• biz daha iyisini yapana kadar en iyisi bu

    21 sept. 2008, 16h52m

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  • The Newcastle Verdict

    13 avr. 2008, 14h43m

    All: Terrible that. Shoot him! Very monotonous.
    Choristress 6: It only had about six notes to it.
    Choristress 7: That's only three notes.
    Choristress 8: Isn't that Dave Morrissey?
    Choristress 1: Should be Dead Morrissey!
    Chorister 1: I thought it was a pleasant voice.
    Reporter: Did you catch the verses? It's about things like looking for a job, getting a job and then losing it again.
    Choristress 9: Story of our lives then.
    Choristress 2: All the best songs have been done!
    Reporter: Does any one agree with that?
    All: No!
    Chorister 3: Bill Haley, he's still going.