Top 20 (and more) of 2009


15 fév. 2010, 19h34m

1.Church of Misery-Houses Of The Unholy
2.YOB-The Great Cessation
3.Metalucifer-Heavy Metal Bulldozer
6.Shining-VI: Klagopsalmer
7.The Chasm-Farseeing The Paranormal Abysm
8.Hürlement-De Sang Et D'Acier
9.Wo Fat-Psychedelonaut
10.Nocturnal Fear-Metal To The Honor
11.Krallice-Dimensional Bleedthrough
12.Candlemass-Death Magic Doom
13.Arkona-Goi, Rode, Goi!
14.Slough Feg-Ape Uprising!
15.Nokturnal Mortum-The Voice Of Steel
16.Heaven & Hell-The Devil You Know
17.Vektor-Black Future
20.Furia-Grudzien Za Grudniem

21.Immortal-All Shall Fall
22.Katatonia-Night Is The New Day
23.Solstice-To Dust
24.Inferno-Black Devotion
25.Bestial Holocaust-Temple Of Damnation
26.The No-Mads-The Age Of Demise
27.Hellwitch-Omnipotent Convocation
28.Wine From Tears-Through The Eyes Of A Mad
29.Urna-Iter Ad Lucem
30.Minotaur-God May Show You Mercy ... We Will Not
31.Riverside-Anno Domini High Definition
33.Sacrifice-The Ones I Condemn
35.Blizzard-The Roaring Tanks of Armageddon
36.Wolves in the Throne Room-Black Cascade
37.Hibria-The Skull Collectors
38.Gama Bomb-Tales From The Grave In Space
39.Abigail-Sweet Baby Metal Slut
40.Dismantle-Satanic Force
41.Pensées Nocturnes-Vacuum
42.Ahab-The Divinity Of Oceans
44.Pestilential Shadows-In Memoriam, Ill Omen
45.Empty-The House Of Funerary Hymns
46.Augury-Fragmentary Evidence
48.Cauldron-Chained To The Nite
49.Heart of Cygnus-Over Mountain, Under Hill
50.Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult-Saldorian Spell
51.Catapult the Smoke-Unearthed
52.Bloodthirst-Sanctity Denied
53.Solstice-To Dust
54.Deströyer 666-Defiance
57.Bloody Panda-Summon
58.Acheron-The Final Conflict: Last Days of God
60.Kathaarsys-Anonymous Ballad
61.Impiety-Terroreign (Apocalyptic Armageddon Command)
62.Giant Squid-The Ichthyologist
64.Anubis Gate-The Detached
65.Myrkr-Black Illumination
66.Nevid'-Янтарное сердце Арктиды
67.Pombagira-Black Axis Abraxas
69.Razor Of Occam-Homage to Martyrs
71.maudlin of the Well-Part the Second
72.Kult ofenzivy-Radikální Ateismus - Tvůrcům Nadčlověka
73.Insanity Reigns Supreme-Occultus Insanus Damnatus
74.Doro-Fear No Evil
75.Bud Tribe-Roll the Bone
76.Asphyx-Death... The Brutal Way
78.Devin Townsend Project-Addicted
79.Ekron Cult-Queen of the Luxury
81.The Black League-Ghost Brothel
82.Isis-Wavering Radiant
83.Iron Man-I Have Returned
84.Cage-Science of Annihilation
85.Armaggedon-I.N.R.I. (I, Nazarene, Recognize My Impurity)
86.Obituary-Darkest Day
87.Napalm Death-Time Waits For No Slave
88.Minsk-With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone
89.Kreator-Hordes of Chaos
90.Gorgoroth-Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
91.Aosoth-Ashes of Angels
92.Dream Theater-Black Clouds & Silver Linings
93.Sufferage-Death Nation Anarchy
94.Stíny Plamenù-Mrtvá komora
95.Stille Volk-Nueit De Sabbat
96.Satan's Host-Power "Purity" Perfection...999
97.Leeches of Lore-Leeches Of Lore
98.Körgull The Exterminator-Dogs of War
99.Harbinger-Doom on You
100.Azarath-Praise the Beast

101.Arcana Coelestia-Le Mirage De Lideal
102.Count Raven-Mammons War
103.Katharsis-Fourth Reich
104.Lux Ferre-Atrae Materiae Monumentum
105.Miserere Luminis-Miserere Luminis
107.Shackles-Traitors' Gate
108.Skaldic Curse-World Suicide Machine
109.Sons of Otis-Exiled
110.The Gates of Slumber-Hymns Of Blood And Thunder
113.Devastator-The Summoning
114.Bulldozer-Unexpected Fate
115.Artillery-When Death Comes
117.Fatum Elisum-Fatum Elisum
119.Process Of Guilt-Erosion
120.White Buzz-Book Of Whyte
121.Fen-The Malediction Fields
122.Csejthe-La Mort du Prince Noir
123.Folkvang-Atmospheric Black
124.Ignivomous-Death Transmutation
125.Rudra-Brahmavidya: Transcendental I
126.The Ruins of Beverast-Foulest Semen Of A Sheltered Elite
127.Weapon-Drakonian Paradigm
128.Raventale-Mortal Aspirations
129.Lord of the Grave-Raunacht
130.Hyborian Steel-An Age Undreamt Of...
131.16-Bridges to Burn
132.Abgott-Godfather In Black
133.Black Cobra-Chronomega
134.Electric Magma-Mudshovel
135.Nile-Those Whom the Gods Detest
136.Saxon-Into the Labyrinth
137.Grave Digger-Ballads of a Hangman
138.Glorior Belli-Meet Us at the Southern Sign
140.Paradox-Riot Squad
141.Maim-From the Womb to the Tomb
142.Kalevala-The Cuckoo's Children
143.Huldrefolk-Morbide Elite
144.At War-Infidel
145.Anaal Nathrakh-In the Constellation of the Black Widow
146.Belphegor-Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn
148.Narnia-Course Of A Generation
149.Merrimack-Grey Rigorism
150.Horrific-Your Worst Nightmare
152.Seance-Awakening of the Gods
153.Pestilence-Resurrection Macabre
154.Novembers Doom-Into Night's Requiem Infernal
155.At Vance-Ride the Sky
156.Caducity-Destination: Caducity
157.Defiance-The Prophecy
158.Devourment-Unleash the Carnivore
159.Dying Rose-The Bleeding Flowers
160.Hellewacht-Euvele Daeden
161.Throneum-Deathcult Conspiracy
162.Stinking Lizaveta-Sacrifice and Bliss
163.Pelican-What We All Come to Need
165.Tardy Brothers-Bloodline
166.Behold! the Monolith-Behold! The Monolith
168.Hypocrisy-A Taste of Extreme Divinity
170.Thanatos-Justified Genocide
171.Zoroaster-Voice of Saturn
172.Nocturnal-Violent Revenge
173.God Dethroned-Passiondale
174.Dark Fury-The Price of Treason
175.Diocletian-Doom Cult
176.Big Boss-Doomy Ballads
177.Dark Forest-Dark Forest
178.Blood Red Throne-Souls Of Damnation
179.Brown Jenkins-Death Obsession
180.Ea-Ea II
181.Festered-Flesh Perversion
182.Kylesa-Static Tensions
183.M8L8TH-Nepokolebimaja Vera
184.Profetus-Coronation of the Black Sun
185.Skyclad-In The… All Together
186.Revolting-Dreadful Pleasures
187.Altar of Plagues-White Tomb
188.Suffocation-Blood Oath
190.Isole-Silent Ruins
191.Mournful Congregation-The June Frost
192.Abysmal Torment-Omnicide
193.Angertea-Twenty-Eight Ways to Bleed
196.Dead Christ Cult-Your Absurd Life
198.Funebrarum-The Sleep Of Morbid Dreams
199.Madder Mortem-Eight Ways
200.Roncsipar-Concrete Waste California

202.Stream of Passion-The Flame Within
203.Wino-Punctuated Equilibrium
204.Onirik-After Centuries of Silence
205.Killing Touch-One of a Kind
206.Faust-From Glory To Infinity
208.Animals as Leaders-Animals as Leaders
209.Longing for Dawn-Between Elation and Despair
212.The Howling Void-Megaliths of the Abyss
213.Crystal Viper-Metal Nation
214.Ensiferum-From Afar
215.Hellveto-Od południa na północ...
216.Trail of Tears-Bloodstained Endurance
218.Angeli Di Pietra-Storm Over Scaldis
219.Mourning Dawn-For The Fallen
220.Aetherius Obscuritas-Black Medicine / Fekete Orvosság
221.Code-Resplendent Grotesque
222.Doomraiser-Erasing the Remembrance
223.Impetuous Ritual-Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence
225.Solar Wisdom-The Temple of Honour
227.Skeletonwitch-Breathing the Fire
228.Loch Vostok-Reveal No Secrets
229.Dodsferd-Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow
230.After All-Cult Of Sin
231.Bastardator-Identify The Dead
232.Daedalus-The never ending illusion
233.Archgoat-The Light-Devouring Darkness
234.Dark Funeral-Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
235.Lost Soul-Immerse in Infinity
236.Necrophobic-Death to All
237.Otkroveniya Dozhdya-Otkroveniya Dozhdya
238.Warhammer-No Beast So Fierce...
239.Suicidal Angels-Sanctify the Darkness
240.Impious-Death Domination
242.Ablaze in Hatred-The Quietude Plains
243.Baroness-Blue Record
244.Municipal Waste-Massive Aggressive
245.Ravens Creed-Albion Thunder
246.Villains-Lifecode of Decadence
248.Sammath-Triumph in Hatred
249.Razormaze-The True Speed of Steel
250.Forest Stream-The Crown Of Winter
252.Cannibal Corpse-Evisceration Plague
253.Ad Hominem-Dictator - A Monument of Glory
254.Murder Intentions-A Prelude to Total Decay
255.Horned Almighty-Contaminating the Divine
256.On Horns Impaled-Total World Domination
257.Slugathor-Echoes From Beneath
258.Led Astray-In Ways Unforeseen
260.Amaryllis-Inquietum Est Cor
262.Fatalist-The Depths of Inhumanity
263.Melkor-Blackstar Eclipse
264.Savage Messiah-Insurrection Rising
265.Mumakil-Behold the Failure
266.Gravehill-Rites of the Pentagram
267.Sad-Enlightened By Darkness
268.Sabazius-Devotional Songs
270.Manic Movement-Dark Glitter
271.Goblin Cock-Come With Me If You Want to Live
273.Goatwhore-Carving Out the Eyes of God
274.Jungle Rot-What Horrors Await
275.Týr-By the Light of the Northern Star
276.Whiplash-Unborn Again
277.Avulsed-Nullo (The Pleasure of Self-mutilation)
278.Lividity-To Desecrate and Defile
279.Primal Fear-16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You're Dead)
280.Fluisterwoud-Laat Alle Hoop Varen
281.Devin Townsend-Ki
282.Brotherhood of Sleep-Brotherhood Of Sleep
283.Austere-To Lay Like Old Ashes
284.Pussyvibes-Pussy Gore Galore
285.Stabat Mater-Stabat Mater
287.Teitanblood-Seven Chalices
288.Warbringer-Waking Into Nightmares
289.Tenebrae in Perpetuum-L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio
290.Heretic-Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan
291.Old Man's Child-Slaves Of The World
292.Master's Hammer-Mantras
295.Dysrhythmia-Psychic Maps
296.Meliah Rage-Masquerade
297.Cryfemal-Increibles Tormentos

301.Red Fang-Red Fang
302.While Heaven Wept-Vast Oceans Lachrymose
304.Khanate-Clean Hands Go Foul
305.Bornholm-March for Glory and Revenge
306.Olde Crone-Olde Crone
307.Altar of Oblivion-Sinews Of Anguish
308.Deorc-Negative Cathexis to Life
309.Dusk-In Eternal Death
310.Finsterforst-...zum Tode hin
311.Nihlotep-Surrogate Panoptic Quantal Regality
312.Paganizer-Scandinavian warmachine
314.Wolok-Caput Mortuum
315.Sun of the Blind-Skullreader
316.Hinsides-Etemenanki's Followers
317.Cripta Oculta-Sangue do Novo Amanhecer
318.Gothmog-A Step in the Dark
320.Sacrificia Mortuorum-Damnatorium Ferrum
321.Mentally Defiled-The Thrash Brigade
322.Carrion Wraith-Carrion Wraith
323.Antiphrasis-Terror Management
324.Krada-Аз Есьм Огонь!
325.Pandora 101-Hourglass
327.Hazy Hamlet-Forging Metal
329.Edain-Through Thought and Time
330.Putrefy-One Nation Under Gore
331.Selbstmord-Dawn of a New Era
333.Ego Depths-Equilibrium Sickness
335.Om-God is Good
336.Slagmaur-Von Rov Shelter
337.Crucified Barbara-'Til Death Do Us Party
341.Graveland-Spears of Heaven
342.Proclamation-Execration of Cruel Bestiality
343.Ignitor-The Spider Queen
344.Blutvial-I Speak Of The Devil
346.Deiphago-Filipino Antichrist
347.The Liquescent Horror-A Funeral for Things Undying
348.Thunderstone-Dirt Metal
349.Atomic Roar-The Warfare Merchants
350.Powerwolf-Bible of the Beast
352.Brainstorm-Memorial Roots
353.The Spektrum-Daemonicus Awakening
355.Burning Starr-Defiance
356.Grief of War-Worship
357.Midnight Idöls-Sworn To The Night
358.Retro Grave-Again
359.Children-Hard Times Hanging at the End of the World
362.HateHordes-Plagues and death
363.Sacred 13-Tattered Memories
365.Savage Blade-We are the Hammer
366.Nasty Tendency-Wild And Nasty
367.Joe Stump-Virtuostic Vendetta
368.Ronny Munroe-The Fire Within
369.Machines Of Grace-Machines of Grace
370.Disaster Peace-Disaster Peace
371.Abysmalia-Quid Humanum Est
372.Our Survival Depends on Us-Painful stories told with a passion for life
373.Chainsaw-Metal Missionary
374.Demonium-Nothing is truth Everything is allowed
375.Malediction-Reductio Ad Absurdum
376.Nahemah-A New Constellation
377.Pagan Blood-The last Empire
378.Across Tundras-Herds of the Fathomless Valleys
379.Grave Forsaken-This Day Forth
380.Seventh Angel-The Dust of Years
381.Savaoth-Whispers Often Bleat
382.Orizen-The Path into Revelation
383.Bliss Of Flesh-Emaciated Deity
385.Vindictiv-Ground Zero
386.Nordisk Velde-...Wanderung ins letzte Licht
388.Darker Half-Duality
388.Manufacturer's Pride-Sound of God's Absence
390.Metatronik-Tortured Mind
391.Darker Half-Duality
392.The Womb-This Is the Doomlodge
394.Chemical Annihilation-Why Die?
395.De Magia Veterum-Migdal Bavel
396.Fferyllt-Dance of Druids
399.Mely-Portrait Of A Porcelain Doll
398.Slayer-World Painted Blood

402.Infernal-The deepest emptiness
403.Demon Dagger-Cain Complex
404.Screaming from the oblivion-The Statues' World
405.Roswell Six-Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon
406.Evile-Infected Nations
408.Hugin Munin-Viking Brothers
409.Secrets of the Moon-Privilegivm
411.Boyanov Gimn-Eho Drevnosti
412.Soulcage-Soul for Sale
414.Beast in the Field-Lechuguilla
415.Against Nature-Action at a Distance
416.Ghost Brigade-Isolation Songs
417.Sonata Arctica-The Days of Grays
418.(V.E.G.A.)-Far From You
420.1349-Revelations of the Black Flame
421.Allhelluja-Breath Your Soul
422.Havohej-Kembatinan Premaster



  • Sortiment

    I find it quite scary that you have stuff ranked below 400 that I really like :D

    15 fév. 2010, 20h36m
  • blackearth


    15 fév. 2010, 21h45m
  • beer_snob

    That would be impossible, for 2009 has about 4500 full length metal releases ;)

    18 fév. 2010, 20h53m
  • Omega_Switch22B

    This is quite extensive 0_0.

    22 fév. 2010, 5h28m
  • johngebreadman

    1349 still isn't low enough lol

    22 fév. 2010, 17h58m
  • Coffinwood_Mill

    Insane listing pal. While there are a plethora of releases you listed that aren't really my thing, there are quite a lot in your top 20 that I enjoyed very much.

    23 fév. 2010, 23h03m
  • beer_snob

    Looking forward to see your list then ;)

    23 fév. 2010, 23h06m
  • baueran

    So you buy on average 1 or 2 CDs a day every year, including sundays? I'm impressed.

    24 fév. 2010, 22h24m
  • beer_snob

    On average 1 cd per day sounds about right.

    24 fév. 2010, 22h33m
  • super_ruben09

    Very extensive list, I probably only know like 30 2009 releases.I was surprised that Ulcerate wasn't on this list though, Everything is Fire is one of my favorite 2009 releases.

    2 mars 2010, 20h41m
  • MATI9630

    So... are you telling me that not only you've managed to hear so many albums from 2009, but also rank them in order from your most to least favorite? All. fucking. 422. cds? :o

    3 mars 2010, 8h27m
  • viking64-88

    hello! very nice to see Russian artists on the charts for foreign listeners! =)

    19 avr. 2010, 11h07m
  • JayBier

    98. Körgull The Exterminator - Dogs of War That really should be first, so a great Album

    6 jui. 2010, 17h51m
  • beer_snob

    Haha I agree, it's a great album. You should look into going to !

    6 jui. 2010, 21h00m
  • JayBier

    Strong lineup, but I caint go to Uk for it, have no money :(

    8 jui. 2010, 5h58m
  • TheArtistBox

    good list my friend, a couple missing that i liked and i think you will certainly enjoy. One of them off the top of my head is Inbreeding Sick. They are rather like Devourment meets Human Repugnance and a hint of Ingested. Plus if you think this list is large you should see my profile when i am done with listing all the artists i know. :) But it is good to hear you BUY albums. Not many people do that now days. We are a dying breed.

    13 jui. 2010, 19h52m
  • beer_snob

    You most certainly can, MediaCult (not saying I listened to all albums properly - especially the ones that didn't really merit more than one listen). You can easily listen to 2000+ albums per year, so why not?

    12 août 2010, 21h13m
  • sarco_pl

    there is no ad hominem's dictator, why dude? ;> check my list, a lot of bands that you never heard. cheers

    14 jui. 2011, 15h19m
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