• debut albums , a mixed bag of music

    30 déc. 2009, 17h55m

    If you read a book you don't start in the middle as with music try to start with a debut album .That said it is not always possible when it comes to finding more obscure artists it can get like a treasure hunt in some cases & is the most fun i had so far in my musical pleasure seeking . To my surprise have found that " To my taste & scope" a lot of debut albums will be best you will hear from the majority of known & obscure artists . And for me debut albums tend to have more to say lyrically, are more raw on the production side, and less repetitive in general . (this is not fact just my opinion) hope a few people get the bug i got and keep this tag alive and safe.

    The last fm link below is all of the albums i have played over 500 so far with lots more to come

    i have also a fascination with debut singles but there much tougher to track down and date

    please use these tags to fuel my musical fire and maybe fuel your own, my tags span from psychedelic rock to reggae from hip hop to soul and beyond . ENJOY :)


    Keep On Keepin' On