• A More Musically Meaningful Game

    23 jan. 2009, 21h17m

    I have seen too many journal posts of stupid lists of artists/albums/tracks that tell me nothing and are completely useless.

    I understand that some people like making these posts and they get some sort of enjoyment out of analyzing their own listening habits in all kinds of crazy ways, and playing silly musical games like the alphabet list game.

    And while you might have fun making these lists, often people do not have fun reading them.

    So, I propose a more meaningful musical game to play that will not involve any sort of list making and you don't even have to make a journal post, but you will have a lot of fun and get to discover music you have never heard before, by sort of analyzing other people's listening habits, for a change.

    And the more friends you have, the more new music you will discover.

    Here is how the little game works:

    1. Go down your friends list, and one at a time visit each friend's profile.
    2. Take a look at their top overall artists and select the first one you have never heard of. (click that "see more" link if you need to)
    3. Visit that artist's page and listen to whatever tracks are available.
    4. If you like what you hear, leave a shout to your friend, thanking them for introducing you to a new artist.
    5. If you find a song you really love, shout it out to some of your other friends and recommend it.

    Besides discovering new music, you will be helping others to do the same, and helping lesser known artists gain more exposure.

    And since you are reading this, whether I am on your friends list or not, you might as well start the game with my top artists overall and leave an intelligent comment letting me know who I helped you discover, and what you did or didn't like about them.

    (my inspiration)