

    13. Protest the Hero-Volition

    12. Carcass-Surgical Steel

    11. Gorguts-Colored Sands

    10. Touche Amore-Is Survived By

    9. VHOL-VHOL

    8. Cult of Luna-Vertikal

    7. Intronaut-Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones)

    6. Woe-Withdrawal

    5. The Dillinger Escape Plan-One of Us is the Killer

    4. Subrosa-More Constant than the Gods

    3. Altar of Plagues-Teethed Glory and Injury

    2. The Ocean-Pelagial

    1. Deafheaven-Sunbather

    Honorable mentions:
    Year of No Light-Tocsin
    Scale the Summit-The Migration
    Coheed and Cambria-The Afterman: Descension
    Vaura-The Missing
    My Bloody Valentine-MBV
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-Push the Sky Away
    Ihsahn-Das Seelenbrechen
    Darkthrone-The Underground Resistance
    The Weeknd-Kiss Land
    Jay Z-Magna Carta Holy Grail
    Kanye West-Yeezus
    Justin Timberlake- The 20/20 Experience & The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2
    Antwon-In Dark Denim
    Batillus-Concrete Sustain
    Caina-Litanies of Abjection
    Chelsea Wolfe-Pain is Beauty

    Other albums worth checking out:
    Drake-Nothing Was the Same
    A$AP Rocky- Long Live A$AP
    Dream Theater-Dream Theater
    East of the Wall-Redaction Artifacts
    Fuck Buttons-Slow Focus
    Ghost- Infestissumam
    God is an Astronaut-Origins
    The Haxan Cloak-Excavation
    Black Sabbath-13
    Cara Neir-Portals to a Better, Dead World
    Toxic Holocaust-Chemistry of Consciousness
    A Storm of Light-Nations to Flames
    Sleigh Bells-Bitter Rivals
    Ulver-Messe I.X - VI.X
    Amon Amarth-Deceiver of the Gods

    Best EP’s, splits, singles:
    Cult of Luna-Vertikal II
    Pianos Become the Teeth/Touche Amore split
    Ash Borer-Bloodlands
    Cold Body Radiation-The Longest Shadows Ever Cast
  • Best albums of 2012

    6 jan. 2013, 21h49m

    Didn’t make the cut (Good releases that didn't match up to others this year):
    Altar of Plagues/Year of No Light split (black metal/post metal)
    Behold the Arctopus-Horrorscension (instrumental prog metal)
    Burzum-Umskiptar (black metal)
    Childish Gambino-Royalty (hip hop/rap)
    The Contortionist-Intrinsic (progressive metalcore)
    Cradle of Filth-The Manticore and Other Horrors (blackened gothic metal)
    Cynic-The Portal Tapes (progressive metal)
    Daylight Dies-A Frail Becoming (death/doom metal)
    Earth-Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II (doom metal/post rock/experimental)
    A Forest of Stars-A Shadowplay for Yesterdays (psychedelic black metal)
    High on Fire-De Vermis Mysteriis (doom/stoner metal)
    Inverloch-Dusk/Subside (death/doom metal)
    Les Discrets-Ariettes oubliées... (shoegaze/post rock)
    Marissa Nadler-The Sister (folk)
    Melvins-The Bulls & The Bees (sludge metal)
    Meshuggah-Koloss (extreme progressive metal)
    Municipal Waste-The Fatal Feast /split with Toxic Holocaust (thrash metal)
    Obscura-Illegimitation (progressive death metal)
    Occultation-Three & Seven(doom metal/prog rock)
    Periphery-Periphery II: This Time It's Personal (progressive metalcore)
    Serpentine Path-s/t (death/doom metal)
    Sigh-In Somniphobia (avant garde/black metal)
    Sleigh Bells-Reign of Terror (noise pop)
    Storm Corrosion-s/t (progressive rock/ambient)
    Swallow the Sun-Emerald Forest and the Blackbird (gothic/doom metal)
    Tiamat-The Scarred People (gothic metal)

    Honorable mentions (Very good, but not the best of the year IMO):
    Arctic Sleep-Arbors (doom metal/post rock): 4 albums in, and this totally independent band crafts yet another solid record. Glad I found this band by pure chance.

    Ash Borer-Cold of Ages (atmospheric black metal): A suffocating, atmospheric, enthralling listen.

    Chrome Waves-s/t (post-black metal): A solid debut from the new Chicago based band.

    Dead Can Dance-Anastasis (world music/folk/gothic rock): The first album in 16 years from the Australian duo provides the ethereal goodness the band is known for, combining ambient texture with unique folk instrumentation.

    Death Grips-The Money Store / No Love Deep Web (experimental hip hop/industrial): Two albums full of glitchy beats and schizophrenic psychobabble raps that you can simultaneously vibe to and get weird to.

    Drudkh-Eternal Turn of the Wheel (atmospheric black metal): Yet another fine record from the Ukranian band, providing a healthy dose of black metal with folk inflections.

    Evoken-Atra Mors (funeral doom metal): A slab of crawling, crushing doom metal laced with mournful synths and crushing guitars.

    Frank Ocean-Channel Orange (R&B, hip hop): One of the year’s most hyped albums, full of subtle, well orchestrated beats, and introspective lyrics that give me hope for top 40 music.

    Isis-Temporal (post metal): A compilation of mostly demos and rarities, but the song Grey Divide makes me really wish Isis hadn’t broken up.

    Kendrick Lamar-Good Kid, MAAD City (hip hop): I don’t listen to much hip hop anymore, but this has got flow and beats for days. Kendrick is the first in a new generation of hip hop heavyweights.

    Lana del Rey-Born to Die (pop): Who’d think I’d actually download a pop album? Well this one has a vibe that feels good, and Lana’s aesthetic is intriguing.

    The Mars Volta-Nocturniquet (progressive rock): Psychedelic and futuristic sounding, with hints of punk. Quite different from the band’s previous work.

    Mono-For My Parents (post rock): Uplifting and peaceful, movie soundtrack quality.

    My Dying Bride-A Map of All Our Failures (doom/gothic metal): The UK kings (and queen) of doom and gloom put together yet another violin filled masterpiece.

    Overkill-The Electric Age (thrash metal): 30 years in, and this band is still heavier than tons of bands out there. Bobbi Blitz is still one of the best front men in metal.

    Split Cranium-s/t (crust punk/hardcore): Aaron Turner collaborating with a bunch of Finnish dudes, putting together a burst of noisy, crusty, crunchy, hardcore.

    T.R.A.M.-Lingua Franca (progressive rock/jazz fusion): The guitarists from Animals as Leaders, The Mars Volta’s former saxophone player, and Suicidal Tendencies’ drummer equal a smooth modern jazz experience.

    Trash Talk-119 (hardcore): A blistering SoCal hardcore record for the skater set. Released by Odd Future’s record label, no less.

    Trioscapes-Separate Realities (jazz fusion): Dan Briggs from Between the Buried and Me with a drummer and saxophone/flute player in tow making the kind of jazz that metal fans can surely appreciate.

    Vaura-Selenelion (post punk/prog rock/etc.): A unique album that combines gothic rock, post punk, black metal, and post rock into an enjoyable listen.

    Winterfylleth-The Threnody of Triumph (black metal/folk): The harsh bitterness of black metal combined with British folklore and stories of the homeland.

    Wodensthrone-Curse (black metal/folk): Like their countrymen in Winterfylleth,

    Wodensthrone combines old English lyrics and folk music of their ancestors with a slightly different take.

    Worm Ouroboros-Come the Thaw (doom metal/ambient): Fragile and heartbreaking, with sparse drums and beautiful intertwined female vocals.

    Best of the year (ranked):
    30. Blut aus Nord- 777: Cosmosophy (black metal): The final album in a trilogy, the mysterious French band offers a cleaner, more melodic album than their previous works, with their industrial and atmospheric vibes still present. Favorite track(s): Epitome XIV, Epitome XVIII

    29. Coheed and Cambria-The Afterman: Ascension (progressive rock): I love concept records. Part one of a two part series, still set in the band’s self created Armory Wars universe, this album offers a healthy dose of heavy yet catchy prog rock. Favorite track(s): Domino the Destitute

    28. Anathema-Weather Systems (progressive rock/post rock) The band’s metal days long behind them, they now churn out lush Radiohead meets Pink Floyd rock with beautiful female vocals and songs about hope and dreaming that make this cynic a little more hopeful. Favorite track(s): Lightning Song

    27. Cloudkicker-Fade (instrumental progressive metal) One man band mastermind Ben Sharp cranks out yet another solid record of progressive riffs, catchy hooks, and chill atmosphere that never disappoints. Favorite track(s): From the Balcony, Seattle

    26. Ihsahn-Eremita (extreme progressive metal) The former Emperor frontman’s fourth solo record is full of chugging riffs and powerful vocals. Oh, and the saxophone from After is back and better than ever. An American tour with Opeth would be amazing. Favorite track(s): Paranoid, The Eagle and the Snake

    25. Dysrhythmia-Test of Submission (instrumental progressive metal): One of Colin Marston’s other bands, Behold the Arctopus, released an album this year too. While that album is definitely heavier/more brutal, I prefer this one because it offers more jazzy sections and is more relaxed Favorite track(s): In Secrecy, Running Towards the End

    24. Paradise Lost-Tragic Idol (gothic metal): Heavy melodic riffs dripping in despair and tastefully well inserted solos, Paradise Lost delivers yet another solid album of gothic goodness. Bands that are churning out music this good after more than 20 years deserve all the props. Favorite track(s): In This We Dwell, Solitary One
    23. Minus the Bear-Infinity Overhead (indie/prog rock): Layers of synth, indie rock guitars, and sing along vocals show off the bands maturity while keeping the spirit of their old albums intact. Favorite track(s): Diamond Lightning

    22. Pelican-Ataraxia/Taraxis (post metal): It’s been a while since this instrumental powerhouse has put out a full length, but this EP is a good way to tide us over. Heavy and hook filled riffs with some awesome acoustic sections. Seriously, Pelican needs to do an acoustic record. Favorite track(s): Lathe Biosas

    21. Baroness-Yellow & Green (progressive sludge metal/psychedelic rock): This album came out a month before the band suffered a devastating bus accident while on tour. Fortunately, everyone survived. That aside, this album was getting rave reviews upon its release, and for good reason. The band’s sound turned towards more radio friendly territory, while still maintaining their heaviness. Favorite track(s): Take My Bones Away, Stretchmarker

    20. Downfall of Gaia-Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes (blackened post metal/crust): Keeping their crust sound as a foundation, the German band took Isis’ post metal blueprint and colored it black. Double bass and blast beats over doom and punk influenced riffs equals a winning combination. Favorite track(s): Beneath The Crown of Cranes, In the Rivers Bleak

    19. Bosse de Nage-III (post black metal): Militaristic drumming, spoken work sections, and indie rock derived quiet/loud dynamic make this black metal record a unique and engaging listen. Favorite track(s): The Arborist, Cells

    18. Deafheaven/Bosse de Nage split (post black metal): In addition to a great album, Bosse de Nage also released a kick ass split with fellow Bay Area black metallers Deafheaven, who’s cover of Mogwai’s Punk Rock/Cody was amazing and kind of a surprise, but makes so much sense upon first listen.

    17. Pig Destroyer-Book Burner (grindcore): It’s been a while, but the grindcore kings deliver yet another slab of short and heavy songs full of monster drumming, insane riffs, and poetic lyrics screamed by a mad man. Favorite track(s): The Diplomat, The Bug, Baltimore Strangler

    16. Katatonia-Dead End Kings (gothic metal/rock): Katatonia really needs a full time keyboard player. This album has lots of great synth sections slathered on top off their headbang worthy riffs and powerful singing that would be so much better if they had someone playing them live instead of resorting to using a backing track. Favorite track(s): Buildings, Dead Letters

    15. Abigail Williams-Becoming (black metal): The band’s EP and first album were straight up Emperor worship. The second album was definitely more influenced by thrash and bands like Dissection. This album forgoes all that, and delves into atmospheric Wolves in the Throne Room territory. Favorite track(s): Ascension Sickness, Beyond the Veil

    14. Nachtmystium-Silencing Machine (black metal): After two albums of psychedelic and industrial/new wave influenced songs, the band’s old school black metal past comes back on this record. Fortunately, the droning synthesizers stayed, providing a more menacing atmosphere. Favorite track(s): Silencing Machine, Borrowed Hopes and Broken Dreams, Dawn Over the Ruins of Jerusalem

    13. Gojira-L'Enfant Sauvage (progressive death metal): Bands that play in crazy time signatures are always more interesting to me for some reason. Instead of following the safe and boring 4/4, stuttering guitar riffs and off beat drums create a certain effect that resonates with me. Gojira execute this really well, and top it off with intelligent lyrics. People that don’t like metal because of harsh vocals need to read the lyrics that these bands write before they dismiss it as unrefined garbage. Favorite track(s): L’Enfant Sauvage, Liquid Fire, Mouth of Kala

    12. Pallbearer-Sorrow and Extinction (doom metal): I’ll admit that I slept on this album for a long time. I heard the hype, and thought “whatever”. But then I decided to check it out, and I’ve been kicking myself for it ever since. For a debut album, this is some damn fine songwriting. 5 songs full of heavy, downtrodden guitars, great old school solos, with an awesome clean vocalist, whose voice soars the way Dio and Bruce Dickinson’s voices do. Favorite track(s): Foreigner

    11. Enslaved-RIITIIR (progressive black metal): The progressive influences are becoming more and more prevalent on Enslaved’s records. The riffs and solos sound like a twisted version of Rush, and the keyboards/clean singing bring it home with the old school vibe. As always, the influence of their Norse background is at the forefront of their image. Favorite track(s): Thoughts Like Hammers, Death in the Eyes of Dawn, Roots of the Mountain, Storm of Memories, Materal

    10. Deftones-Koi No Yokan (hard rock/shoegaze): While the heaviness of the band’s early days has never left their sound, Deftones’ softer moments are where they truly shine. They could never have screaming vocals or super heavy guitars in their sound again, and I’d be OK with it. Softly sung vocals with a ton of atmosphere behind them is all I need from this band. Favorite track(s): Tempest, Leathers, Romantic Dreams, Swerve City, Entombed

    9. Godspeed You Black Emperor-'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (post rock): There had been talk of new music when GYBE reunited after 8 years apart. No one expected for them to start quietly selling the album at shows, only to fully release it a few weeks later. A surprise in its release and a surprise in its sound, Godspeed crafted an elegant album full of orchestra quality strings, metallic guitars and distortion, and unique melodies that yet another surprise to come out of this masterpiece. Two 20 minute epics serve as the bulk of the album’s sound, but the shorter ambient pieces offer a dose of the more restrained side of the band that is a welcome change of pace. Favorite track(s): Mladic, We Drift Like Worried Fire

    8. Agalloch-Faustian Echoes (black metal/folk/post rock): An EP comprised of a single song clocking in at over 21 minutes, this is Agalloch’s most ferocious and ambitious track to date. Influenced by the German play Fasut, and using choice samples from a film adaptation, this track is entirely comprised of harsh vocals, melodic leads, and a bleak atmosphere throughout. Despite its length, the track feels short, despite how much is going on within it. Favorite track(s): Only one song, so…

    7. Krallice-Years Past Matter (progressive black metal): The band’s decision to self release the record rather than through their usual label had no effect on the album whatsoever. Krallice has built a solid fanbase, and they were as eager to hear the album as Krallice was to release it. With 4 albums under their belt since 2008, people might think their sound is starting to stagnate, but Krallice always offers talented songwriting and playing to prove detractors wrong. Like some metal bands, they refused to release the lyrics (much to my chagrin) and named the song using Roman numerals (the number I repeated 7-12 times), preferring to let the music speak for itself. The band’s tight and technical sound, blackened as the night sky, pushes itself outwards and upwards, experimenting with atmosphere and post rock like melodies. Favorite track(s): IIIIIII, IIIIIIII, IIIIIIIIIIII

    6. Ne Obliviscaris-Portal of I (progressive black metal): 5 years. 5 long years. That’s how long it took for this Australian band to release a proper full length after their critically acclaimed demo, The Aurora Veil. The 3 songs from TAV appear here with bumped up production, plus 4 new songs that ebb and flow with harsh black metal screams and clean singing, lush acoustic sections, jazzy fretless bass, furious double bass, and glorious violin. Favorite track(s): Xenoflux, Forget Not, And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope

    5. Alcest-Les Voyages De L'Âme (black metal/shoegaze/post rock): It might’ve been easy to forget this album since it came out so early in the year, but it certainly left an impression on me. Pushing forward with the sound they had on Ecailles de Lune, shoegazey guitars flow under black metal screams and beautiful clean vocals. The lyrics are all in French, but you certainly don’t need to understand the language to get lost in the sound. Favorite track(s): Autre Temps, Là Où Naissent Les Couleurs Nouvelles, Faiseurs de Mondes

    4. Swans-The Seer (post punk/post rock/folk): A warning: This album is not for beginners. 2 discs with a grand total of 11 songs clocking in at 119 minutes total is enough to make most people say no thanks. It takes a band with as much ambition and daring as Swans to put together an album like this with such reckless abandon, and it takes a band with enormous talent to make it work, which they do. Long removed from their brutal days as industrial no wave noisemakers, their second album since reuniting in 2010 is everything that Swans has aspired to be in their career. The album shifts and pulses with shuffling rhythms and stuttering percussion, drones on for minutes of tension, and Michael Gira is a poet as he ever was. The variety of instruments and guests like former member Jarboe only add to this beast of an album. Each song, slowly but surely, lurches forward towards a massive climax and collapses into the next. Favorite track(s): Mother of the World, The Seer, Avatar, The Apostate

    3. Converge-All We Love We Leave Behind (hardcore/metalcore): Hardcore tends to be a young person’s game, with many older bands struggling to capture the glory of their early days. Converge only seems to get better with age. Since their landmark album Jane Doe, Converge has pushed forward, breathing new life into extreme music with each release. Unlike Axe to Fall, which was full of guest spots, this time it was just the 4 main members doing what they do. Screamed and shouted vocals over dissonant riffs, bombastic drumming, and driving bass push the momentum forward. Like on previous records, Converge slows things down on some songs, giving themselves and the listener a brief respite before plunging back into the chaos. Favorite track(s): Aimless Arrow, Trespasses, Tender Abuse, A Glacial Pace, Coral Blue, All We Love We Leave Behind

    2. Neurosis-Honor Found in Decay (sludge/post metal): Some bands like taking their sweet time to release an album (Tool *coughcough*). Neurosis normally never took this long to release an album before, but it was well worth the wait. Something about this album feels stripped down, yet there is so much going on in terms of musical scope and layers of sound. Keyboard player Noah Landis’ contributions are very audible on this record, sampling violins and bagpipes over and under the band’s trademark heavy guitars and dual vocalist attack. Quieter moments remind one of Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till’s solo records, and the drumming on All is Found in Time is reminiscent of the band’s hardcore days. Favorite track(s): We All Rage in Gold, At the Well, My Heart for Deliverance.

    1. Between the Buried and Me-The Parallax II: Future Sequence (progressive metal/metalcore): If you know me, you know I love Between the Buried and Me. This band has been blowing me away for years, and the day I don’t like a record they do might signal the apocalypse. Continuing with the lyrical concept of last year’s Hypersleep Dialogues EP, the band’s trademark extreme riffs and progressive leaning sound go places they haven’t gone before. Tommy Roger’s heavy growls and soaring clean singing tell a futuristic story of two entities involved in a complicated relationship. Heavy part in to soft acoustic part into jazzy bass part into another heavy part into quirky weird circus part into guitar solo into lush keyboard filled madness craziness sums up a lot of Between the Buried and Me songs, but I never seem to get tired of what they do, and I hope they continue to get better. Favorite track(s): Astral Body, Extremeophile Elite, Telos, Bloom
  • Best albums of 2011

    23 déc. 2011, 4h18m

    First, the honorable mentions:
    Amebix-Sonic Mass (crust punk/thrash)-More than 20 years after their last one, they can still deliver. It has a different sound (Iron Maiden meets Neurosis?), but that’s no reason to skip this one.

    Autopsy-Macabre Eternal (death metal)-Another solid reunion album. This was a great year for death metal. Heavy and crushing.

    Blut aus Nord-777 – Sect(s)/ 777 – The Desanctification (black metal)-The first 2 parts of this trilogy puts them on the same level as their fellow French black metallers Deathspell Omega. The dissonance and rawness is EVIL.

    Bon Iver-Bon Iver (folk/indie rock)-An album I didn’t think I would like, this totally took me by surprise. A great mix of folk, chamber music, pop, indie rock, and a hint of post rock. The first three tracks are AMAZING, especially Holocene.

    Burzum-Fallen (black metal)-Not as good as Belus, but Varg Vikernes is still making raw badass black metal.

    Devin Townsend Project-Deconstruction/Ghost (progressive metal)-The final 2 albums in the Devin Townsend Project teratology. The intense Deconstruction features amazing guest vocalists (Paul Kuhr, Ihsahn, Tommy Rogers, Joe Duplantier, Paul Masvidal, and Greg Puciato=happy me). On the other side of the coin is the peaceful flute filled ambience of Ghost.

    Disma-Towards the Megalith (death metal)-Old school death metal sound, and a great debut full length from this band that features current and former members of Incantation, Funebrarum, and Evoken.

    Drake-Take Care (hip hop/rap)-Yeah, I listen to Drake. Problem? Less of a rap album, these songs are more introspective and thoughtful.

    Dream Theater-A Dramatic Turn of Events (progressive metal)-Mike Portnoy is gone, but the band still kicks all sorts of ass. New drummer Mike Mangini is solid, but the rest of the band members noodle about with their new freedom (looking at you Jordan Rudess).

    Evan Brewer-Alone (instrumental progressive metal/rock)-Solo bass performed by the bassist for The Faceless. Reminds me of a more technical version of Squarepusher’s Solo Electrc Bass 1

    Explosions in the Sky-Take Care, Take Care, Take Care (post rock)-Amazing poppy post rock with great hooks and pretty sounding atmosphere. Never a bad release from these guys.

    Fen-Epoch (black metal/post rock)-Black metal and post rock is officially my favorite genre mix. Harsh and lush, epic and minimalist, blah blah blah. The guitar goes on and on, and the keyboards provide some much needed texture.

    Giant Squid-Cenotes (progressive/sludge metal)-Metal with cellos, lyrics about fish or fossils or something. Don’t bother if you don’t like good music.

    Grayceon-All We Destroy (progressive/sludge metal)-Sharing a cello player with Giant Squid, this three piece really knows how to create long songs that capture your attention.

    Indian-Guiltless (sludge/doom metal)-A thick sound with just enough noise and drone to make this one of the heavier albums to come out this year.
    Leviathan-True Traitor, True Whore (black metal)-Criminal allegations aside, solo artist Wrest hasn’t let his personal troubles affect his music in a negative way. The album titles directly references who he’s talking about. Quite a bit of experimentation here.

    Liturgy-Aesthetica (black metal)-Transcendence and burst beats aside, there is some variety on this album that you don’t often see in black metal. Detach yourself from the pretentiousness, and you’ve got a solid album.

    Loss-Despond (doom metal)-Slow slow slow. The kind of music you want to hear as you die.

    Mamiffer-Mare Decendrii (ambient/drone)-Former Isis front man Aaron Turner and his wife Faith Coloccia collaborate on this massive work of droning guitars, piano, hints of percussion, and vocals without lyrics.

    Mitochondrion-Parasignosis (death/black metal)- Chaos, say hello to your replacement. If this is where death metal is going, then I can’t wait for 2012.

    Nader Sadek-In the Flesh (death metal)-An all star project of sorts, inspired by the art of Egyptian artist Nader Sadek. With a pedigree that includes Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Mayhem, and more, there is no way you will be disappointed.

    Negative Plane-Stained Glass Revelations (black metal)-Visceral black metal with a hint of early thrash. If you like early Mayhem and Sodom, this is worth a listen.

    Protest the Hero-Scurrilous (progressive metal/metalcore)-The Canadian prog metallers are at it again, with technicality flowing out of every orifice. Soaring vocals, grooving bass, speedy guitars, and hard hitting drums make Protest the Hero 3 for 3 in the awesome album department.

    Russian Circles-Empros (post rock)-The heaviness of metal, the delicateness of post rock with some hints of drone make the instrumental band’s new album the perfect soundtrack to going about your day.

    Scale the Summit-The Collective (instrumental progressive metal)-Solid melodic prog with a hint of shred. Like I said about Russian Circles, the perfect soundtrack to going about your day.

    Thomas Giles-Pulse (progressive/alternative rock)-The amazing debut solo album by Between the Buried and Me’s frontman. An eclectic mix of keyboard drenched prog rock, electronics, acoustic, and post hardcore.

    Toxic Holocaust-Conjure and Command (thrash metal)-Brutal thrash in the vein of Venom and Sodom. One of the best thrash bands of the decade.

    Tyler, the Creator-Goblin (hip hop/rap)-Violent, silly, a bit romantic? You know any other 20 year olds that can make hip hop this good?

    Trap Them-Darker Handcraft (grindcore/death metal)-The death metal influenced grind is relentless and uncompromising.

    Ulcerate-The Destroyers of All (death metal)-Death metal, meet Neurosis. Now THIS is brutality and atmosphere combined. Death metal album of the year right here.

    Wormrot-Dirge (grindcore)-GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Basically that over 25 songs in 18 minutes. Classic grindcore formula at work here.

    The top 20:
    20. Yob-Atma (doom metal)-The Oregon based trio strikes again with a crushing, atmospheric, sludgy doom explosion that shows you don’t need to be high to enjoy doom metal. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting high.

    19. Caina-Hands That Pluck (black metal/post rock)-The final full length by this one man band is definitely one for black metal fans. Crusty and fuzzy guitars ala Darkthrone with swirly shoegaze moments and some brutal Converge influenced sections. Don’t forget the 2nd disc, which features reworked versions of older tracks and a Nico cover.

    18. The Atlas Moth-An Ache for the Distance (sludge metal)-Pop like sludge and psychedelic with a layer of synth and lyrics about spacing out prove that there are still bands that can break out of the spohmore slump.

    17. Jesu-Ascension (post metal)-Justin Broadrick has a knack for making awesome music. This album has the trademark industrial tinged guitars, droning synths and bass, and palantive vocals that have made Jesu one of my favorite bands ever.

    16. Opeth-Heritage (progressive metal)-“OPETH, Y U NO HAVE DEATH METAL VOCALS” is what the majority of fans said when they first heard this album. But this is what progressive music is: moving beyond the parameters of your genre and not caring what people think. This is straight up 70’s influenced prog, epic keyboards and jazzy solos all over the place.

    15. SubRosa-No Help for the Mighty Ones (sludge metal)-Here’s an album I downloaded on a whim. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it. I was reminded of Grayceon and Giant Squid, but with a more doom influenced sound. This band should shatter your preconceived notions about women in metal (3/5 of the band’s members are female).

    14. Deafheaven-Roads to Judah/Libertine Dissolves (black metal/post rock)-The Libertine Dissolves EP was a great intro to the awesome Roads to Judah. The post rock and shoegaze influenced black metal I love, with a more hardcore sensibility and a vibe that sends chills down your spine.

    13. A Storm of Light-As the Valley of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade (post metal)-Ignore the long title. This album turns ASOL’s sound up to 11, injecting a straight up rock and roll sensibility into the post rock influenced landscapes that the band is so well known for.

    12. Cloudkicker-Let Yourself Be Huge/Loop (progressive rock/acoustic/ambient)-The amazing one man band that is Ben Sharp has released another great slab of music. LYBH is on the short side, but full of atmospheric relaxedness and chill acoustic passages. One song even has vocals! Loop is an interesting collection of leftover riffs that really give you a great idea of how Ben takes simple chords and transforms them into soundscapes of awesome.

    11. The Black Dahlia Murder-Ritual (death metal)-The tr00 metalheads might consider this band –core and a rip off of Gothenburg and Tampa bay death metal, but BDM has crafted a sound of their own. Trevor Strnad’s poetic lyrics are the voice to melodic, shredding, downright brutal metal that reminds one of Dissection or classic thrash metal. The bands also flirts with grind and acoustic/string and piano sections that show that this band is going places.

    10. Cynic-Carbon Based Anatomy (progressive metal)-Metal for yoga practitioners? Sure lets go with that. The trademark jazzy drums and bass with clean flowing guitars and ethereal vocals makes this 23 minutes EP feel much longer. Let’s hope Cynic can get a full length out before the world “ends”.

    9. Primordial-Redemption at the Puritan's Hand (black metal/folk)-Ireland’s folky black metallers have released another anthemic album that pays homage to their Celtic roots and brings a classic metal vibe to the usually bleak atmosphere. Nemtheanga’s powerful voice makes him one of the best vocalists in metal, period.

    8. Mastodon-The Hunter (progressive metal/sludge)-The crushing sludge of Remission and Leviathan, the riffy hard rock of Blood Mountain, and the trippy prog of Crack the Skye meld together to make Mastodon’s fifth record their most varied and rocking album to date. The Pink Floyd influence is present on songs like Creature Lives and The Sparrow.

    7. Wolves in the Throne Room-Celestial Lineage (black metal)-On what might be their final album (I sure hope not), the duo harnesses the power of the Pacific Northwest to create this lush, dark, ambient album that draws comparisons to a bleaker sounding Agalloch.

    6. Animals as Leaders-Weightless (instrumental progressive metal)-On the amazing debut album, Tosin Abasi did most of the work, playing insanely technical jazzy riffs and solos, with glitchy electronic flourishes and mellow moments that make you say “ahh”. This time around, Tosin has a second guitarist and a real drummer to help him round out the sound. All 3 members contribute to this beast of an album, and all you music nerds will certainly appreciate the variety of techniques used.

    5. Altar of Plagues-Mammal (atmospheric black metal)-Like their fellow Irishmen in Primordial, Altar of Plagues base their work off of black metal with a Celtic influence. However, AoP builds off that base with Isis like post rock tendencies and a Neurosis like sense of experimentation. Lyrically, AoP continues the tradition of great lyrics, with every vocal line expressing sorrow about the human condition and understanding death. Intelligent and relentless, Mammal is definitely a game changer.

    4. Tombs-Path of Totality (atmospheric blackened sludge metal)-As if Winter Hours wasn’t a great enough album, the Brooklyn based band steps up their game for album numero dos. The cold industrial stomp of Godflesh with the atmospherics of The Cure and a blackened atmosphere that is almost Deathspell Omega meets Swans. The opening vocals are “CHAOS REIGNS”. You’re damn right it does.

    3. Between the Buried and Me-The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (progressive metal/metalcore)-The only downside to this release is its length (3 songs, 30 minutes). But it’s Between the Buried and Me, so you know the talent is enough to make you overlook that fact. Part 1 of a 2 part concept, this makes the music a piece to a bigger puzzle. The band’s trademark quirkiness, heavy pummeling sound and epic progressive tendencies make them the Tool of the modern heavy music era.

    2. Cormorant-Dwellings (progressive black metal)-DIY is the way to go. With a stellar EP and full length already under their belt, I was anxious to hear how MEtazoa could be topped. Having local bands like Hammers of Misfortune, Ludicra (R.I.P.), and Giant Squid/Grayceon so close really must rub off on you. The songs on this release are stripped down and bleaker, with old school prog and first wave black metal tendencies mixing with impeccable songwriting and some of the most well thought out lyrics you will hear from any metal band. The folky interludes, the shorter thrashy tracks, the longer jam sections, and a general sense of content with what they’re doing makes Cormorant a band that EVERY metalhead should know and love.

    1. Krallice-Diotima (progressive black metal)-Well, look at that, number 1. If any band this year deserves to have the album of the year, it’s Krallice. 3rd time’s the charm, because this album truly goes above and beyond. The trademark static feedback that opens up most Krallice songs makes you realize that there are real people making this music, not some manipulated machine or fake entertainers. Each track on this record feels organic and well composed, with guitars, bass, and drums working like an orchestra, seamlessly flowing towards and away from one another in a chaotic flux of noise. This time around, Nick McMaster’s throaty growl does more work than Mick Barr’s tortured scream, spouting poetic philosophical jargon that will make your jaw drop. When both vocalists combine on The Clearing, you’ll be amazed at the power. Mick and Colin Marston’s guitars scream with soaring melody and technical ecstacy, with Nick’s thunderous bass works wonders that aren’t often heard in black metal. Lev Weinstein’s drumming is the backbone, throwing in speedy fills with excellent precision between hard hitting blast beats. The music feels as though it’s disintegrating and putting itself back to together at the same time. Seeing this band live solidified my decision as making this my number one pick. While other black metal bands can rip off Mayhem or Darkthrone, they should instead be looking to Krallice.
  • Best albums of 2010

    30 nov. 2010, 3h53m

    Abigail Williams-In the Absence of Light (black metal)
    Less symphony, more awesome.

    Agalloch-Marrow of the Spirit (folk metal/post rock)
    Everything that the band has done before was given new life, and the drumming is better than ever. Potentially number one for the year.

    Alcest-Ecailles de Lune (black metal/shoegaze)
    The harsh cold of black metal and the serene beauty of shoegaze. It works so well. This is also a contender for number one.

    Anathema-We're Here Because We're Here (alternative/progressive rock)
    It's been a while, but it sounds as lush and beautiful as their earlier works. Who would've thought that Anathema would go from the death/doom of Serenade to this?

    Atheist-Jupiter (death metal)
    2010 had a lot of comebacks. It's not Unquestionable Presence, but it's heavy and fresh.

    Avenged Sevenfold-Nightmare (heavy metal/hard rock)
    Mike Portnoy filling in for the late Rev. No one could do it better.

    Black Witchery-Inferno of Sacred Destruction (black metal)
    BLACK WITCHING METAL. Needs to be longer.

    Burzum-Belus (black metal)
    Yet another comeback...sounds much different than anything from the early days)

    Cloudkicker (instrumental prog/post metal)
    One man band with great riffs and atmosphere.

    Cynic-Re-Traced (progressive metal/jazz fusion)
    Songs from Traced in Air remade. I love it.

    Dark Tranquillity-We are the Void (melodic death metal)
    Heavy-check. Melodic-check. Best band to come out of the Gothenburg scene-check.

    Deathspell Omega-Paracletus (black metal)
    Insane album. Insane band. Seriously, they're not human.

    Deftones-Diamond Eyes (hard rock)
    Chi Cheng's absence did not deter. Basically everything good about the Deftones since White Pony.

    The Dillinger Escape Plan-Option Paralysis (technical hardcore)
    The crazy spasticness grows up.

    Drake-Thank Me Later (hip hop/rap)
    I was obligated to listen to it, I'm a Degrassi fan. I was happy to hear that it didn't suck.

    Drudkh-Handful of Stars (black metal)
    Lots of black metal on this list. Very consistent band.

    Electric Wizard-Black Masses (doom metal)
    Stoner metal FTW

    Eminem-Recovery (hip hop/rap)
    Better than Relapse. Nuff said.

    Enslaved-Axioma Ethica Odini (progressive black metal)
    Proggy riffs, black metal shrieks, layered synths, this album has it all.

    The Funeral Pyre-Vultures at Dawn (black/death metal)
    Very underrated band. Listen to them.

    High on Fire-Snakes for the Divine (doom metal)
    Like Electric Wizard, but heavier

    Ihsahn-After (progressive metal)
    Ihsahn+8 string guitars+saxophone=amazeballs.

    Immolation-Majesty and Decay (death metal)
    20 years strong, the death metal vets are still killing it.

    Intronaut-Valley of Smoke (progressive/sludge metal)
    More clean vocals, and Justin Chancellor from Tool guesting. Joe Lester is a bass god.

    Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier (heavy metal)
    It's Iron Maiden, of course it's good.

    Jesu-Dethroned (ambient/post rock/electronic)
    EP of the year for sure. Justin Broadrick can do no wrong. Shoegaze, drone, drum machines, and spacey vocals combine into something that should be the soundtrack to a cheesy indie movie.

    Julie Christmas-The Bad Wife (experimental rock)
    I wish Battle of Mice would reunite, but this is nice too.

    Ludicra-The Tenant (black metal)
    Another underrated band. Black metal has left the forests for the big cities.

    Mouth of the Architect-The Violence Beneath (sludge/post metal)
    Another great EP. The cover of In Your Eyes was sublime.

    Nachtmystium-Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. 2 (black metal)
    Who would've thought you could dance to a metal song? Awesome album, and the synths crawl all over it like a drug addict looking for a fix.

    Nevermore-The Obsidian Conspiracy (progressive/thrash metal)
    Jeff Loomis=guitar legend. Warrel Dane=needs to work on his "harsh" vocals

    The Ocean-Heliocentric (post metal)
    The Ocean-Anthropocentric (post metal)
    1 great band, 2 great albums. I'd give the edge to Anthro, but I give Helio props for sounding like the 2nd disc of their best album, Precambrian.

    Orphaned Land-The Never Ending Way of ORWarriOR (progressive/folk metal)
    The world needs more bands like Orphaned Land. Their best album.

    Pale Sketcher-Jesu: Pale Sketches Demixed (electronica)
    Jesu songs remixed. Sounds awesome.

    The Republic of Wolves-Varuna (indie rock/post hardcore)
    Great debut album.

    Rosetta-A Determinism of Morality (post metal)
    Post metal, atmosludge, postcore,'s epic squared.

    Salome-Terminal (doom metal)
    No bassist, and yet they're the heaviest thing I've heard in ages.

    Sigh-Scenes from Hell (black metal/avant garde)
    Those crazy Japanese. All this black metal is making me feel very gr1m.

    Swans-My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (experimental rock/folk/post rock)
    It's been 14 years, and they've never sounded better.

    The Sword-Warp Riders (heavy/stoner metal)
    Biggest surprise of the year. A big improvement over their previous works.

    Triptykon-Eparistera Daimones (black metal/death/doom)
    Celtic Frost is no more, but this is a suitable replacement.

    Twilight-Monument to Time End (black metal)
    Isis riffs? In my black metal? Yes.

    Venetian Snares-My So Called Life (breakcore)
    Odd time signatures FTW. Best electronic artist out there.

    Woe-Quietly, Undramatically (black metal)
    Another great American black metal album. Aggressive and raw, with great riffs and production.
  • top 30 question redone

    31 oct. 2010, 22h09m

    1. How did you get into 29?
    *shrug* I just did

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?

    3. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    All of them

    4. What is your favorite song by 15?

    5. What is your favorite song by 5?
    Without God

    6. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?

    7. What is your favorite song by 10?

    8. What is a good memory you have involving 30?
    good ol 235

    9. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?
    not in particular

    10. How many times have you seen 25 live?

    11. What is the first song you ever heard by 7?
    Bat Country

    12. What is your favorite album by 11?
    DeLoused in the Comatorium

    13. Who is a favorite member of 1?
    all of them

    14. Have you ever seen 14 live?
    see #10

    15. What is a good memory involving 27?
    First time I heard Dreaming: The Romance

    16. What is your favorite song by 16?

    17. What is your favorite album by 18?
    Option Paralysis

    18. What is your favorite song by 21?
    Ex's and Oh's

    19. What is the first song you ever heard by 26?
    Crystal Mountain

    20. What is your favorite album by 2?
    Systematic Chaos

    21. What is your favorite song by 3?

    22. What is you favorite song by 8?

    23. How many times have you seen 17 live?
    see #14

    24. What is the worst song by 12?
    something off their first 2

    25. What was the first song you ever heard by 28?

    26. What is you favorite album by 20?
    I have 2 bands at 19th, so Gothic and Nocturnal

    27. What is your favorite song by 24?
    The Dreadful Hours

    28. Is there a song by 9 that makes you happy?

    29. What is your favorite album by 4?

    30. How many albums do you own by 23?
    everything (4 albums, 1 EP)
  • Best albums of 2009

    10 déc. 2009, 19h31m

    1. Between the Buried and Me-The Great Misdirect (progressive metal/metalcore)
    As if anything could surpass Colors, The Great Misdirect shows up and kick its ass. This album might be the starting point at which their music becomes more and more progressive....they'll be the new Dream Theater in 5 or 10 years. From the jazzy bass lines and the drum destroying to the epic guitars and lush keyboards topped off with insane vocals, this album has it all.

    2. Cormorant-Metazoa (progressive black/folk)
    I've been following this band since they released their EP The Last Tree in 2007, and my admiration has grown by leaps and bounds. I know frontman Arthur von Nagel via the metal music board at GameFAQs (235!) and after working with SUPERSTART PRODUCER BILLY ANDERSON (producer of albums by Neurosis, Melvins, Primordial, Sleep, and more) their epic debut album takes influences from Enslaved and Agalloch to Iron Maiden and Slough Feg. A band to watch.

    3. Mastodon-Crack The Skye (progressive metal)
    I'm a sucker for concept albums, and this is no exception. I wasn't much of a fan before, but after listening to tracks like Oblivion and The Last Baron, how could you not love this thing?

    4. Dream Theater-Black Clouds & Silver Linings (progressive metal)
    The prog metal gods are back, doing what they do best...creating long ass songs that are a joy to listen to. The album's lyrics are the band's most personal, and who would've expected Mike Portnoy to start dropping blast beats?

    5. Isis-Wavering Radiant (post metal)
    Spacey, heavy, and features Adam Jones from Tool? Hell to the yes. 20 Minutes/40 Years is one of the best songs of the year.

    6. Paradise Lost- Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us (gothic metal)
    It's not Gothic or Shades of God, but it's heavy, and definitely "music to be murdered by"

    7. Katatonia-Night Is The New Day (gothic metal)
    Melancholy as ever, Sweden's Katatonia has come a long way from the Brave Murder Day(s) to wow us once again.

    8. The Black Dahlia Murder-Deflorate (death metal)
    It's on the short side, but I dare you to listen to this more than once. John Kempainen might be gone, but Ryan Knight has awesome chops.

    9. The Mars Volta-Octahedron (progressive rock)
    Acoustic pop rock? As awesome as Deloused is, people gotta open their minds and give this one a chance.

    10. Porcupine Tree-The Incident (progressive rock)
    Opeth has definitely rubbed off on these guys, and I love it even more because of it.

    11/12. Devin Townsend Project-Ki/Addicted (progressive metal)
    2 of a series of 4 albums...Ki is the quiet one, Addicted is the loud poppy one. Hevy Devy is the man.

    13. Jesu-Infinity (post metal)
    A 49 minute song? Beyond awesome. Justin Broadrick and Devin Townsend need to work together.

    14. Pelican-What We All Come to Need (instrumental post metal)
    The metal equivalent of Explosions in the Sky...finally include vocals in a song. Heavy without being brutal, soft without being too light.

    15. Novembers Doom-Into Night's Requiem Infernal (death/doom metal)
    A little less doom, a little more DEATH. Some mellow moments too, of course.

    16. Krallice-Dimensional Bleedthrough (progressive black metal)
    Raw, progressive, and mind boggling. Nearly 77 minutes long, riffs come at you like a barrage of bullets.

    17. Tombs-Winter Hours (post metal)
    NYC based band does its thing...Isis meets Sonic Youth meets black metal

    18. Amesoeurs-Amesoeurs (black metal/post punk/shoegaze)
    It's a shame they broke up..."black metal gets happy" is a great concept.

    19. My Dying Bride- For Lies I Sire (doom metal)
    The violins are back! Every stab of the bow brings back the first 4 albums of the seminal UK doom band.

    20. Megadeth-Endgame (thrash metal)
    Chris Broderick is as good as Dave Mustaine says he is. And despite Mustaine's ego, he makes awesome music.

    21. Heartsounds-Until We Surrender (punk)
    From the ashes of melodic death metallers Light This City comes...a punk band? Well props for having a varied musical taste.

    22. Candlemass-Death Magic Doom (doom metal)
    No one does doom like one of the founding fathers of the genre. Rob Lowe's voice is reminescent of past Candlemass vocalists Messiah Marcolin and Johan Langqvist

    23. Swallow the Sun-New Moon (death/doom metal)
    Like Novembers Doom, this band is brutal and beautiful. Despite sharing a name with a Twilight book, it's high quality.

    24. Giant Squid-The Ichthyologist (post metal)
    What I said about NYC also applies to the Bay Area. Like their friends in Grayceon, Giant Squid is getting a lot of attention.

    25. The Fall of Troy-In the Unlikely Event (post hardcore/prog rock)
    Phantom on the Horizon was a definite preview for what this album came to be. Tim Ward might be gone, but Frank Black is more than capable at filling his shoes.

    26. Atreyu-Congregation of the Damned (metalcore/hard rock)
    This album mixes everything good from their previous effort Lead Sails Paper Anchor, and merges it with everything good from their early efforts.

    27. Converge-Axe to Fall (hardcore/metal)
    Jane Doe is a hell of an album, but this one is just as brutal and dissonant.

    28. Scale the Summit-Carving Desert Canyons (instrumental prog metal)
    Technical without being Meshuggah, this band makes great background music.

    29. Animals as Leaders-Animals as Leaders (instrumental prog metal)
    Scale the Summit is a good band to listen to, but if you want the SHRED, listen to this instead.

    30. maudlin of the Well-Part the Second (progressive metal/rock)
    8 years after Bath and Leaving Your Body Map, the lucid dreamers are back. Sounds like Kayo Dot, but that's not an insult.
  • Blink 182/Fall Out Boy/Panic at the Disco/Chester to talk about sex

    10 août 2009, 21h36m

    Sun 9 Aug – Blink-182 / Fall Out Boy

    My first show ever. Not very typical of my music tastes of the past few years, but Blink 182 was one of my favorite bands for a few years, and I enjoy a few songs from Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco.

    Chester French was OK. I posted a Twitter from my phone during the show and Andrew "D.A." Wallach replied to it:

    Chester French is on...decentabout 22 hours ago from txt

    @SanskarWagley xoxox - much appreciated.about 19 hours ago from web in reply to SanskarWagley

    Panic at the Disco was next, and they were good. Played their hit songs (the only ones I knew). I was sitting down for the first half of the show, whch was about an hour and a half. Then Fall Out Boy came on and rocked out. Pete Wentz is a funny dude, and Brendon Urie from Panic at the Disco came out and sang a cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing", which was funny. Personally, I was hoping for them to cover Walk by Pantera (LOL Pantera), like they did with the singer from Every TIme I Die a while back.

    Then the awesomeness of Blink 182 came on. They played all their best songs, told funny jokes, and Travis' drum solo on the rotating platform was awesome.

    Anyway, 9/10 show.

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  • 30 questions about my top 30

    28 juin 2009, 17h36m

    1. How did you get into 29?
    Known about them for a long time, finally decided to give them a listen

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?

    3. How many albums by 13 do you own?
    If by own you mean downloaded, various songs off the first 4 albums, and the entire Octahedron album

    4. What is your favorite song by 15?

    5. What is your favorite song by 5?

    6. Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy?
    No, they're an angry band

    7. What is your favorite song by 10?
    I guess The Deepest Sleep or Sharks in Your Mouth

    8. What is a good memory you have involving 30?
    nothing interesting

    9. Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy?
    not in particular

    10. How many times have you seen 25 live?
    haven't seen any band live

    11. What is the first song you ever heard by 7?
    I think Deeper Down, but it may have been A Kiss to Remember

    12. What is your favorite album by 11?
    In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns, since it's their only one...unless you count the Legend EP

    13. Who is a favorite member of 1?
    Mikael Akerfeldt :D

    14. Have you ever seen 14 live?
    see #10

    15. What is a good memory involving 27?
    Eugene's band covering Welcome Home back in the day

    16. What is your favorite song by 16?
    December Flower or Abnegation

    17. What is your favorite album by 18?
    Fortress by a REALLY tiny margin

    18. What is your favorite song by 21?
    Without God

    19. What is the first song you ever heard by 26?
    This Calling

    20. What is your favorite album by 2?
    CIty of Evil or their self titled

    21. What is your favorite song by 3?
    It's a tie between Selkies, Mordecai, and White Walls

    22. What is you favorite song by 8?

    23. How many times have you seen 17 live?
    see #14

    24. What is the worst song by 12?
    well I haven't heard all ther far as their 2 albums, maybe something from Focus

    25. What was the first song you ever heard by 28?
    I don't remember...maybe Limbs

    26. What is you favorite album by 20?
    they're all pretty good

    27. What is your favorite song by 24?
    There Was a Flood or Death Anxiety

    28. Is there a song by 9 that makes you happy?

    29. What is your favorite album by 4?
    I guess A Death-Grip on Yesterday

    30. How many albums do you own by 23?
    I have songs from all 6 of thier albums
  • top 10 part 2 (done right this time)

    19 juin 2009, 4h31m