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  • Beefi-XXX

    I wish you a Merry Christmas!

    22 déc. 2013 Répondre
  • temujin1234

    Hi. I have kicked you from OMG because I know Spider And The Webs. Please rejoin Obscure Music Game. Better luck next time.

    3 mai 2013 Répondre
  • Grunge_Elle

    thanks a lot! you, too ;)

    27 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • roterkobold

    Hi there, welcome to the group "The curse to be forever 27"! Have a lot of fun and many interesting discussion. Best wishes :-)

    23 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • temujin1234

    You are entered automatically just by joining the group. Nothing is happening until Monday afternoon (UK time) , as the person doing the next round of the game is away for the weekend.

    20 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • temujin1234

    Hi. Thanks for joining Obscure Music Game. If you have any questions about how things work feel free to ask either in the group or you can PM or shout me. I hope you have fun playing the game and discover plenty of new music. Cheers, Rob.

    19 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • arabhorse

    (cont) OK. So watch soon, maybe read the side of my page; don't bother with the Bandcamp stuff yet. Just shout @ me if u wanna mess w/something of mine and/or do a collab, etc. Aside from that, hope our similar musical tastes benefit you as much as they do (and have already) me, as an individual outside the band context, just a music lover. Diggin it hard. This is what Last is all about so thx for being game/friending for the exploration factor too. Preciate it! In a terrible mood so this'll be it for now, but thanks again, get or stay in touch if ya wabt - bye my friend(s)!

    13 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • arabhorse

    Thank you all - I'm having personal problems; I work that out through music, but often can't write about stuff while I'm going through a bad time - it is not cathartic for me like it may be for some. I need distance between whatever life event (good or bad) I experience and being able to write about it. Sure, I have a few songs where I wrote lyrics as a sort of journal, but I listen to music by others; usually new music because I can't revisit the past in my head either. So...thank you all 'super' music neighbo(u)rs for accepting my request(s) so I could check out not only the familiar stuff but discover things you might like that I never heard. Hopefully vice-versa. I scrobble everything - even by accident, i.e., some of my band mixdowns to .wav and .mp3. So you'll see/hear weird stuff sometimes. But I've been scrobbling since '04 so my library's wide open 4u. Thanks again. I'll hopefully get thru this soon, and I'll have some kool news - esp 4 u artists that think Kroakers

    13 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • ceptor

    thanks for the add super musical neighbor!

    13 avr. 2013 Répondre
  • Kellplanet

    thanks for droppin by...hope it's never too late fer any of us :-)

    25 mars 2013 Répondre
  • Kellplanet

    Hey thanks for the request ...All the Best!...Rick :-)

    24 mars 2013 Répondre
  • 0neBlueSky

    Thanks for the add! Hope you had a good week?

    8 mars 2013 Répondre
  • roterkobold

    Hi there, thank you for your request! Have a great week with tons of new music :-) Best wishes :-)

    25 fév. 2013 Répondre
  • OlDirtyHank

    Thanks for the add.

    20 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • Metal-Kathy86


    7 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • Sieben99

    hi friend!

    7 jan. 2013 Répondre
  • arabhorse

    You got it, X-evier - I'm a co-founder of the 'cooperative tagging' concept and it's been working so not only do I get to enjoy discovering new stuff, but also helping the 'similars' work better, helping new artists, discovering lots of new stuff, and getting my band some diversity and new plays/listeners in the process, so count on the listens and tags; I'm not always the most consistent at comments, but you'll know when I've been there :o) Feel free to check out and download all of Kroakers work, and I'll be not only taking time to listen to your project but integrating it into my library too! I hope you enjoy Kroakers if you are so inclined - see you around for sure; feel free to tag my music up too! :o) --Mic Morose

    16 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • arabhorse

    Thanks Erujala! I'm glad we were able to entertain you, even if only to brighten your day for a few minutes; it makes me feel cool as an artist to be able to convey and share those emotions through a universal language. You probably won't like everything, but maybe you'll find a few, and we're not only glad for each person who likes us, and lucky to have them, we're also honored to share. I'm also here to discover, so I plan on checking out your library too :o) Looks like we share a lot of the same tastes, so thank *you* for the add, for listening, and for your own library to explore :o) Appreciate it!

    16 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • X-evier

    Hi ! X-evier it is my project created six months ago. Check out and comment please ! The songs of different genres: ambient, dark ambient, chillout, industrial, industrial metal. All songs can be downloaded from file exchanger . Hope you enjoy it. Thanks!

    12 déc. 2012 Répondre
  • erujala

    yo, thanks for adding me. kroakers is great

    6 nov. 2012 Répondre
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<script type="text/javascript" src=";s=238&amp;m=0&amp;v=true&amp;r=true&amp;b=000000&amp;n=false&amp;c=00ff6c"; async="async"></script>

Mic Morose, last original founding member of the band Kroakers (The Kroakers). Listen at

NEW - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE d/l experimental noise

**update - collaborative project! We're allowing you to change our album, customize it w/your own:

  • phrases

  • words

  • slogans

  • lovers' names

  • Gang names and homie shout-outs (no we're not kidding)

  • political parties

  • raunchy slogans

And on and on...the only limits are *our* imaginations. Revolutionary? Controversial? Want to bring back the day when T-shirts and music actually offended people and caused backlash which caused attention, which caused uproarious controversy and coverage of what you supported to be covered on the 'mainstream' media (I still remember when wearing a Marilyn Manson T-shirt in 8th Grade and walking across a park or courtyard unaccompanied could get you jumped - yes, this is middle-America, even post-Nirvana, post-'Riot Grrl', sensitive '90's)

Use the underground to manipulate the mainstream, *knowing* that they will try to co-opt what is *yours*, but they can't, because THIS time it is not a singular 'movement' - it is one-of-a-kind - many one-of-a-kinds. To quote a Jane's Addiction album, 'Nothing's Shocking' these days - wake people up, break them out of their trances! Even if it is by eliciting anger or revulsion to start, or perhaps you have a clever opening line which is not so confrontational?

Live, you'll know all the words to the songs, because we'll have written them together (aside from the totally 'custom' albums). And the slogans...I can't emphasize enough, NO LIMIT - TOTAL PRINTED FREEDOM - FCK CENSORSHIP - CORPORATE ROCK HAS ALWAYS SUCKED, SO DO IT YOURSELF (or get an eager independent artist/songwriter to bolster the areas in which you may be weaker) (p.s., re: the slogans, yes we'll go as outrageous as need be, and trust that we hate censorship as much as *you* do, but no ridiculous racist or homophobic or sexist crap please, because that *is* mainstream, we hear it, feel it, and live it every single day, so there's nothing artistic about that at all, and is *not* shocking - it's mundane, it's a way to sillence and thus censor voices by drowning out your expressions with the dominant culture and by hyping divisive social issues. If you want to do something involving prejudice, you should know that there is no shortage of places willing to print that; plus I don't want certain words coming out of my mouth; I'm already volunteering to be somewhat of a puppet for the artistic ideas of others, so be outrageous and offensive, just not idiotic or stupid, OK? That racist/sexist/etc. stuff has been the mainstream for hundreds of years; distract, divide, and conquer - natural allies, i.e., poor whites/poor blacks are purposely divided in so many ways so that there is little unity between the two, even though the groups could unite to create a formidable bloc, if it wasn''t for political, media, and cultural messages which is NOT a coincidence, so if prejudice is your thing, you probably need to *read* these shirts or CDs and *listen* to our lyrics and those that we choose to take - the false left/right paradigm has controlled this country far too easily for far too long; it's the power elite vs. the rest of us, not some red/blue-state crap - anyway, before you order, do your research on what's truly revolutionary and what's really part of the mainstream - sorry, but that disclaimer is necessary), but you know - I LIKE BIG PENISES - THAT'S WHY I MARRIED MY STALLION! - or WITH A NAME LIKE BUSH, YOU'D THINK HE WOULDN"T HAVE TO OVERCOMPENSATE WITH BIG MISSILES or KEEP STARING, CUNT! (in this case, keep listening - blast it out your car stereo 'THIS MEANS YOU!) or
*NOTE - 'CUNT" is used here not as in the USA, but as in AUS/UK and other countries, where it is not used to (AFAIK) defile a woman's vagina, as in my travels I have heard that word is not intended to defile women, to maintain male dominance or superiority in any way, to demean the female punani or energy, etc. - I could have chosen a different example, but I have been working a lot with Aussie/UK/Euro ppl whose vocabulary is as rife wit that word as the F-bomb and A-hole is in the U.S. and has a similar and widespread usage. Correct me if I'm wrong. Or just make a song/ T-shirt saying 'FUCK YOU MIC MOROSE - AND YR KROAKERS'

I do keep slipping up here between the T-shirt, music, lyrics, slogans, sound bytes, choruses, etc., because I do envision that fanartists (artifans?) will be creating their own merch to go with their own album art, thus giving them a stake in their own product line - the clothing, your own brand (so you're not a walking BILLBOARD except for YOURSELF), etc.

We will work on that as time goes by; this may delay orders, but it's definitely part of the plan, and if you send a proper amount, you will receive proper merch. No money back, as the collaborative process allows you to perfect your art *BEFORE* you order, so there will be NO buyers' remorse - only PRIDE!

Let's work outside the mainstream. And to soften things up,, let's remember - you can change words to a song (for example, we have a ballad 'Juana') and change the name to one that is relevant to your significant other/partner, so it can be a ROMANTIC thing to do as well - why another piece of consumerist junk - show them you were *REALLY* thinking about them! Enough to write, create for them, even if it was only contributing a name or a line, or requesting a custom mix.

Track order is determined by you. Let's see the critics play with that one - no set song order? Each album would be like a studio bootleg!

Think similarly to those custom T-shirts that are hot on those web sites you know, or that you see printed/worn, but longer, perhaps the catch-phrases set to music as the choruses - get clever - get raunchy - get sappy - nothing's too 'soft' or 'hard' - you say what you want - from

Abortion to Zoophilia

You can also request different mixdowns, YOUR OWN ALBUM ART (only caveat: must include a pic or drawing of a horse - our band logo; it will still be a 'Kroakers' release, just with varying degrees of collaboration depending on how big the project can get.

Pardon the necessary aside, but...(honestly, J. are irreplaceable, despite what I know about the despicable way you left the band, not spontaneously as you said, but even as we were writing and honing those last songs in preparation to get them recording, you set a concrete date to leave and the past couple months of the band was a complete lie even as we were writing our best material yet - perhaps it's true what they say about creative tension. And yes, I knew something was funny/odd/off; I just didn't know until afterwards. A piece of advice: when you wanna make top-secret plans that you don't ever want someone to find out about, don't borrow their computer, mmm-kay? I found yr stuff by accident but it was right there. I read it all - a little voyeuristic, but not so much when you consider it was a lot about me, and it affected me. Academy-Award performance on the day you left, picked up your toys and went home, but that's in the past, and I'll accept responsibility for how I acted too, and I'm very different now; writing still comes effortlessly so I'm sorry; I'd rather *live* life *then* write about it, but I also respect that music is some peoples' life saviors and some need to practice more than others; I recognize my gift as a metronome for timing, my penchant for improvisation precludes practice, my memory - both mental and muscle memory let me remember parts of songs that we wrote 10 yrs ago, and I remembered your parts too. I can write lyrics, but wish in a way that happy lyrics came more easily, because they are uncannily and eerily predictive of the future - months, years, there are always times when the weirdest nonsensical lyrics and made-up names suddenly take on very real significance, like synchronicity or deja-vu. I don't even like to talk about that mojo, so I'll stop, but you know exactly what I'm talking about; we had that *squared* as a team, and we complemented each other; for as egotistical as you are/were, I know you were at least slightly jealous, as I was a bit of certain of your skills when we should have been celebrating each others' strengths as complementing any weaknesses we had. But hindsight is 20/20 a nd I'm choosing to leave that whole soap opera period from our pre-'OG' days, lol, so instead of replacing you with another musical talent, you're being replaced with the PUBLIC - an honor for you, and also proof that your departure and subsequent (now I know planned) absence did not destroy the creative essence of the band (slowed me down at best - even though we were never like 'that', we were like true brothers and I know we'll meet again through some odd coincidence or even in another life, so until then, you enjoy your nuclear family and no offense, but that disgrace of a fake human being who would stop at nothing til she got what she wanted - she'd have rather destroyed you so noone could have you rather than, you know 'if you love someone, set them free; - it's almost like I've done that. Hopefully we'll colllab again and you'lll quit being an asshole and at least email me now that you know I already knew everything, even things you thought were top-secret, when we talked several times after you left, and it did not matter then, and matters less now. I'll do me, you do you, k? But be big and respond to me. I know exactly where you moved to also, but I want you to contact me first. Respectfully, so we don't have any issues to work out later, I'll edit your stuff out as much as I can until you can work that out w/me. I still consider that 50/50, but that is changing as this progresses and I start pouring my heart and soul into the *other* aspects of handling a DIY band, now without my musical life partner - or 'hetero lifemate' - *rolls eyes* So much for that, eh? That's why I never put too much stock into that movie phrase that you tried to pass off as a genuine sentiment, even though it was 99% true til ya disappeared, and by definition, 'life'-mate would mean mates for life, bro - so no hard feelings, but not only do we need to talk, we should and I want to. I hope you're doing well and the choices you made are making you happy, and I mean that. Me? I've gotta move on. So see ya's 2013, I know you got a computer and I'm all over the 'net. Drop me a line. Or are you afraid it'll shatter a carefully crafted illusion and introduce temptation via disillusionment. LOL, I can''t conjure what's not already there. What's my name - Mic or Lucifer? People I don't know email me. Grow a pairr of whatevers and write a couple lines. You got my digits too. And know that it's not ego, I just know I am the best artist you will *ever* have played or ever will play with, so if you wanna reach a creative zenith and are ready to set aside whatever that was and bring your strengths back to accentuate mine and we work together again, keeping in mind that there are so many tools we can jam live from SD to BC or whereever. Oh, I'm going to SoCal again. Moving, and also probably to the C-O again for a period, don't know what's happened and what I'll be like when you come across me, and I don't want there to even be a trace of awkwardness. Dude...quit being a mook and utilize whatever communication device you need to. SD is not Afghanistan, homie. I hear they even got internet near where you are. Just do me a favor and delete my credit card file, OK? Then we'll be even ;) (OK, end of private note that was necessary to leave in public, sorry y'all).

As far as continuing our band, lyrically/musically the styles will be modified but the 'feel' is classic - it's Kroakers; we co-founded the band, but songwriting was not equivalent - ok /dirtly laundry)...and ALL is negotiable

If you only want to d/l complete mixes, that's cool; if you're an artist who wants your own bass track or whatever in there, uploaded, that'll happen, and so price is dependent on how much customisation and how much time we spend making it 'yours' and by how much - make yr own 'perfect' album, we consider it the ultimate interactive experience and fairly unprecedented from a 'fan' perspective; and for artists it is like the ultimate 'comp', b/c 'fans' (we're blurring line between fan/artist anyway, conceptually) will get to vote on best mixes and decide what makes final release, and the level of collaboration and blurring 'audience'/'artist' will go from the stage to the studio in what I believe is an unprecedented way. Spread the word. Better yet, spread the word by sportin' your customized CD with shout-outs to your friends dubbed in, and your lover's name subbed for whatever song we have. Write a love song to heroin for all we care. Write lyrics in Polish or Spanish or Portuguese or Swahili - this is a truly international band that will give new meaning to the term 'world' music, though as I said, it'll have your flavour, but will still be a Kroakers release. We're probably only going to try this once, and it's behind schedule, so the time to act is now.

Essentially, anyone can get a songwriting credit if your mix is the best...whether it be just via digital d/l or physical CD, we can accomodate your diverse wishes for a one-of-a-kind album - your own.

As this is a lot of work and collaboration, mixing, time, hours, etc., an initial good-faith investment req'd of a couple pounds/dollars can kick off the process, then we spend time honing track and mix to your/our mutual satisfaction, you get complete mixes, and final price of album (though negotiable) will still probably be much less than most retail stores for pre-packaged, dictated albums in which you have no say, so...give it a try--

Traditional d/ls are available still; otherwise, the original wording still applies:

****help struggling artists; consider it free music (no minimums) but *please* donate something after our collaborative efforts, dependent on the amount of time we spend either mixing (apropros for headphones, mp3, car blasting, boom box, lo-fi, bit more production, etc), so if it takes hours and a turnaround of a day, so be it; if you have lyrics, arrangements, customizations, etc.,, we'd ask that you 'donate' or buy a bit more for your record, OK? Not only that, but if you believe in this idea, consider 'crowdsourcing' us, giving us some breathing space, or donate your studio space or old instruments. We really want to get this off the ground, and a couple of bucks at a time may or may not do it. We won't work with the devil, but plenty of you indie artists and labels have the resources to contribute something to this, and you should be doing something like this too, but hay - don't steal my thunder; let's work together and make a world-changing record. There's never gonna be another Kurt Cobain/Nirvana, so a paradigm shift is overdue, and this is part of it. Believe that. And get in by contributing - put your talent, your resources, and yes, your $ where your mouth (eyes) is/are. We can do OK, or we can make this into something special. It's your collective call. Endorse us by voting with your $, your donation of time, or something and this will turn music on its head - in its current state, the whole system needs to be smashed again. And you all know it.

**edit, because of 1) abuse, and 2) because out of 500-something *free* d/ls (yes, music should be free, but 0-yes, zero-people felt that they wanted to download something but somehow its value to independent artists was not even worth 0.01/song, even with freebies, to total $2.22, so I figured good will, it's cool...I believe in free music and want ppl to enjoy and maybe even bump it and spread/share w/friends mixtape-style, but when I make a plea for donations, explain the situation, say 'here's the entire artistic/intellectual produce of my/our brains, can you spare even a dime?', it fell on deaf ears.

So...track mins. are now set for some. there's a couple still free, but most are like 0.10-0.25, and the entire thing can be acquired for 2.22., but anything you can contribute will go towards improving our band’s equipment and thus our creative output.

We’re all about making do with what we have, but some things sound quirky when you jimmy/Jerry rig things together. We love our sound (we like to overdrive and set things wrong/imperfect on digital, so it gives it an accidental human 'pop' and squeal, or feedback, or just insane feedback so it subverts the digital medium and renders the 'digital' vs. 'analog' dichotomy/argument irrelevant (we hope), but would still like to improve and change and evolve, as all artists do.

Money isn't the key, but it helps us survive, supplant, and perhaps even avoid the drudgery of the 9-to-5 and gives us hope that there’s something else out there--some*one* else - kindred spirits that will support the project, realise the unique and ambitious nature of what we're trying to do, and that we can possibly spend time doing what we love and getting what we need to survive at the same time.

Believe me, we’re not ‘conspicuous consumers’ - we just need to eat, travel on some low-budget tours (in some cases to support *your* version, if enough interest is generated and/or if the right artists come along), studio time and just a couple pieces of band equipment - even broken samplers a-la Julie Ruin, a cheap bass, mixing the best of acoustic/analog and digital, some band equipment due to J.Skream’s departure to start his wife and 2.5 kids (oops - make that 3.5!) thing--life hits ya sometimes when you least expect it - enjoy your youth.

But don't ever give up. You're not a model, and your career is not over at age 28. This is a different era. We are not competing with image-conscious music-award-show-worthy 'entertainers' - this is art. This is music. This is the future. Sh*t, donate if you truly believe - help us out. PayPal, Payza (formerly AlertPay, best for worldwide donations) costs literally penniess. I spend too long doing this telethon stuff, and it gets exhausting. I just want to create. Crowdsource meets

Suggestions welcome :o) We've alreadu gone homeless. We've sacrificed careers, family, stability, everything because we believe in this. For those sitting at home, I will lower myself as an artist. Will you donate - can you spare some change, brother, for actual artistic work? Let's stop waiting for the 'next big thing' and make the record WE and YOU want. WIth our help. It'll be a Kroakers record, but it'll be heavily influenced and if you *don't* collab or contribute artistically, you're guaranteed amazing art - the 'next big thing' is happening. Support it now. Thank you? - Mic Morose

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