Cardiff Barfly Wheatus Gig (June 2010)


8 juin 2010, 2h16m

Mon 7 Jun – Wheatus


MC Frontalot

1. Tongue-Clucking Grammarian
2. I hate Your Blog
3. First World Problem
4. Pr0n S0ng
5. Wallflowers
6. Spoiler Alert



1. In the Melody
2. Truffles
3. Wannabe Gangster
4. Lemonade
5. Highway To Hell (improv)
6. The Deck
7. Hey, Mr. Brown
8. Girlfriend in a Coma (improv)
9. A Little Respect (Erasure cover)
10. BMX Bandits
11. Hump'em n' Dump'em
12. The London Sun
13. Teenage Dirtbag (ft. MC Frontalot)
14. The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me

*Feel free to correct me on the setlist

I can't quite remember the exact details of the gig (so the setlist might be a bit off, but I'm certain its almost exact), but man, was it one hell of a gig.

I remember when my dad gave me a mixtape he made of Green Day, Wheatus, Blur and Nirvana almost 10 years ago, as an attempt to get me back on track with structured music (after a few years of being polluted by pop of the 90s, I'd long forgotten R.E.M., The Smiths and the majority of the 80s post-punk, synthpop and alt-rock that I'd been brought up on beforehand), and it worked, I fell in love with Wheatus for years, but only recently began listening to them again; to then see these guys live was really fantastic, a life goal definitely accomplished.

Even though I laugh at Welsh pride a lot, I think even Wheatus were amazed with the participation of the crowd on a bunch of songs, and simply had to compliment the Welsh and their passion for.. singing, throughout the gig. Although the majority had clearly been raised on merely 'Wheatus', it was great to hear songs from 'Suck Fony' and 'TooSoonMonsoon' chorused over the crowds here and there as well.

A group of us to the left kept shouting Leroy and Randall to BBB when he asked for song suggestions (which might I just add was a fantastic treat, as it really was a personalised gig for the audience), however it was the bloke who kept shouting 'The London Sun', that caught BBB's attention for the final suggested song.

There were also some fantastic snippets and comedy from the group, especially Brendan, we were even treated to an improvisation of AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' and the humourous beginnings of The Smith's 'Girlfriend In A Coma'.

The finale ('Teenage Dirtbag') was some spectacle, with the crowd singing every word to a t. Not only that, but the well known Wheatus-jamming of live performances, was fantastic with nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot rapping his own Teenage Dirtbag Rapped verse.

And then to shake BBB's hand at the end as you exited the venue, just simply made the experience all the better; I've not known a band to date that care more about their fans nowadays than profit and mainstream popularity than Wheatus, and this gig really showed it.

Great show guys.


  • tumblebear

    I do like that you've pretended that the first support act didn't exist. (..probably for the best, really.)

    8 juin 2010, 23h24m
  • Stupid_Kid

    I'm glad you had an amazing time. I can only whole-heartedly thank you for forcing Wheatus upon me at the best time you possibly could've.

    12 juin 2010, 19h58m
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