Listening Through All of My Albums: #214 - First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (Jimi…


4 sept. 2008, 20h15m

First Rays of the New Rising Sun by Jimi Hendrix

So this is the album Hendrix was supposedly working on when he died. I have my doubts that this is anywhere near what the finished product would have actually been but nonetheless, they are complete recordings of apparently finished songs so we'll take what we can get. I've never thought the stuff Hendrix did after The Experience was very good. There are a few songs that hold up ok to that material but most of it is really sub-par. Here, Freedom, Izabella, Night Bird Flying, Angel, Drifting and maybe Dolly Dagger and My Friend are worth a listen but if this is the direction Hendrix's music was heading, it's probably good for his career that he died when he did.


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