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  • MartiniVinyl

    Louis Jordan is the best! My housemate turned me on to him :)

    juillet 2012
  • Kicki68

    Thanks for your visit and cheers from Germany :-)

    février 2012
  • bigstarlet

    Why yes, I think we should! :D

    juillet 2011
  • MartiniVinyl

    Hi hi hi! Hum..we listen to a lot of the same stuff..but I guess I have stuff that doesn't scrobble..I think we should be Super Friends!

    juillet 2011
  • TeeBrent

    "Your musical compatibility with bigstarlet is VERY HIGH" ;)

    octobre 2009
  • JoeDead


    septembre 2009
  • Haggis

    See! "Very High" musical compatibility. Love that cover of Golden Slumbers by BFF.

    septembre 2009
  • Joffi222

    Oh, FFeed, to answer the question I would be asking myself.

    juillet 2008
  • ultrelusive

    I went from BBC News, to Amnesty International, to something about suppressed blogs, to YOURS, to your Myspace, to your amazing what random internet surfing can bring eh? I liked your music anyway ^_^

    décembre 2006
  • kevinspencer

    Hey bigstarlet, I just discovered Muse today based on the recommendation of my brother-in-law. I'm *really* liking Starlight from the Blackholes and Revelations album.

    octobre 2006
  • bigstarlet

    Say what?

    février 2006