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14 juin 2006, 13h51m

A review of Download festival:

Insanely hot. It's hilarious how British people burn as soon as the sun comes out. There were some interesting burn patterns out there too, ones that seemed to make no sense whatsoever. It was too hot to be in the tent by half past eight each morning, which at least meant drinking began nice and early, though I think we drank at least twice as much water as we did beer. We (me and Dinos [konstantinos], just the two of us) had a great camping spot even though we got there ages after everybody else.

Friday: Tool/Soulfly/Soil/Strapping Young Lad/Wicked Wisdom/A bit of Atreyu

In brief, Wicked Wisdom were shocking, as were Strapping Young Lad (though everybody else seemed to think them amazing). Soil were good fun, Soulfly were AWESOME and I was insanely happy when they played Roots Bloody Roots .. was one of those songs I never thought I'd hear live. Tool were fun and all, though they really are just a shoegazer's band in disguise (I'm sure of it) .. only brief words to the audience, chiding those without shoes bizarrely. The set was only an hour long.

Saturday was Metallica/Korn/Trivium/Avenged Sevenfold/football/Arch Enemy/Down

Down weren't even listed on the bill so I was immensely pleased I managed to hear them playing from half a kilometre away .. we got to the main stage megaquick and caught the last two thirds of their set. Phil Anselmo was unbelievable wankered for half eleven in the morning. Avenged Sevenfold were cool and all, they gave a great cover of Walk, singer carried it off really well. Trivium were a bit wankish really, good at what they do I suppose. I can't believe quite how pompous the singer looks, ALL THE TIME. Jonathon Davis was off being in hospital so Korn played a forty minute set with guest vocalists .. not quite the same. Corey Taylor gave a great couple of songs and the singers from Avenged Sevenfold and Skindred were good too. The others were shit. And finally Metallica to close the day .. simply immense. They seemed to play forever, giving the entire Master of Puppets album a run through and playing NOTHING from St. Anger woop! They closed with a cover of Die, Die My Darling and then Seek and Destroy. Everyone was happy.

And Sunday == Prodigy/Funeral for a Friend & football/Moneen/Cradle of Filth/Lacuna Coil/In Flames/36 Crazyfists/DragonForce

36 Crazyfists were pretty damn good, In Flames were awesome, I think they had the biggest circle pit I've ever seen. Lacuna Coil's singer, Christina whatever, is rather hot. Cradle of Filth were truly shocking. I can't understand for the life of me why they were ever deemed worth listening to. Should've gone to see Hundred Reasons instead. FFAF were just as they always are .. not bad, nothing amazing either. Prodigy were absolutely AWESOME. The tent was totally packed out with a crowd at least ten deep outside either sides too .. many many thousands of people. Played everything you might expect them to. Was a great way to end the festival. .. We gave no attention to Guns N' Roses because a) Axl Rose is a tit, pissed at the success of Velvet Revolver, and b) They're shit. They could never have matched the awesomeness of Prodigy anyway.

And that was that. Special thanks go to my chair, sun cream, Saturday, cans of Carlsberg and the jar of peanut butter I took. Oh and the Go Ahead bar things too, they're amazing for energy.




    14 juin 2006, 14h02m
  • aradnuk

    I specifically made it that length so that you didn't want to read it.

    14 juin 2006, 14h04m

    damn you!!!!!

    14 juin 2006, 14h05m
  • bugdone

    Ok, first I thought Cradle is junk first. It appears that it's not. They deliver a black/gothic speed metal that is really nice. Of course, not every song is good(in fact most are crap :D), but give a try to: Her Ghost in the Fog Bathory Area From the Cradle to Enslave Suicide and other comforts No time to cry

    14 juin 2006, 14h12m
  • aradnuk

    Awesome ta I'll take a look.

    14 juin 2006, 14h20m


    14 juin 2006, 14h22m
  • prashanthan

    Why on earth were Wicked Wisdom there? I don't understand why they end up playing at Ozzfest and such, especially since nobody has heard them, and nobody likes them either. No surprise that they sucked. How can you say that Strapping Young Lad are bad? Devin Townsend is far too un-odious for anybody to hate Strapping Young Lad. I'd like to hear the next Metallica album, it sounds as though they're trying to reform to their older thrash sound, especially since they've been playing MoP for all their dates in Europe so far.

    14 juin 2006, 14h23m


    14 juin 2006, 14h24m
  • aradnuk

    Devin Townsend was strangely endearing, I'll give you that prash .. was hard to get into with no familiarity in the music though

    14 juin 2006, 14h31m
  • prashanthan

    I don't actually like Strapping Young Lad too much. The excessive use of synths drives me away, and most of the time, if the first 3 seconds of a song irritate me, I won't listen to the song at all...and that's the case with most Strapping Young Lad songs. But when I do stop to's good stuff. If I were there, I would have loved to see Metallica, Korn, Trivium, Arch Enemy, In Flames and Dragonforce. Metallica sound like they would have been good, but I'm not so sure of the others; Korn, in my opinion, were better when they were singing about depressed children and being angsty before See You on the Other Side. Trivium and Dragonforce aren't too special, but I like them. I'm not sure that Arch Enemy would've played the older stuff, being fronted by Angela Gossow and all, and as for In Flames? There wouldn't have been a chance in hell of them playing 'Subterranean'. I suppose that I didn't miss out on a great deal, but meh...would've been good if not for bloody GCSEs. Roll over Wacken, and I shan't be there either...

    14 juin 2006, 14h47m
  • orenigma

    I'd have wanted to see Dragon Force for sure. I just have to see those solos played live. Wicked Wisdom... shit... enough said. She's a moron for thinking she can start a metal band. I mean nothing against the female gender in saying this, as there are women that do metal proud: chick from Arch Enemy, chick from Lacuna, etc. etc. but I think Wicked Wisdom is trying to bank on two things: Firstly, the fact that their lead is a woman. Secondly, that their lead is ... well ... a minority. Both things uncommon in metal. I have no problem with her being a minority and being a woman. I do have a problem with her using it as marketting.

    14 juin 2006, 19h36m
  • Auron55

    guns N roses is cool

    15 juin 2006, 14h10m
  • evilai

    oh shit, download was insane. they only remotely metal bit of music i'd listened to before going ever was linken park, so i knew i'd be in for a shock. damn, absolutely loved every minutre of it. deftones rocked it, tool, i thought, were ok. metalica were awesome. it's a pity Jonathon Davis couldn't make it cos i would have loved to have seen a proper korn show, but it was good none the less. all in a all, a good weekend :)

    29 juin 2006, 18h07m
  • konstantinos

    dragonforce were awesome. i want a viking outfit.

    8 sept. 2006, 13h53m
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