My favourite Michael Jackson songs:


5 sept. 2009, 21h07m


  • lolzunicorn

    I love all of these songs, of course! My favorites from your list have got to be The Lady In My Life, In the Closet, Whatever Happens, Fall Again, and Give in To Me. Oh his music just makes me feel so......indescribable.

    11 oct. 2009, 5h57m
  • anyxx7

    hehe cool, I love all songs of King, but I listen to most of these:)))... "Smooth criminal" is very important for me because my name is Annie:)<3<3<3, and from "The Lady In My Life" began with my love for MJ (my firs favourite song). Michael rock my world and he changed my life for the better:)).

    11 oct. 2009, 9h56m
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