Number Seven Album of 2008


26 déc. 2008, 22h03m

My top albums of 2008

Number Seven : J. Tillman - Vacilando Territory Blues (digital release)

It might be cheating, including a digital prerelease of an album that isn’t to be released until next year (to be fair, in less than a month).

But I would be remiss to not make mention of Vacilando Territory Blues because I was so taken by this one. It was only released a couple of months ago but J. Tillman’s voice hits me hard. Simply put.

I can’t really describe his voice other than that there is a longing to it. It’s slightly breathy. The way he sings “You can’t lie worth shit” in Barter Blues (which sort of ends in a really great swarm of shoe-gazy country) seems so unscathing. I would like to be the holder of one of J. Tillman’s great secrets if only to hear him whisper into my ear just once. I would believe anything he sang to me, in fact I’d prefer if any bad news I ever heard from here on out was sung to me by J. Tillman. That’s how much I like his voice.

This album is just very very good, a bit of blues and a bit of folk with a slight country tinge. “James Blues” was a stand out song for me. I also really enjoy “Steel On Steel” as it’s got a real feel-goody happiness to it. Album closer “Vacilando Territory” features a lot of that fingers moving up the strings sound I love so much.

All in all a super solid album I can’t wait to get in physical form.
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