Stoffe: Live Era!


25 oct. 2006, 22h09m

Bands that I've seen live once or twice...

Metallica in Gothenburg on IFK Göteborgs footballstadium Ullevi 2004! It was fucking amazing. Rating 5/5 because its Metallica you cant beat the boys.

Slipknot they was playing before Metallica on Ullevi the same night and I saw them live on Hultsfredsfestivalen, on the biggest stage Hawaii the summer of 2005. It was better on the festival. Real great show and I love 'em. 4/5 on Ullevi and 5/5 on Hultsfreds Hawaiistage.

Lostprophets they also played before Metallica on Ullevi. Rating them 3/5 on that concert.

System of a Down at Hawaiistage on Hultsfredfestivalen 2005. Really great. Rate 5/5

Turbonegro at Pampasstage (the second biggest stage) on Hulftsfredsfestivalen 2005. Rate 5/5

Marilyn Manson at Hawaiistage on Hultsfredsfestivalen 2005. Was disapointed with Marilyns performance. Fun to see him live after all years of listening. Rate 3/5

Snoop Dogg at Hawaiistage HF 2005. He was not really great but fun to see him as well. Rate 2/5 snoooooooooooooooooop

The Strokes Hawaiistage this summer on Hulsfred. It was the best show on this years festival. Rate: 5/5

In Flames Hawaiistage. Really really great, metal when it is best. 5/5

Kent three times. Varberg 2002 Rate: 5/5, Jönköping 2002 Rate: 5/5 and Hultsfred 2006 Rate: 2006 3/5 they have grown old and started to became grey and senil.

Thåström Varberg the summer of 2002. Great show of Joakim Thåström. Rate: 5/5

Backyard Babies two times. Varberg 2004 4/5 and Hultsfred 2006 5/5.

HIM Hultsfred 2006. Great great great. 5/5.

Deftones Hawaiistage Hultsfred 2006. amazing. 5/5

The Hives Hawaiistage Hultsfred 2005. 5/5

Rest of the bands I've seen in a list:
Millencolin Göteborg 2005
Flogging Molly Göteborg 2005
Looptroop Hultsfred 2005
Timbuktu Varberg 2003 and Hfred 2005
Haunted Hultsfred 2005
Håkan Hellström Varberg 2003 and Gislaved 2005
Mando Diao Hultsfred 2005
Bergman Rock Hultsfred 2005
Babyshambles Hultsfred 2006 sick and good
Lordi Hultsfred 2006 bad, ugly and awful shit.
Lars Winnerbäck Varberg 2003
The Ark Gislaved 2005 and HF 2005

Upcming concerts:
Red Hot Chili Peppers Globen Stockholm in December 2006.
Takida maybe see them next weekend in Parken Gislaved. Friday 3 November.

Bands I've missed or something when I had the chance to see them:
Nine Inch Nails missed them on Hultsfred 2005, damn I got mad on myself.
Slayer last summer also on Hultsfred.
Stone Sour this summer on Hultsfred.
Mew last summer on Hultsfred.
Ozzy Osbourne year 2004 he should play in Göteborg if he didnt had to break is neck. Sorry sorry mate. Had tickets to his show on Scandinavium. FUCK PISS3

maybe missed some band or something. edit it tomorrown. ciao


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