• Mouth Of The Architect- Up close and personal

    21 oct. 2012, 7h11m

    Sat 23 Jun – Northless, Mouth Of The Architect, Custodian, Face of Ruin, Himalayan

    This place, The Borg Ward, was an underground music fan's dream come true. Imagine going to see one of your favorite bands of all time play a private show for you in the comfort your buddy's basement. That's about how I felt. Snobs need not waste their time at this place, we are talking the raw, real deal. I stood on the front line, a mere few feet from one of the greatest post-metal acts of all time. To say it was good and loud would be true, but a gross understatement. It was on par for a spiritual experience.
  • Dinosaur Jr. & Shearwater

    21 oct. 2012, 6h58m

    Fri 19 Oct – Dinosaur Jr., Shearwater

    This was a good show. The Majestic was one of the nicer venues I've been to,
    as far as comfort and cleanliness. Shearwater was great- really enjoyed their set.
    I've never heard of this band before I bought my tickets- they surpassed my expectations and then some. Once in a while, you get lucky and get two good shows!
    Dinosaur Jr. .... I've always wanted to see them live, mainly to witness J Mascis play
    guitar. I was about six feet away from him at the most. This was easily the loudest event I've witnessed in my life. My only complaint is that the jackass who is responsible for sound control did a horrible job. I didn't hear any comprehensible vocals the whole time, and the bass was faint, at best. However, I came to see and hear the maestro of riffs and solos do his thing, so I was not too disappointed.