My Top Ten Albums Ever, or Dammit! It's 3:13 am


4 avr. 2008, 8h53m

Warcrackgirl is very into Top Ten lists; she asked me what my Top Ten albums were, off the top of my head. I am really bad at these picking-the-best-of-something tasks. There's too much to choose from and too many genres. But it is 3:13 am, and I'm wide awake from shampooing the carpeting until the wee hours, so I guess I could start this Top Ten thing, until my head starts throbbing and I wear myself out.

Alright, there is no order to this list. I'd like to put this Spoon track on the list, but this is an of-all-time list, and only 10 slots.

This is stressful.

I wonder if the neighbors can hear my music?

1. The Cure - either Boys Don't Cry or Standing On The Beach: The Singles, the CASSETTE version, ONLY.

2. The Dears - No Cities Left

3. Balkan Beat Box - Balkan Beat Box

maybe I should make this a Top 15 List... hmmm

This Twitter application is running on my computer, I completely forgot about it till a whole bunch of twitters flooded my screen. The last twitter is from a Saul Gordillo, which makes me think Saul Gordita, mmm I want a gordita! Right now! Why can't we have a Taco Bell around here? Don't they know I would come by and buy gorditas? THANKS Saul Gordillo or Gordita, or who ever you are, for having a last name that makes people hungry at 3:44 am, you are sure swell. I'd better quit this twitterrific before some one else pops up with a name that looks like cheesecake, or gyros, I'll never fall asleep thing about cheesecake and gyros and gorditas.

4. Arcade Fire - Funeral

Well I will have to pick up on this later, the next night I can't sleep. Till album 5

Golden Hours
Back to the Life
Punjabi Wedding Song (remix)All Fired Up
Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind)


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