a band that brendan ohare used to be in aberdeen allan mcgee american people amongst other activities dysart enjoys sea kayaking asbestos awesome awesome backing vocals bearded cheesy baws chem chemikal underground clever colin is a pussy coruntrukpleindhomonymes dark did ian slater from loveless and pablo do the sound ding-dong ellon emma anderson exhilarating falkirk forget norway formative frippet-pop fun gecko gigs i have left early because they were pish glasgow good holiday music good with his hands great pies harlaw hey hey pedro pedro pedro you aint got no culture i forget what it was i have one of their t-shirts i like to sing along i think this is educational i wore out my vinyl copy indie influential innovative jasmine terrace just abuse me kind of quiet with guitars making good noises and occasional shouty bits knutsford lets talk baseball and stuff lick your knees made me laugh out loud by myself on a plane and look like a weirdo melancholy melt my breaking heart no barriers for medicine not fucking shoegaze you idiots octagonal old 13th note only a couple of songs have a cello our boss over-rated own on 7 inch vinyl own on tape perfect tone poignant powerful propulsive purchased on heavy weight vinyl quality inter-song banter ranters rawk real reflective relentless strobe and wa-wa action richie and johhny are not real wolves richie and johnny are not real wolves robots fuckin in the middle of the jz video robots fuckin in the middle of the whitehouse rock like a mofo rowdy rubbish live ryan adams gives me a pain in the tits sausagey scottish seen live sheep shagging space-rock terror-funk the blueprint for hellspawn by general zod the musicial equivalent of being hit by a frying pan in a cartoon the sound of modern scotland there is a great remix of this track that came free with the vinyl issue toni halliday treats people like people tuneful vera cruise vest-rock was part of the seminal nappy tape weegie welsh what is a lazy tagger why do i hate these fkkkrs wish i had seen live