Arts and society : historical relationship.


29 nov. 2011, 16h07m


What changes happened in your region under the influence of an art, either music or other arts..?
Did you see it, or did you hear testimonies ?

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H.R. GIGER, Young Buck, 80's post punk!!!, Proto-Punk, Pale-skinned people who do not want to get tanned, Emotional Hip-Hop, Charlie Chaplin, Bauhaus and Related Bands, Synth pop, Anti School, Alfred Hitchcock, Gothic Punk, Stones Throw - Poland, Gang of Four, Gimme5, People are strange, Clint Eastwood, The Berzerker, GWAR, Aquachipwonkcrunkstepdubhop, New Wave of New Wave, Polski Punk 80', Foetus, Sociologists on, Non-Mainstream European Folk Instruments, MELODIC PUNK PORTAL, RapMusicPortal, G-Funk Fo Life!, Chiller Cabinet, From Synth Pop to Death Metal, Ska is NOT punk, Female Fronted Punk, Heep Hop, Laibach, Jamaica, Punk'n'Roll, Polish Crust, Anarcho-Punk, Grindcore, Albert Camus, The Residents and Snakefinger, Japanese Hip-Hop (ヒップホップ), Nest, Electro Punk Dance and Trance, Art-Punk, Poetry, Litterature and more..., Charles Baudelaire, Klaus Schulze, Humanists, Fabrizio Moretti, Pantheists, Cabaret Voltaire, Fuck Tha Police, Wax Poetics, hip hop is the only thing that i eat for breakfast, Against Discrimination, people who wear socks while sleeping during cold winter nights so that their feet…, Weird Metal, Anti-Creationism, PUNK PORTUGAL, Potholes In My Blog, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, Punk-Rock, Hieroglyphics, Liberal Democrat Black Metal, Wolves in the Throne Room, french electro-techno, Comedy and Humor, Jello Biafra, Seekers of the New (Avant-Garde, Experimental, Pioneers, Hybrids), Austrian economics, Dungeons & Dragons, Stephen O'Malley, Brandon Lee, Robot Unicorn Attack, Marlene Dietrich, New School Electro, Sol Invictus group, Ska Punk, I want to get off this planet!, Drone Metal, joydivision, punk_hxc_dwnld, Ralph Records, Charles Manson, I love Cuba!, The Arctic Circle, MALi KA Di !, Drum'n'Jazz, France hXc punk


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