• Nadine = Goddess

    5 nov. 2010, 11h28m

    I've had the pleasure of going to see the wonderful Nadine Coyle twice over the last couple of days - firstly at her GAY gig on October 30th and again at Koko for The Album Chart Show.

    I must admit, despite being my favourite member of Girls Aloud, I haven't been entirely pleased with how her solo career has been going. It's taken forever, there's the strange Tesco deal and her manager Bruce coming across as a bit of an oddball. However, Nadine herself managed to make me fall in love with her all over again.

    Cheryl Cole may be the nation's sweetheart and have the big X Factor performances and yes - she's pretty amazing at what she does. But to me... she's no Nadine!

    Walking out onto the stage at Heaven wearing an over the top silver dress and sporting big hair, Nadine looked every bit the superstar she is in Girls Aloud. Belting out album tracks Put Your Hands Up, Runnin' and the truly amazing Red Light - she wowed the crowds with her stage presence and vocal talent. And not one to turn her back on the group that made her a star, Nadine sang a medley of Girls Aloud's Love Machine and The Promise to the excited crowd at G-A-Y. Despite the sound not being the best, she made a real impact... a big screen, live band and backing singers to fill out the stage instead of just prancing around on an empty set.

    And not to let me down second time around, she gave an equally amazing performance at Koko just 2 days later. Though the majority of the crowd were there to see McFly, they welcomed Nadine with open arms as she sang much the same set, including debut single Insatiable. But the biggest cheer of the night came as she sang ballad Make a Man Out of You Yet, showcasing her amazing voice. I stood there feeling proud of her having been a fan since Irish Popstars and I actually said to a friend "she's a goddess!"

    Nadine has fun on stage... amazing facial expressions she's mastered from Girls Aloud tours, a pop star strut and dancing like nobody is watching (she confesses herself that it's not her strong point).

    The highlight of her shows was definitely Red Light. Lord knows why it wasn't the lead single really. Anyway, go buy her album Insatiable because it's fantastic! On first listen, it probably won't hit you and I know people say it's disappointing. However, she wrote the entire thing herself and it remains to true to her pop routes. Runnin', Put Your Hands Up, Red Light, Lullaby, Chained and Raw all deserve a few spins!
  • A True Star

    25 oct. 2010, 18h59m

    I must admit, before I went to Jazz Cafe on Wed 20 Oct, I'd never really listened to much Gavin Creel other than what a friend had introduced me to. However, I totally became a fan that night.

    His vocals are absolutely stunning and he is far better live than on record as it is the only way to truly appreciate his talent. Maybe it's because you can see him really getting into the music or the fact that he makes the gig personal with his friendly personality... maybe it's the fact he's supposed to be on a stage - he's a West End and Broadway star afterall.

    Highlights included an amazing cover of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl, the wonderful Hot Ohio and Love Fell Down as well as the touching Nancy, which lead into a great version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah - one for everyone to join in with.

    Only bad point was the bar crew deciding to mess with glasses and water during one part!