Opus Hermeticum 2011


14 jan. 2012, 20h52m

No major musical breakthroughs to report; just lots of good music. At various points it seemed as if we were entering a new golden age of goth. Not sure if this is true but just thinking about this made me very happy. Here are the 100 tracks I liked best. I start first with some albums though.

I listened to the following albums a lot. I had musical infatuations with the first two - there were periods when I couldn’t bring myself to anything other than The Weeknd [April] and Austra [June].

1. House of Balloons - The Weeknd
2. Feel It Break - Austra
3. As the crow flies - The Advisory Circle
4. Cabaret Cixous - Maria Minerva
5. Det Vackra Livet - Det Vackra Livet [lovely Swedish shoe-gaze]
6. Genre-Specific Xperience - Fatima Al-qadiri
7. Music Sounds Better With You - Acid House Kings
8. Severant - Kuedo [memories of Blade Runner]
9. We Must Become The Pitiless Censors Of Ourselves - John Maus
10. 1977 - Terius Nash [aka The-Dream]
11. Endless House - Endless House Foundation
12. Science of the Sea - Jürgen Müller
These last two albums are conceptual hoaxes; The Müller album is very good to go to sleep to.

The Tracks, grouped together somewhat arbitrarily

Golden Ages of Gotik
1. Lose it - Austra
2. The Villain - Austra
3. Italy - Xeno & Oaklander
4. Psychic Driving - Soft Metals
5. Endless - Passions
6. Eclipse - Kirlian Camera
7. Back to Taiwan - Atelier Du Mal
8. Epitaph - A Haunted Sawmill
9. Brothers (Razormaid Mix) - D.A.F.
10. Doubt to Death - Sixth Comm [thanks Oscar]
I’m using the term gotik loosely here.

Are you from the west coast (of Sweden)?
1. No one can touch us tonight - jj
2. The truest faith - Korallreven
3. Come rain, come sunshine - Pallers
4. Skammen - Det Vackra Livet
5. Kristallen - Det Vackra Livet [new discovery; brilliant stuff]
6. Waterfall - Acid House Kings
7. Under the bridges - Niki & the Dove
8. Pinpointing the problem - Henrik José [found 7&8 on Rex The Dog’s scandinavian mixtape.]
9. Ambitions (Tora Vinter Northern Light Version) - Donkeyboy
10. Swedenshire (Tora Vinter Mix) - Pinku Vääty
Ok, Donkeyboy are Norwegian and Pinku Vääty is Finnish; what allows them to be here is Tora Vinterwho is Swedish and who is able to add outer space to anything she touches. The Donkeyboy remix is sadly only a soundcloud rip; due to copyright asininity, it is only available on iTunes Sweden.

Avant Folks
1. Out of tune -Real Estate
2. Reservoir #3 - Real Estate
3. Train Song - Vashti Bunyan [thanks to a recent Samsung tv ad.]
4. Traveler’s Advisory - Matthew Young [thank you Roland]
5. Emergency Exit - Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs
6. Everydayness - Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs

The peculiar genius of:

Daniel Martin-McCormick
1. One hit - Ital
2. Dub Me For Tonight (Saviour’s Love Megamix) - Ital [another track that samples You got the love.]
3. Rhythm of the night - Sex Worker [partial inspiration for the Bhatt & Oliveira curated Best of 90s Eurodance compilation!]
4. Sunrise - Mi Ami

Gerd Janson
I saw Mr. Janson conduct the RBMA lecture by I-F. He seemed like an awfully sympathetic person and it turns out he also runs a label (Running Back Records) that put out my favorite ep of the year, Todd Terje’s Ragysh, probably the closest that an ep will ever come to my first name. He also put out a series of tasty remixes under the Tuff City Kids name.
1. Ragysh - Todd Terje
2. Snooze 4 Love - Todd Terje
3. Seduction (Tuff City Kids Remix) - Vincenzo & Talking Props
4. To an end (Tuff City Kids Remix) - Erdbeerschnitzel

The shadow of Drake?
1. The Morning - The Weeknd
2. Wicked Games - The Weeknd
3. Loft Music - The Weeknd
4. Long Gone - Terius Nash
5. Wedding Crash - Terius Nash
6. Novacane - Frank Ocean

Pop Music
1. What’s my name (White Ring Baby Dolphins Uplifting Trance Mix) - Rihanna [the Rihanna component here is rather tenuous, but it *is* uplifting.]
2. Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx [opens Drive, what an amazing film]
3. Beautiful People - Chris Brown
4. Book Four - Pictureplane [maximalist pop, samples Forbidden Colors a.o.]
5. Set fire to the rain (Plastic Plates Remix) - Adele
6. Eh, Eh (Nothing else I can say) - d’Eon
7. Loca (feat. El Cata) - Shakira
8. Hot Mess (Jokers of the Scene Dub) - Chromeo

Strange Pop from now and then
1. We can break through - John Maus
2. Head for the country -John Maus
3. Ruff Trade - Maria Minerva
4. Turn the heater on - New Order
5. New Gold Dream (German 12” Remix) - Simple Minds
6. Themes for Great Cities (Naum Gabo Reversion) - Naum Gabo
7. A Falling Star - John Foxx And The Maths
8. Evergreen - John Foxx And The Maths
9. 1981 Yamaha CS70M - Benge
10. Everyday Hazards - The Advisory Circle
11. Modern Through Movement - The Advisory Circle

Electronics with Words
1. Endless Days - Scenic
2. Romantic Streams (Balam Acab Remix) - Sleep ∞ Over
3. Dead Hearts (LightsoverLA Remix) - Stars
4. Odessa (Nite Jewel Remix) - Caribou [saw him live in Berlin with Ilaria.]
5. Love’s not enough - Small Black [the female voice is of Nicki Minaj]
6. Moments of Excellence feat. Holy Ghost! (Holy Ghost Remix) - Black Van
7. Wait & See (Kris Menace’s Vocal Re-interpretation) - Holy Ghost!

When It’s Dark
1. Alien Observer - Grouper
2. What have I become (Guerre’s African Tribe Remix) - Oliver Tank
3. Thunder - Motion Sickness of Time
4. Calling All Workers - Roll the Dice
5. Baltic Expo - Felix Uran
6. Minor Romance - Pedro Magina
7. Static Cults - Foxes in Fiction

Pastoral Music
The concept of pastoral is ultimately fictional and so it makes sense that the Endless House folks and Jürgen Müller are fictional too.
1. Ostend (Invisible Cities) - Johannes Arpensium
2. Dive - Tycho
3. Made from Muddy Water - Gonno
4. Azzura - Gui Boratto
5. Cometrue (D’eon Remix) - CFCF
6. La Chasse Aux Microbes - Michael Bundt
7. Masprojekt 3 - Felix Uran
8. Vast Worlds Beneath - Jürgen Müller

Instrumental Hip Hop Meets Electro
1. Motivation - Lil B [Do I like Lil B, or do I like Clams Casino? I don’t know.]
2. Real shit from a real nigga - Clams Casino
3. Dreama - Kingdom
4. U Uno - Protect-U
5. Hope - Munchi
6. Whisper Fate - Kuedo
7. Scissors - Kuedo
8. I want more than just blood (High Heels Remix) - Xander Harris

Techno and the loop
1. Silberpfeil - Kölsch
2. Bayern Kurve - Steve Moore
3. Tenth Plateau - Petar Dundov
4. Clifford 2 - Nathan Fake
5. Mark Ernestus Meets BBC - Mark Ernestus
6. Brilliant Flood (Kassen Mosse & Mix Mup Remix) - John Beltran
7. Du Musst Nichts Sagen - Wolfgang Voigt
I was feeling a bit lost with techno but the recent outputs on the Speicher series are great, Mr. Dundov is always reliable, and Mr. Voigt continued to be challenging.

Classics, old and new
1. Don’t take it (Thomos Edit) - Armando [the best public service message ever!]
2. Follow me ghetto (Acid) - Parris Mitchell
3. Different Morals - Luca C & Brigante Feat. Ali Love

How to achieve Hermetic Gnosis
1. Opus Hermeticum (The Work of Hermes) - Bill Nelson

Major Musical Sources:
Friends (Filipe, Sean, Erik, Brian, Marko, Oscar), systems of romance, 20 jazz funk greats, the magician mix tapes, thisismyjam.com

Country of Origin:
US (31), UK (23), CA/DE/SE (10), NO (3), AU/FR/IT (2), BB/BR/CO/EE/HR/JP/PT (1)


  • zakryto

    I recognize very few of these :)

    15 jan. 2012, 23h32m
  • kmullin

    i havent finished going through all the tracks yet, but so far I really like Matthew Young, jj, and Korallreven. (And, I already found The Weeknd via you earlier in the year.)

    1 fév. 2012, 22h24m
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