Epic Songs for Epic Fights


1 avr. 2008, 16h14m

There are so many epic fights in Final Fantasy XI, and while I love the music that the world of Vana'diel provides...it's just not metal enough.

So, here's some suggestions to make you next epic FFXI fight reach its true epic potential!

Mammatus is one of the most intense / bands that I can think of. They only have two albums their self-titled Mammatus album and The Coast Explodes. Both albums are ace! They actually kind of go together; there are a series of three tracks between the two albums that are called Dragon Of The Deep Part One, Dragon Of The Deep Part Two, Dragon of the Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight). These tracks are great for a nice long epic dragon fight! So, the next time your LS claims Fafnir, load up these three tunes and get ready to rock!

Before I leave Mammatus I want to mention my absolute favorite song by them. The Coast Explodes is the best that Mammatus has to offer. I highly recommend this track for the CoP 2-5 Mammet fight.

Another band that is perfect for any good epic fight is Ensiferum! The best way to describe Ensiferum is or . They are epic as epic can get! And they don't have any weird "singing" in there either. It's either chanting or balls-to-the-wall screaming. I love the vocalists scream! It's so....EPIC!

Ensiferum just released a new album Victory Songs, which is freaking fantastic! Some other bands have gone the light route as of late, but these guys (and gal) keep it real....real BRUTAL! I highly recommend the track Slayer of Light! This is essentially a must listen to any Dark Knight out there. As some of you may or may not know I recently completed Bastok Rank 10 and rocked Ensiferum the whole time.

Lastly, The Black Mages are an essential addition to every Final Fantasy fans music library. The Black Mages is a rock band that does rock/metal versions of Final Fantasy songs and is led by Final Fantasy music composer Nobuo Uematsu (Nobuo Uematsu)! They also just released an album this past moth that is freaking awesome! The Black Mages III: Darkness And Starlight blasts out 9 new Final Fantasy tunes and a new original tune written for Keiten, a friend of the band.

On this latest album The Black Mages do their first Final Fantasy XI track Distant Worlds, which they just nailed! If you want to know what I suggest? Replace the .bgw file! This rendition is the best! It does not get better!

The rest of the album is also killer. Totally worth your time!

Now, I listen to a lot of epic music, so expect some more of these down the line.

Keep Listening,
~Aniero // www.limitbreakradio.com


  • rpd0706

    I second your opinion on Mammatus, The Coast Explodes is really great. For epic fights, Dragon of the Deep pt 1 and 2 aren't really the best choice, tho the third part is pretty fight-ish

    23 avr. 2008, 16h24m
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