Christmas Soon! :)


13 nov. 2007, 16h37m

I admire CHristmas time!
I realized about it at the end of previous christmas.

Why I like it?
Hmm...maybe it will sounds a little bit bombastic or something, but I like it atmosphere.
Oh, damn it that it is commercial
(or not...maybe just people like to argue about nothing, or they want to be alternative...which makes them ordinary)
but this is really consoling when I see all those frippery on a streets, colourful sign-boards, blinking trees and bushes, blinking windows.
And those christmas promotions in shops, all those faked Santa Clauses walking around the city, or in shopping centres.
Or...when people look like blockhead in...anoraks (? dictionary told me that :P) and theirs kids running all around. Heey..this is really consoling (x2).
Of course I can't omit...the snooow!

Beside the 'look of Xmas', it's really pleasant when I wake up at the morning and receive messages from my mates. Of course - that are xmas wishes. And not only messages :)

And without xmas songs everything is nothing! :)
I'm listening to them from now - from november.

John Lennon - So this is Christmas
The Eagles - Please Come Home For Christmas
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You
Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone
Wham - Last Christmas
Thats everything I have.
Do you know other nice christmas songs?

btw, do you know what I like to do most in xmas time?
Watching 'Love Actually' :)
And i'm afraid that this christmas...won't be like christmas.


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