5 Artists that blew me away just now...


7 sept. 2009, 3h09m

By just now, I really mean artists that none of my friends know about, and I need to talk about them. As promised, though, ya get some of everything.

1) Al Green
I may have mentioned it before, but I love this man. I love his story, his druggie past, his conversion to being a minister. I love it all.
For those who don't know, he was a well known R'n B singer back in the 70's. But Al Green's Greatest hits takes the cake for what I love most. I can listen to the whole album without skipping a track. I know ever ooh, ahh, and 'moan for love'. Because you can tell that all of it was recorded live and you can here Al Green really taking it away with that voice of his. Right now I am in the process of perfecting my Al Green falsetto.

2) Within Temptation And The Metropole Orchestra
My friend Sarah introduced me to this band with the song, Hands of Sorrow. You would never guess I would like them, but here I am... I loved their sound, and when I learned that their was actually a genre called symphonic metal, I was amazed. Symphonic. Metal. Yes, I liked it, and I think you might too.

3) Sergei Rachmaninoff
An acquired taste, I guess. Even though you might hear some familiar tunes in the music.

4) Michael Giacchino
This guy produces film scores for movies like the Incredibles, Mission Impossible 3 and, my favorite, Up. I think he's incredible at what he does and btw, up is the best movie ever.
5) Lauryn Hill
Even though this female rapper has been in my ears since I was a little girl, she still continues to amaze me with her voice and her music. Now if only she wasn't so crazy...

There you have it, artists that are blowing me away at the moment. Take it as you will.
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