a campfire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches and a tree and that river… a comfortable pillow after a long night of drinking and losing a secret kiss brings madness with the bliss a song that has actually made me cry at some point a time machine to freeze snowflakes in the sky around you absolute fucking freedom anthems for the pieces of heart left in your chest anything is possible today art in the age of mechanical reproduction as the credits roll on your life barefoot in wet grass beauty best played loud bouncin around boombox bursting out of yourself close your eyes and hope crying in the bathtub dreams eyes closed eyes open falco is fucking genius feeling like i was sat in an opentop cadillac in a movie from the 50s fuck em billy fuggin apocalypse party glazed eyes and strobelights got that feeling grows inside you like you got fucked by a facehugger guys with beards and cute voices hot water bottles i could be foolishly sentimental i could spend my life searching for the way this song makes me feel i would like this song to be playing as i gloriously plummet off a cliff into the… if i ask you to dance you have to promise to fall in love with me if this band doesnt get huge i will buy a hat and eat it independance day inside of my head is gentle manic its morning and shards of light are piercing life into desperate houseplants ive never heard someone say love was not enough joy is more than a girls name lend me your face lets all be special art rebels love and hate like a tattooed fist love love love makes you a tiny boat in the middle of a massive sea manifesto for a dead scene me me-singing-loud move to brooklyn my brain sings of all time offered you books for your mind oh jesus love songs one two twee pictures of dead pets and relatives playable pretty much perfect puredirtfilth recognising triggers refixed screaming silence away sentiment set for scene shiny happy fits of rage shouting reality giggling uncontrollably sing this to me and ill follow you anywhere sitting at the top of the stairs staring into space small pieces of me loosely joined smile glow so beautiful that i couldnt reply when the bombs finished falling some nights i thirst for real blood for real knives for real cries something about dancing like a moron songs for my funeral songs for standing still in the crowds of hurried frown people songs from the cracks in my heart songs i must play really loud in crowded rooms songs that appear in my head inexplicably songs that take you over soundtrackin stop being so fun i want to frown sweat and sandstorms t horns take notes and live life the end of the world the greys theres nothing sad about it they play this in the queue for heaven this will stop you in your tracks truth trying to be brave cos when im brave other people feel brave but i feel like my… two foreheads touching under my favourite covers walking home alone at night through wet streets that smell like rain but its not… ways to feel better we curse the name of our hometowns we shed our demons dancing when all your moneys gone and you are drunk as hell when i feel like staring at the ceiling when life seems to be too much i just listen to this with my eyes closed and my mind… when this comes on it is my favourite fucking song ever words to start again yay and hooray and yippee and huzzah