Hiroshi Momotsu Kyoto Japan


12 mai 2007, 18h13m

Utada HikaruPrince

Dear Hiroshi, we are looking for u. Hope u are ok.much love Angeline in Belfast and Rebecca in Australia xxx

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Utada Hikaru


  • angelireland

    hiroshi momotsu

    17 jan. 2008, 22h59m
  • angelireland

    I am pleased to say... that Hiroshi is alive. His family contacted me afew weeks ago ... I am so pleased about this. He cant communicate whereever he is but He was able to get a message to me. Its been a LONG time....3 years since we last heard from him.

    18 juin 2008, 11h01m
  • kotogahama102

    Hi, Eva. How are you doing ? Today I have an information to you. It's about Hiroshi. I was able to communicate with Hiroshi's ex-girlfriend by Facebook. She is Japanese, named Yoshie Kitagishi. She was Hiroshi's girlfriend before Rebecca. She and I use Facebook. So,you can have a contact with her. According to her, Hiroshi is OK now, but it seems that he can't contact to anybody because of some reasons. So,we have to wait until Hiroshi can do. If you want to ask her about Hiroshi, you can do it by Facebook,I think. I hope you and Rebecca are OK now. From Koji Yokota

    4 déc. 2011, 10h53m
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