"Cause it's Been Too Long" Scrobble Quiz


5 déc. 2006, 19h24m

Top Ten Bands:
3.Tori Amos
6.Sinead OConnor
7.Simon & Garfunkle
8.Pink Floyd
9.Eric Clapton
10.The Allman Brothers Band

How many times have you listened to number one?
973 scrobbles

Is this your favorite band?
I don’t know. Sometimes. But sometimes I want nothing to do with them. But they completely permeate my collection so I hear them everyday without fail.

What got you into number one?
I had never even heard of them (I know, I lived in a cave or something) and then I ran away from my boyfriend and some of my friends were on Phish tour and they picked me up and the first song I ever heard was Maze and I was hooked.

Why the hell have you listened to that so much?
I think I already explained that. But that’s not it entirely. I also have a lot of memories and emotional crap tied to a lot of their music so I also listen to feel certain things or to remember certain days or people.

Favorite songs of number one:
This would be a stupid long list if I really did it so I’m going to limit myself to 5. Prince Caspian, Birds of a Feather, Farmhouse, Waste, Wading in the Velvet Sea, Fee, Brian and Robert. Ok fine 7.

Something you think you’d thoroughly enjoy doing with the band?

Favorite memory of the artist?
The Great Went. Independent, free, happy, relaxed. Met my hubby there even if I didn’t remember him the next time I saw him.

How many times listened to number two?

What got you into them?
Frankly, I have no idea when I started listening to Moby but I have a huge collections so I hear it a lot

What makes you like them so much?
I like the way it makes me feel. It’s awesome when I am doing photo editing or animation. A carry over from my dance days is a love of listening to the same song or album hundreds of times until it is totally ingrained in my body and my head. Moby is like that for me. I can feel and anticipate the music and helps to keep me focused on the task at hand.

Favorite songs:
I actually don’t know a lot of the names of songs. I do like When it’s Cold I Like to Die and god moving over the face of the water. Oh, and We Are All Made of Stars.

Favorite memory of artist?
Making up a dance with my 6 year old son to We Are All Made of Stars.

How many times have you listened to number three?

Would you pay thirty dollars to see them in concert?
Hell yeah. I wish she was touring right now I’m going through withdrawal.

Whose your favorite member?

Any fave songs/memories?
Sweet the Sting, Precious Things, Little Earthquakes, Mother, Sugar, Cornflake Girl, Waitress, God, um…all of them I think. And my favorite memory is the last concert I went to see her. My husband surprised me with tickets. Great seats. Gosh, I love that man.

How many time listened to four?

Would you go fishing with them?
Well, two of them are dead and I don’t really like fishing. But I suppose I’d like to hang out with them so yeah.

Any particular emotions run through ya when ya listen?
Depends on the song.

What songs you like best?
It’s the Beatles! How the heck am I supposed to choose? I’m just not going to.

How many times have you listened to five?

What’s so intriguing about them?
The sexiest almost midget ever. Plus, he writes everything for everybody. And them there was the whole “formerly know as thing”. And he’s from Minneapolis.

Could you imagine them in a circus?
Isn’t he already a circus?

How many times for six?

How many 3’s in a <3333333 would you give them and why?
I have no idea what the heck this means. Could someone explain it to me, please?

How many times for 7?

I hear 7 is a magical number, is this band magical?
Hmmm…I suppose if you did a couple of shrooms and listened to them while you played in the sprinkler in your yellow daisy sundress they would seem magical. But I wouldn’t know anything about that.

What’s some of your favorite songs and what memories are attached to them?
I like the whole Bridge Over Troubled Water and well…

How many times for eight?

How long have you liked this artist?
Since I was born. I probably heard it first in utero.

What are some songs you like?
I’m not answering that. I have other stuff to do than list the entire Floyd catalog. But Final Cut is my favorite album of the moment.

Which member would you most enjoy a good square dance with?
What? What a silly question.

Random fact you know about the band?
They played Foxwoods in 1994.

Poor ten, how many times you listened to that?

Why have this as number ten, where is the loveeee?
Actually I’m surprised they are this far down the list as I know I hear something everyday by them

How long have you liked them?
I have no idea. I think I was born humming Jessica.

Likes/Dislikes of band?
Like: Ridiculously long drum solos. Dislike: Sometimes when I listen to too much all at once it all starts to sound the same.

What are the poor artists from 11-20?
Steely Dan
The Chemical Brothers
Frank Zappa
Thelonious Monk
Neil Young
Neil Diamond
Jethro Tull
Alice Cooper


  • LiquorBox

    First....You missed #9 altogether, but that's OK because without Bruce and Baker, Clapton ain't shit. And to all the zillions that disagree, you can all go to few great songs, rest is filler hell. Second....Roger Waters is such a logical, straightforward, pompous ass that he would make a great square dance partner. And third....Oh, the comments I could make. Haha.

    5 déc. 2006, 21h23m
  • bamgrrl

    And these comments would be...what? WHAT? I found your comments well timed as I am currently listening to you whine on about misery in my left ear. It was a copy and paste job from a different journal so maybe I dropped the #9 section out or they hated their #9 and didn't include it. But whatever I like Clapton solo Reptile and Pilgrim are great albums so...there.

    5 déc. 2006, 21h36m
  • LiquorBox

    I'm not whining in that song. I was deeply hurt and felt as I has been stabbed in the heart. Kinda like Layla.

    5 déc. 2006, 23h47m
  • bamgrrl

    I was just being mean...cause you know...I felt like it.

    6 déc. 2006, 1h02m
  • LiquorBox

    Mean or not, at the very least you could have left a little link for my misery song. I see Clapton is worthy, the ponce. (I really don't know what that means, I just know it's an English term). And why was I only whining in your left ear? Could've sworn that was in stereo.

    6 déc. 2006, 1h11m
  • bamgrrl

    Oh I only use my left earbud at work because I have to answer the phone and listen to market updates. And also I find myself singing when I put both earbuds in. Not pretty. And you were right about the link. I apologize.

    6 déc. 2006, 1h28m
  • bamgrrl

    Darn it I thought I could go back and edit a message. Guess I can't so I'll just stick the link in here... I Feel Green

    6 déc. 2006, 1h30m
  • bamgrrl

    And ponce is an english term for male homosexual so I'm not quite sure how either of you are worth of the moniker.

    6 déc. 2006, 1h32m
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