Top 20 (and more) of 1982


25 juin 2011, 19h54m

1.Judas Priest-Screaming For Vengeance
2.Iron Maiden-The Number Of The Beast
3.Demon-The Unexpected Guest
5.Witchfinder General-Death Penalty
6.Tank-Filth Hounds Of Hades
7.Manowar-Battle Hymns
8.Manilla Road-Metal
9.Accept-Restless And Wild
10.Anvil-Metal On Metal
11.Diamond Head-Borrowed Time
12.Bitches Sin-Predator
13.Virgin Steele-Virgin Steele
14.Venom-Black Metal
15.Tank-Power Of The Hunter
16.Motörhead-Iron Fist
17.Rainbow-Straight Between The Eyes
18.Trance-Break Out
19.Warning-Warning (II)
20.Turbo-Dorosle Dzieci

Near misses:

Misako Honjoh-Messiah's Blessing
More-Blood & Thunder
Kimmo Kuusniemi Band-Moottorilinnut
Voie De Fait-Ange Ou Démon
Plasmatics-Coup d'État
Loudness-Devil Soldier
Barón Rojo-Volumen Brutal
Nexus-Gonna Find Out

Honourable mentions:

Riot-Restless Breed
Riff Raff-No Law 'n Order
Raven-Wiped Out
Picture-Diamond Dreamer
Legend-Death In The Nursery
Heavy Load-Death Or Glory
Twisted Sister-Under The Blade
Bow Wow-Asian Volcano
Budgie-Deliver Us From Evil
The Hunt-The Thrill Of The Kill
The Rods-Wild Dogs
Vanadium-Metal Rock
Bow Wow-Warning From Stardust
Rapid Tears-Honestly
Voltz-Knight's Fall
Sinner-Wild 'n' Evil
Obús-Poderoso Como El Trueno
Bodine-Bold As Brass
Split Beaver-When Hell Won't Have You
Glory Bell's Band-Dressed in Black
Discharge-Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Zero Nine-Visions, Scenes And Dreams
Panzer-Al Pie del Cañón
Gallows Pole-In Rock We Trust
Girlschool-Screaming Blue Murder
Samson-Before The Storm
U8-Pegasus 1001
Riff Raff-Robot Stud
Gordi-Kraljica Smrti
Mad Max-Mad Max
Heritage-Remorse Code
Lunar Sex-Lunar Sex
Arkangel-Rock Nacional
Squadron-First Mission
Gaskin-No Way Out
Akira Takasaki-Tusk of Jaguar
Oz-Heavy Metal Heroes
Zero Nine-Blank Verse
Tygers of Pan Tang-The Cage
Fist-Back With A Vengeance
E.F. Band-Deep Cut
No Bros-Ready For The Action
Blowin Free-Enemy
Kyoji Yamamoto-Electric Cinema
Deep Throat-The Devil In Miss Jones



  • CecilDB

    True! but.... one note, Fist-Back With A Vengeance and Rush-Signals... in MY list they will be much higher

    15 jui. 2011, 9h39m
  • beer_snob

    Well, let's see the list then ;-)

    15 jui. 2011, 20h07m
  • BurningRemnant

    Nice list, here's mine: only albums with 4* or above that means 8/10 or above. The only 5*album from there is Maiden

    19 jui. 2011, 18h18m
  • Matt_293

    Black Metal should be higher! Also, Knight's Fall is one of the most unique records of the NWOBHM era. It's definitely obscure, and one lost in time these days, but its a phenomenal record, and a favourite of mine.

    26 jui. 2011, 15h18m
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