The Last Graph


19 mai 2007, 1h51m

After being inspired by Lee Byron's work, I've come up with my own (somewhat interesting) graph generator.

You can find it at, and read more about it in the relevant blog post. All and any comments are welcome, although note that only one rendering node (my laptop) is on at the moment.


  • mega_codem

    Great app! One thing though, it gave me very odd results with artists that I have never even heard of. Some Khoiba was all over the graph, although I have no idea who they are. Might that be a bug?

    31 mai 2007, 11h02m
  • andygodwin

    Hmm, I've never seen that happen before, except when I once had the labelling algorithm slightly off; I'll check.

    31 mai 2007, 22h29m
  • janf

    Very cool app! Thanks a lot!

    4 jan. 2009, 11h26m
  • norz

    LastGraph is great, thank you very much! :) One remark: imho you could save a lot of bandwidth by having an option to download to pdf as zip or 7z. In my case, a 56 MB pdf compresses to a 2.5 MB 7z (normal mode). Compression is applied in the case of the svgz format, but this format isn't as popular as pdf.

    21 mars 2010, 12h14m
  • aggroroofer

    Love the graphs... Thanks a lot and then some :-)

    12 jan. 2012, 23h44m
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