• Holiday Season Final

    3 jan. 2006, 8h02m

    Nothing like some eery death ambient to complete the Holiday Season season I say and Russian label Abgurd Subdivision obviously feels the same way considering their latest CDR release from Italians URNA. The disc is entitled "Missadquumdahle" and collates historical recordings which are "harsher, rawer" and which demonstrate a "unique primeval mood" (bring out your dead everybody!) Sonically that translates into some "bells, singing bowls, deviant shrieks & moanings, raped classical melodies & organ masses" and some example MP3s have been posted to confirm those claims. The disc includes material from the "Templum sub Terra" tape and a spit tape with LESCH-NYHAN SINDROME (both from around 1999). The first 50 punters will get an extra CDR with 4 unreleased tracks from the same era and you are looking 8€ (probably plus postage but ask to be sure). The disc is packaged in a mini DVD case and to get one one of the 250 available copies you will need to speak in tongues towards
  • w0rd

    28 déc. 2005, 9h25m
    The label offshoot of the drool worthy effects database is calling in the new year with a duo of brash nastiness starting with an 8 track disc from DCLXVI. The CDR is entitled "Year Of The Rabbit" and Tim (of Stimbox and lead site grunt for claims that it is "some of the best digital noise ever produced" (ok ok, put the gun down I believe you already). If that isn't enough to satiate your hunger for hearing damage there is also a new release from Thirdorgan entitled "Bionic Ambient Music". This one also works the bits and bytes angle too and gets summed up as "4 tracks of brutal digital harshness". Discs are $8US postage paid in the land of intelligent design (elsewhere you must pay a little extra for the ferryman) and for more info and such plug your pedal collection into
    posted by: moron on 2005-12-26 12:38:17
  • Now, this is horrid

    28 déc. 2005, 7h28m


    Now, I know that this music sounded so cool in the club that I had to go and buy the Silberfieber CD and you know what ... I really couldnt stand it just sitting at home trying to find out why I thought it was kickass. I'm guessing this is just one of those bands you really shouldnt listen to in your offtime when you're really paying attention to it xD