Give The Drummer Some: 25 Great Drumming Showcases


25 fév. 2008, 1h49m

The title for this list at the Jazz Desk references (various) sources, all tracing back to the James Brown exhortation on behalf of his long-time percussionist Clyde Stubblefield to: "let the drummer get some."

The title "Give the Drummer Some" and it's variants appear on Can, Norman Connors, and Maceo Parker albums. De La Soul's tune "Long Island Wildin'" begins with the question "Can the drummer have some? Cuz the drummer ain't had none in a long time" followed by insane freestyle rap in Japanese.


Air - Air Mail (1980) (Steve McCall)
Andrew Cyrille - What About? (1969)
Art Blakey - Moanin' (1958)
Billy Cobham - Spectrum (1973)
Charles Lloyd - Forest Flower Live in Monterey (1966) (Jack Dejohnette)
DKV Trio - Live in Wels & Chicago (1998) (Hamid Drake)
Charles Tolliver (Music, Inc.) - Live at Slugs Vol. 1 (1970)(Jimmy Hopps)
Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell - Mu, First Part (1969)
Elvin Jones - Live at the Lighthouse (1972)
Han Bennink & Derek Bailey - Post Improvisation 1: When We're Smilin' (1999)
Herbie Hancock - Sextant (1972)(Billy Hart)
Joseph Jarman & Don Moye- Black Paladins (1979)
Julius Hemphill - Coon Bid'ness (1975) Phillip Wilson
Leon Parker - Above & Below (1994)
Max Roach - Percussion Bitter Sweet (1961)
Milford Graves & Don Pullen - Nommo (1967)
Mongo Santamaria - Up From the Roots (1972)
Prima Materia - Bells (1996)(Rashied Ali)
Sunny Murray - Big Chief (1968)
Spontaneous Music Ensemble - Biosystem (1977)(John Stevens)
Steve Reid - Nova (1976)
Susie Ibarra Trio - Radiance (1999)
Tony Oxley/The B.I.M.P. Quartet - Floating Phantoms (2002)
Tony Williams - Emergency! (1969)
Weather Report - Weather Report (1972) (Alphonse Mouzon)

With apologies to everyone who didn't make the final cut.


  • rockosmodurnlif

    Nothin' from Miles, specifically Philly Joe Jones (but thats a personal preference) seriously though, no Buddy Rich or Gene Krupa? Nice to see Max and Elvin and Art though.

    25 fév. 2008, 4h00m
  • beelzbubba

    [quote][b]Quoth rex_ferric[/b]: * It's been over 25 years since I've listened to my college roommate's copy of Air Mail, and still now just reading that title made me stomach physically react like I'd caught a medicine ball (but not in a bad way) -- that's some *good* $#!+ in there [grin]...[/quote] I had a hard time picking my favorite Steve McCall outing. With Muhal Abrams, Marion Brown, or Air as the main choices, then I had to pick which Air to go with. I was fortunate to know Steve, and his patience in trying to teach me rudiments of percussion stays with me still. He never once stated the obvious (that I am basically too uncoordinated to drum worth a shit). I almost picked Marion Brown's Sweet Earth Flying b/c it is such an underrated, overlooked gem, but it is Brown and Abrams that make that album sing. I had to dedicate the Air album that itself is made up of dedications, Air Mail. Glad to hear that it still delivers a gut punch.

    26 fév. 2008, 0h38m
  • blues_hound

    Ok, so this is a modern jazz list, bu how can you say Jazz and Drumming in the same paragraph without mentioning Gene Krupka's amazing solo on Benny Goodman's Sing Sing Sing. And then there's Buddy Rich...

    9 mai 2008, 16h14m
  • beelzbubba

    Oh, blue, blue hound, the lists at Music Advice center are arbitrary, quick, and mostly just ways to spark conversation. If you'd'a been in the mix, you would have added Krupa to the list. I would have feigned a heart attack if you added Buddy Rich to the list, but I would have survived.

    10 mai 2008, 19h23m
  • sonderangerbot

    hey! really great list this here, we share a lot of favorites I can tell, and probably even some I have to check out. there is a double cd or so with the joseph holbrooke trio, supposedly with some legendary tony oxley playing that I've kept in my shopping cart for a long time now and this reminded me... anyway, I was especially pleased about seeing Sextant on there, totally underrated (at least you seldom hear about it) free form space funk drumming, amazing. there's not much else like it.

    22 mai 2008, 21h03m
  • trombipulation

    I saw Han Bennink live! I can die happy now. Also, Sextant is an album for the ages. Most of the albums on the above list are (Mu, Moanin', When We're Smiling especially), but Sextant does not nearly get as much credit as it deserves. My high school badn director once said that that was the album that made him start to lose faith in Herbie's music, and I took every thing else he ever said with about eighty kilograms of salt.

    6 juin 2008, 6h26m
  • beelzbubba

    Bennink is someone I've never been able to see. Every time he's been through my town, I've either found out too late or already was doing something else I couldn't get out of. I feel sorry for your h.s. band director. Sounds like he had a misplaced resistance to fusion. There were some egregious excesses in fusion, but Sextant is not one of them. A classic.

    6 juin 2008, 11h33m
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