The Fall of KoЯn


23 fév. 2008, 2h53m

I hapeen to look up a couple missed B-Sides KoRn has released for See You on the Other Side. I really regret looking them up in the first place.

Worst KoЯn songs;
revised 12/15/08

1. Appears
2. Inside Out
3. It's Me Again
4. Justin
5. Getting Off
6. Politics
7. Throw Me Away
8. Once Upon a Time
10. Too Late I'm Dead

Didn't Make the Cut, but they are still horrible;
Children of the Korn
For No One
Play Me

Now the Best of all Time;

1. No Way
2. Need To
3. Faget
4. Kill You
5. Clown
6. Thoughtless
7. Chi
8. Got the Life
9. Blind
10. Shoots and Ladders

Honorably Mentioned;
My Gift to You
Somebody Someone
Did My Time
Here to Stay
No One's There
Do What They Say

Albums Ranked
revised 07/14/10
★★★★☆Korn III- remember who you are
★★★☆☆Life Is Peachy
★★★☆☆MTV Unplugged
★★☆☆☆Follow the Leader
★★☆☆☆Take a Look in the Mirror
★★☆☆☆Live & Rare
★★☆☆☆Greatest Hits, Vol. 1
★☆☆☆☆See You on the Other Side


  • 0k0k0

    no Hating?

    23 fév. 2008, 6h49m
  • damkac

    Hating is a good song imo :P But not everybody must like it.

    7 mars 2008, 12h30m
  • rocky0

    what the fuck?! Most of the SYOTOS b-sides are brilliant. Except maybe It's Me again is horrible.

    19 mars 2008, 23h00m
  • maplejet

    Dude, Politics is cool. Play Me owns due to Nas.

    15 avr. 2008, 5h33m
  • kornerpocket

    I'd say all of the songs that you mentioned as horrible are good. I admit that I'm not too fond of Politics or All in the Family, but they're not bad. I think that Cameltosis is one of the best hip hop/rock collaborations of all time. Hollow Life is their worst, in my opinion.

    16 avr. 2008, 23h23m
  • bawitback

    yeah, these are my opinion. love the input from users, keep them coming :]

    17 avr. 2008, 0h57m
  • maggit

    Hmm... I actually thought that the B-Sides were better than SYOTS. Not good but better. :P Untitled is a bit better than SYOTS but it's still not KoRn. My KoRn faves were: -Got the life -Clown -Good God -Did My Time -It's on! -Mr. Rogers

    22 mai 2008, 18h48m
  • PullTheStars

    i dunno man what about Let's Do This Now Here It Comes Again or A.D.I.D.A.S.

    2 juin 2008, 20h36m
  • jsimms52

    Word Up should be on the terrible list.

    27 juin 2008, 5h11m
  • Felip

    Life is Peachy!

    5 jui. 2008, 21h36m
  • paynexkiller

    Word up should definetly be on teh terrible list.

    9 jui. 2008, 22h00m
  • LanceOne

    I think that Cameltosis is one of the best songs. to each - their own..

    1 août 2008, 8h13m
  • Cure_Eclipse

    I agree with the b-sides. Those are trash. But JUSTIN?!!? Do you have any idea what that song is about?! That song is an amazing ode to us and Justin himself. Oh, and Throw Me Away is so much more badass live. I fell in love with that and Love Song after watching them perform it right in front of me.

    18 déc. 2008, 20h38m
  • MrProtek

    I like most of this songs you mark as "worst", for me this topic is great mistake, sorry xD

    11 jui. 2009, 14h11m
  • provlear

    Throw Me Away is the first Korn song to make it into my library. If it's the song that singlehandedly got them a new listener, seems it doesn't belong on a worst list.

    15 oct. 2009, 6h21m
  • breakingtherule


    29 mars 2010, 14h36m
  • Amosccc12

    Alone I break is a pretty bad one. But Falling Away From Me should be in the best.

    29 juin 2010, 19h53m
  • isaacnelson123

    falling away from me should be on best and see you on the other side is not worst korn album its way better then untitled and remember who you are

    19 jui. 2010, 4h48m
  • tothevultures

    Justin, Seed and Cameltosis? You're mentally retarded. Sorry to break it to you. *hug*

    17 août 2010, 15h26m
  • DrZombiekiller

    you say justin is a horrible song, really. it shows how big korn's heart is if you can make a song for a cancer patient even if they didnt know why he would want to hang out with them, it speaks volumes. The song Justin makes me love korn ten times more just because they took the time to grant someones last wish, plus this song is such a great song

    21 oct. 2011, 22h08m
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