• The Blue's

    18 août 2011, 16h50m

    I have always had a great love of the blue's since Fleetwood Mac in the early 70's ... I was just not sure how to describe it ... plus ... being a skinhead in those days ... I never shared ... Ha! Ha!
  • Facebook?

    9 jui. 2011, 14h21m

    Anyone know how to connect Facebook to Last FM? ...
    One minute you can! ... the next you can't ... ?
    Or so Google says ... Ahh! ... who gives a shit!
  • The Blues

    12 mai 2011, 17h00m

    After watching a couple of episodes of "Treme" .... just felt like it ... cool!
  • Woe Is Me!

    11 avr. 2011, 17h12m

    Woe is me ... because I no longer have the income to provide me with the sustenance needed to face this existance! ... (no money for blow) ... woe is me , woe is me, and thrice woe is me! ... ok! ... enough of the I feel sorry for myself! ... time to return to the Music!
  • Another Afternoon!

    3 mars 2011, 16h41m

    So .. This wonderfull woman "I call Wife", lovingly fondled the "Golden Virginia" tin, gently teasing the lid from the delights held within, without hesitation she firmly grasped the papers provided (exclusivly by "Rizla+" for the entertainment of the masses) and proceeded to roll an exquiseat ... yet delightfull "smoke" ... ah! ... the pleasures of married life! ... (no innocent plants or "weeds" were damaged in the retelling of this tale!) .... psst! ... well! ... maybe a bit of weed! ... worth it though!
  • The End of the World!

    27 fév. 2011, 9h06m

    Hmm! ... Well not much I can do about that, so lets not cry over spilt milk! ... By the way! .. My Creative 5.1 sound system works fantastic (yea! ... Fab Man!) and my "Onkyo" reciever is the perfect solution for listening to "Yes" and "Floyd" in a manner best described as "pleasantly stoned! ... right on! .. far out and groovey babe!
  • "Look" - I got a journal!

    20 sept. 2010, 13h18m

    Have spent most of the day setting up my crappy on board sound card, as it is the only one I have with DTS and 5.1. Need it for the spdif output to my receiver.

    Now if only my Emu 1212m supported 5.1, I would be laughing!

    Thinking of getting the usb external Creative X-Fi Surround 5.1. It has a optical out that should do the job and sound one hell of a lot better!