How I Got Into my top 50 (part II)


13 mai 2008, 3h19m

16. Jethro Tull
There was a fan at camp who played a good Cross Eyed Mary, althought I didn't know what it was at the time. I asked what it was, and downloaded it when I got home. It was then that I found that Thick as a Brick Edit #1 was "that song from the Hyundai commercial."

17. Teenage Fanclub
I read Nick Hornby's "Songbook," where all the titles of chapters are named after songs. Teenage Fanclub was mentioned multiple times, so I got Your Love Is The Place Where I Come From. I looked further, and now I love them.

18. U2
Beautiful Day was used in the camp yearbook video. I liked it, and got it and a few other songs. I didn't LOVE U2 until I heard Where the Streets Have No Name.

19. Muse
Knights of Cydonia, Guitar Hero 3. I found Starlight on Last.FM later, and thenStockholm Syndrome.

20. Derek and the Dominos
A funny story concerning them. (I got into them because of
Layla like everyone else, okay?)

I was playing the piano in the school tech lab one day in March (I think), and I was playing the coda know. One of the other music wing denizens called in to me, "Thanks for the music, Cymbaline, but can you play something a little more uplifting?" Another quickly countered, "No she can't! It's Layla!"

Couldn't have put it better myself.

21. Talking Heads
You can't live in my house and not like them, or at least have Once in a Lifetime stuck in your head every few hours.

22. Coldplay
I was at a piano recital when I was 10, and an older student played Clocks. I liked it and remembered it, so I wished for the CD for my birthday (I still got actual CDs then...)

23. Original London Cast
That's just general. I've always loved musicals.

24. Marillion
I was driving on a cold school bus on the way to a fencing meet when Lavender came up. It was the sappiest song I had ever heard. it was brilliant.

25. Rasputina
A friend of mine used a lyric from one of their songs as an email signature. I downloaded. I liked.

26. Tears for Fears
Donnie Darko gave me Head Over Heels; after that, I listened to Everybody Wants To Rule the World.

27. Kate Miller-Heidke
I only have one song. Heard it on college radio.

I'll always associate Feel Good Inc. with spring 06. I have no idea what memory it holds.

29. Red Hot Chili Peppers
I actually don't know. All I know is that they're awesome. But for anyone who was at HVC 06: HANDS UP IF YOU'RE SICK OF DANI CALIFORNIA-MEEEEE!!!

30. Cat Stevens
Only one song, sadly. I should get more. I learned The Wind through Almost Famous (probably my favorite movie ever).


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