• Need a Wedding Photographer?

    5 avr. 2008, 7h59m

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  • life is good, aside from the stress.. hah

    30 nov. 2007, 8h06m

    dude, school is stressin me out. so close to graduating college. then, i'll finally be a real adult?? haha

    plus, my wife and i are having a baby! yeah yeah yeah!
    9 weeks there, so thats uh.... a long time still, which is good. i need some more time to prepare.

    God is good, and the only word worth a capital letter.

    in other news, i've been listening to a lot of rock lately - although my instrumental beats still get their share...

    my charts are a changin'
    my life is a changin'

    what isn't though EH?

    PEACE in the midwest,
  • find your REAL top artists

    23 juin 2007, 0h32m

    Enter your username into this site, and it will tell you your actual top artists according to how long you spend listening to them, as opposed to how many songs you have listened to.

    very cool.

    Led Zeppelin went up 20 places in my top artists since their songs are so long!
  • Congressman Has Lunch With Mashup Artist

    20 juin 2007, 9h44m

    I thought this was pretty cool:

    A few months back we were all shocked to hear Congressional Representative Mike Doyle come out and praise s and s. Doyle wondered aloud during a hearing if these new creations were really all that different than Paul McCartney copying Chuck Berry's bass lines. He named Greg Gillis, a popular mixtape maker, as an example of a "local guy done good."

    Newsweek journalist Steven Levy thought it might be a good idea to get the two together, and sat in on a lunch between the Congressman and the mixtape artist and performer. Gillis explained that he pretty much worries all the time that the recording industry will shut him down and that if he wanted to pay all the relevant RIAA fees his albums would cost $100 each (even as the PR side of those same record labels ask him to promote their artists).

    Gillis notes that certain types of sampling would make more sense to be considered fair use, but Doyle admits that such a change in the law isn't likely to fly: "Some members don't even want to understand it. They just get a call from the [recording] industry saying, 'Bad'." Indeed. That's why other Congressional representatives joked after Doyle's original speech about Gillis, saying that they had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently, while Doyle is interested in actually understanding the issue, the same can't be said for many of his colleagues.
  • new albums i got to get!

    12 mai 2007, 9h40m

    i cannot wait to get my hands on these albums.
    some of them i've ordered, some i've almost bought, but i'm a little broke right now.

    in stores already:
    RJD2 - The Third Hand
    Amon Tobin - Foley Room
    Wax Tailor - Hope & Sorrow
    Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight (yeah, i'll give it a chance - haha)
    Blueprint - 1988 (Instrumental Version)(Weightless records)
    Printmatic - Vitamins & Minerals
    Weightless Recordings Presents - "More Music, Less Bullshit -Volume 1"
    Soul Position - Things Go Better With RJ and AL (Instrumental) - out there somewhere, or so i've heard!

    not out yet:
    KRS-One w/ Marley Marl - Hip Hop Lives (5/22/07, Koch Records)
    Blockhead - Uncle Tony's coloring book (mid August, NinjaTune)
  • Blockhead's Upcoming Album

    30 mars 2007, 18h46m

    Uncle Tony's Coloring Book should have been out by now, but it's not yet. Thats cool though because for this, we can wait a couple extra months...

    According to his myspace page it was going to be out by spring, but now it sounds like it won't be out for another few months... which by my calculations is summer time.

    Lets just pray that it doesn't turn into a Window's Vista release (oh, its coming in the new year, no wait, in the spring, no in the summer - oh wait, no - 3 years from now)

    If you're into Blockhead as much as I am, you are highly anticipating this release. Check out some of his tracks on his myspace .

    Put Down Your Dream is the only track up right now to demo his upcoming album. It's decent, but I think we can expect a lot more from him in the next few months. I'm definitely excited.

    My prediction is that he will stick to his patterns and retain the same sort of feel - his "old ASR-10" sampling .99 cent records... BUT I believe like with "Put Down Your Dream" he will mix in a few new genres to keep it fresh. Yeah, like disco. haha.

    I'm also guessing that within a few years, he will start getting bored with what he's doing, and with the support of loyal fans, will branch out into more experimental stuff.

    I mean, look at some other instrumentalists: RJD2, DJ Shadow, (okay, so I can only name 2) - they've all got people pissed off and wondering if they've gone soft, or completely left their "true" style.

    But, we'll see. Blockhead is really tied into the world with mad connections. NinjaTune and Def Jux are all his buddies, not to mention artists like Cage, Aesop Rock, Murs, Mike Ladd, El-P, Illogic, Omega One, DJ Signify, and everybody else!

    One other interesting fact: I asked him how he would categorize his music. You know, because off iTunes it says ... and some classify him as , or whatever. Anyways, the Block himself simply said:

    "i suppose inst. hip hop would suffice...unless there's someone rapping on it, in which case, plain old hip hop works."

    Oh shoot, you know who else is coming out with a new album? Wax Tailor! In three days! It's called Hope & Sorrow

    There you have it folks. Keep your eyes are ears peeled for one of the most anticipated album of spring summer 2007: Uncle Tony's Coloring Book.

  • Rage, Wu-Tang, & The Roots? I'll be there with bells on!

    28 mars 2007, 21h15m

    YEEAAAAH! I just bought 4 presale tickets to Rock the Bells. I cannot wait. The best live rock band (Rage), the best live hip-hop group(The Roots), some of the best djs(Blueprint, DJ Hi-Tek, etc), plus the best of the underground... Who could pass this up?

    the line up
    Rage Against the Machine
    The Roots
    Wu-Tang Clan
    Cypress Hill
    Pharoahe Monch
    Jedi Mind Trick
    Mr. Lif
    Living Legends
    The Grouch & Eligh
    Brother Ali
    Immortal Technique
    Sage Francis
    The Coup
    Hangar 18
    Lucky I Am
    Public Enemy
    DJ Hi-Tek
    Mike Relm
    Icy Ice
    Rocky Rock
    Mark Luv

    the price:
    considering I paid $20 to see Blueprint last year, and 50 bucks to see Rage Against the Machine i think $75 is a good deal. Cheaper then coachella - with a better line up too.

    the venue:
    Somewhere outdoors in San Bernandino. But I mean, who really cares? The headliners won't play til its sunset at earliest, so it will have cooled off by then. We'll all have sunburn and tired legs - but with out 5 dollar bottle of water, i think we'll do just fine.

    rock the bells?
    I think the name comes from a KRS-One song called "Bling Blung" You should check this song out if you are a fan. As the lyrics to the chorus go: "First you see the bling then feel the blung. This is the way that the world is run. Can't you tell - bling blung - ROCK THE BELLS!"

    my conspiracy theory:
    My guess is that when all these tickets sell out, Rage will be playing a lot more then 4 shows. First they sold out Coachella by saying it was going to be their only show, now "in response to the response," they will be playing only a few more. Does anyone else smell bull? Audioslave is over, and Zach De La Rocha's solo career didn't go anywhere, so I wonder whats going to happen? Reunion Tour! Then hopefully at least one more album!

    my other theory:
    Since you can never bring anything into these huge events, we're all going to spend at least 30 bucks each on food and water, so get over that part and just plan on it.

    This isn't until August 11th, but until then I will be jumping around like a joyous 5th grader holding a slushy on a hot day.
  • what the ___ is wrong with right now?

    21 mars 2007, 20h54m

    all my tracks are being scrobbled all whacked out. haha..
    its goes something like this:

    Mars Ill – Let Me just listened

    Mars ILL – Inside Out 52 minutes ago

    Mars ILL – Afterlife 43 minutes ago

    DJ Vadim – Positive Suggestion 17 minutes ago

    notice how under the song I just listened to is a song I listened to 4 minutes ago, but its listed as 52 minutes ago. then, a song I listed to 17 minutes ago is correctly listed...

    plus I keep getting the "Some tracks you submitted have not been added to your profile..." spam protection notice every time I add a track.

    anyone else getting the same thing?
  • humble beginings (aka bragging rights )

    20 mars 2007, 5h52m

    hey, so i started this group a while back...
    called "djs make the music"

    now anyone who has done this knows how hard it is to get a good group going. but with the help of its members, we have successfuly made it some top dj's pages!

    these are the ones i've found so far, and i was super stoked and thought i'd brag share:

    Boom Bip
    Prefuse 73
    DJ Krush
    DJ Vadim
    DJ Signify
    Pelican City

    these are some of my favorites, so you can imagine how stoked i am right now! thanks to everyone who has made this possible. keep up the good work - and get in some more reviews!

  • is finally connected to my ipod

    14 nov. 2006, 3h32m

    yes! now i don't have to listen to everything out of my computer speakers. i got isproggler working finally - man, what a punk that program is! it is super picky, but i think i got it down.

    i just listen to my ipod on the home hi-fi, or in the car, or in my pocket on the bus. then i connect it up, hit 'update ipod' and my music is scrobbled! that easy.

    this message has been brought to you by the makers of, the isproggler foundation and the ad council.