• mea culpa and other so-whats

    29 sept. 2009, 20h20m

    Briefly stepping out of mythopoetic "dear diary" mode to confess:

    --Yes, so far, I've mostly been using to revisit and reconstellate music l've already heard, like, decades ago. In short this has been more a nostalgic rumination than exploring something new (to me).

    --Yes, my own website will not lead you to a wonderland of music by the people I listen to on It is instead the blogface of my own 27 year stretch of tunes/noise and some field recordings. The tunes are stylistically too all over the place to even claim the artists I listen to as influences. The influences are there, but not so much as to likely satisfy fans of the influencing artists. Only go because you're curious.

    --Who knows how I'll be here before I get bored and agitated and move on. Worse still, I may malinger yet.

    Don't mind the tone, just adjust the treble and bass. Return to mythopoetic mode already in progress . . .

  • lifeboat of heavenly creatures

    28 sept. 2009, 2h47m

    Still offshore of Greenland--maybe I'll run into Björk. But not yet.

    All the same, have met up with a longboat occupied with two young women resembling Melanie Lynskey and Kate Winslet. Indeed, they seem obsessed with Mario Lanza and each other. There was some mention of a murky past in Christchurch NZ, but I wasn't one to pry. And that reticence alone allowed me onboard (and off the still forming iceberg).

    A gentleman and general respecter of a person's right to privacy, I do the best I can sharing a small open craft on the high seas. Perhaps in appreciation, intended for me and any others interested, they produced a scroll of pressed seaweed upon which there were many tunes listed.

    "Yeah, I know these . . .", I said. And made them into the playlist, I dig chicks. It's rough, but like the iceberg overall, taking shape.

    Meanwhile, last night I dreamt my wife & I saw Marianne Faithfull at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford. Attendance was a bit thin but the audience was so excited. Ms. Faithfull and her musical company were great. So great that it had to be a dream, right?

    Dream or not, there were two encores.

    With no compass but the sun, moon and stars, we hope for landfall soon.
  • the iceberg has landed

    24 sept. 2009, 4h22m

    Dear Diary,

    Still drifting thru the North Atlantic of the remote past. But the iceberg is gaining some heft below the waterline.

    Thanks to some aforementioned K.C., a bit of California rock and 70s soul, a lot of Steely Dan (more about that, someday), even some Slowhand (The Core).

    Do you hear me, Doctor Wu? Do you hear me, Dr. Wu?

    I'm King Of The World!

    Rearranging deck chairs,
  • dear diary . . .

    23 sept. 2009, 7h26m

    I've slept little. Listened less. Clicked many buttons.

    Seems easier than figuring out why my record player has that awful hum. Easier than digging out a record and playing it.

    And easier than brushing, flossing, getting ready for bed.

    Meanwhile, anyone blundering by will see only the tip of the iceberg that awaits. Aside from more American punk/new wave, I hope to dig up some K.C. and the Sunshine Band. Death to hip music. Death to good taste.

    Wonder if there's a Muzak version of John Cage's 4'33"--y'know, with strings?

    Sleep tight, lil' diary.

    Till everyone's humming "Tea for Two",