• Biffy Clyro - QMU - Wed 14th September 2005

    15 sept. 2005, 19h13m

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  • We Are Scientists - King Tuts - Wed 31st August 2005

    15 sept. 2005, 19h12m

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  • Weezer - Corn Exchange - Fri 26th August 2005

    11 sept. 2005, 19h34m

    Keep forgetting to update and I can't even remember the other gigs I've been to in between this and the last, at least I don't there were any. Anyway,

    Best gig ever.

    Every band member sang lead vocals and some point in the night. Played El Scorcho. Rivers' played Island in the Sun acousticly from the sound desk. Then crowd surfed back to the stage for the encore. Where they got a guy from the crowd to play with them.

    I'll try and edit this with more info and setlist asap.

    intro music: When You Wish Upon A Star

    Don't Let Go
    My Name Is Jonas
    Fall Together (Scott on vocals)
    Death And Destruction (instrumental)
    No One Else
    Perfect Situation
    Smile (Brian on vocals and keyboards)
    El Scorcho
    Say It Ain't So
    We Are All On Drugs
    Beverly Hills (Rivers on vocal "guitar" solo - Brilliant!)
    Buddy Holly (with uber-heavy intro - Best I've ever heard it!)
    Photograph (Patrick on vocals and guitar; Rivers on drums)

    Island In The Sun (Rivers solo acoustic at mixing desk)
    crowdsurf to stage in time for...
    Undone - The Sweater Song (with random bloke Matthew(?) on rhythm guitar)
    Hash Pipe
    Surf Wax America
  • Mogwai - ABC - Thur 18th August 2005

    20 août 2005, 18h59m

    Turned up, went in, snaked up the stairs. Place is amazing. Can't wait to see more bands there. Anyway, Errors were supporting and that's my third time seeing them. I like them but I just wanted Mogwai to be on.

    When the 'Gwai came on there was this cool blast of air from the most amazing air-con ever...felt like Pete was blowing on my neck all night. They started off quite well, but when Tracy came on I was extremly chuffed. A fav of mine and from what I understand quite rare. They also nipped off for a toilet break after Ratts of the Capitol which they stressed wasn't an encore. I ran to the toilets forgetting that I'd read that ABC has amazing back stage toilets... so while I was queuing in the tiny men's toilet (which had broken sinks) they came back on and played Hunted by a Freak. I managed to get back just as the song was never seemed that short...the queue must have been that long. However it was good background music for my piss.

    They finished of Mogwai Fear Satan but did come back on for a -somewhat I believe- unplanned encore and shook the place down with Like Herod... which was fantasic. There were lots of people with fingers in their ears during it which was amazing to see.

    glower of a cat
    killing all the flies
    we're no here
    helicon 1
    2 rights make 1 wrong
    ratts of the capitol
    hunted by a freak
    mogwai fear satan
    encore : like herod (not on setlist)
  • Oceansize - Barfly - Wed 17th August

    20 août 2005, 18h41m

    I preferred the Tuts gig last year I think. There was more from Music for Nurses played however, I didn't know all of Oceansize's stuff back then and even now I do it's not as if it payed off so to speak. They played alot of stuff from the new album plus... Breed Siamese which is one hell of an awesome b-side. Wasn't going to download the album but after hearing the new track Music for a Nurse I want to but I'll just need to wait. It's really good though. Lookin' forward to seeing them in Edinburgh...just hope the girls are still going....don't really want to be in the habit of going to gigs in the capital on my own. Oh and there were lots of Biffy Boarders there... more than possibly I've ever talked to at a Biffy gig... lots came up from down south as well which is crazy.

    Charm Offensive
    One out of nOne
    One Day All This Could Be Yours
    Homage to a Shame
    Heaven Alive
    No Tomorrow
    Breed Siamese
    You Can't Keep A Bad Man Down
    Music For a Nurse
  • Explosions In The Sky

    13 août 2005, 13h21m

    I've just been listening to some Explosions in the Sky in particular How Strange, Innocence mainly because I've not really listened to it alot, quite looking forward to it's re-release, only way I'll ever own it and I don't think I'll get it from eBay after the price it went for recently. Anyway, I am really really looking forward to seeing them at the ABC supporting Four Tet. After being in ABC2 -which is like a smaller venue within ABC- I can safely say it'll be amazing. It's quite a small place although I'm sure it'll be packed. Going to see Mogwai next week there too although it'll be in the larger part of ABC which I've also heard is amazing. Would have been there on the opening night if Mogwai hadn't cancelled.